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DIY Washi Tape Nail Art

The number of problems washi tape can solve is basically endless, and here’s a new one that can be solved pretty easily: personalized nail art! Nail art is something very subjective yet something we all want, like and.. Well, not all of us have a steady hand to make those masterpieces you find around Pinterest. Yeah, so unless you’re planning on taking a professional nail art course and being ready to make lots and lots of practice I guess this solution is going to come out quite handy. Plus, nowadays washi tape can be found of an extremely wide range of patterns, colors and sizes: the sky’s the limit!

Diy washi tape nails set

With this tutorial you’ll learn to transform a washi tape you love into a fashionable nail design you can wear at your fave venue. After I tried this technique my nail art lasted for 3 days, which is basically what an average nail polish does. If you wish you can extend the nail art’s life by adding layers of transparent nail polish each day and, when you’re fed up with that particular design, just rub it off with nail polish remover and let your nails “breathe” for a couple of days.


  • transparent nail polish
  • washi tape at least large as your thumb’s width
  • pencil
  • precision scissors

Diy washi tape nails supplies

1. You can either start on plain nails or a nail polish color you’d like to have as base. Paste a portion of washi tape on each nail of one hand.

Diy washi tape nails glue

2. With you pencil, make a mark on the upper shape of each nail, staying as close as possible to the skin’s edge.

Diy washi tape nails shape

3. Take off each washi tape portion and cut the U shape just made. Make sure to stay smaller than the pencil mark. Glue each washi U to its nail and cut off the exceeding part that sticks out from the edge.

Diy washi tape nails cut

4. Seal everything with a layer of transparent nail polish, paying particular attention to the edges of the U (if you don’t seal that well they’ll come off the first time you wash your hands!).

Diy washi tape nails nail polish

Repeat all these steps to one hand, then move to the second. Voilà! My perfectly poised nail art is ready to rock this evening’s dress. Have you ever tried any other weird uses for washi tape? The creative possibilities are quite endless and the results astonishing, just experiment as much as you can and you’ll eventually find out there’s a crafter hidden in you. Happy crafting!

Diy washi tape nails set4

Diy washi tape nails set2

Diy washi tape nails set3 

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