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Pretty Pink Makeup Looks

No matter how old we get or how much our makeup skills advance, we’ll always still love playing with brightly coloured eye makeup, just like we did when we were teens. Sure, we might not slather on thick panels of hot pink or baby blue eye shadow from our lash line to our brows in a solid streak like we did in the seventh grade, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished with those colours all together! In fact, pink eye makeup has been trending again over the past few months and we’re incredibly happy to see it doing so. Besides the nostalgia of early high school dances that it’s always brought us, we also think there are countless different ways to use pink shadows that are actually quite flattering, stylish, and even sometimes stunning. That’s why we’ve actually become quite obsessed with it anew!

Just in case you’re also intrigued by pink shadows once more like you were back in the day, here are 15 awesomely pink makeup tutorials for you to check out and try for yourself!

1. Hot pink glitter with a black wing

Hot pink glitter with a black wing

If you’re going to work with a particular colour in your makeup, are you usually drawn to the absolute brightest option possible? We can’t say we blame you! With really pigmented colours like pinks, which usually have great colour saturation in almost every brand, we tend to find that the brighter the pink is, the happier we are with the final look. That’s why we loved this neon pink look from Makeup Artist Me! Do you know what makes us even happier than neon colours, though? Glitter, of course! Naturally, we’re thrilled to see that they’ve covered their lid with a fine dusting of neon pink glitter to complement the shadow and really draw attention in a great way.

2. Neutral with a dark pink blended corner

Neutral with a dark pink blended corner

Have you always been a fan of colour gradients and doing makeup that shows a full range of your favourite shade? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this light-to-dark idea from easyNeon! Their step by step guide shows you how to go from a dusty pink so light and subtle that it’s almost white to a rose petal pink that’s much richer but just as beautiful. We love the way they’ve carried that gradient on both the lid and underneath the eye for extra intensity!

3. Subtle rose pink with a neutral outer corner

Subtle rose pink with a neutral outer cornera

Are you intrigued by the idea of using a pale rose pink but you’d rather keep things a little more neutral moving out wards the corners than the rich petal pink we showed you above? In that case, we suggest trying out these light brown and taupe tones to complement your pastel pink inner corner instead! Tina Yong shows you how to smoke them out towards the outer corner of your eye properly.

4. Bright pink and white contrast

Bright pink and white contrast

When it comes to making your brighter colours stand out, is a contrast that really pops the most important element for you? In that case, you’re going to love this white-to-pink idea from rubyluvsmakeup! Rather than just laying the pink down on your skin or blending it out over a lighter but already pink toned neutral colour, they suggest blending it onto your lid over top of a pure matte white shadow, which helps the colour show in its full pigmentation. Leaving a bit of pure white at the very inner corner, like they did here, will also help the colour stand out in stark contrast!