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50 Easy Makeup Tips To Revamp Your Morning Routine

Trends can be fun to follow but you’ve got to pocket some timeless tricks along the way. Revamp your morning routine with any or all of these 50 easy makeup tips. Find what suits your needs and experiment with the latest styles while staying within the confines of  beauty essentials.

1. Wear Foundation That Matches Your Skin

Easy makeup tips

Write Balance brings us the most important tip of the list. Make sure when you’re buying foundation – that it actually matches your skin. You’d think this is an obvious one but there are too many people we see on the daily with necks that don’t match their faces.

2. Steps To Flawless Skin

Flawless skin tutorial

If you hop on over to Brit + Co, you’ll quickly learn how to get flawless skin in just a few simple steps. And taking care of your skin is one of the most important tips in beauty.

3. Easy Eyebrows

Easy eyebrow tutorial

If you don’t know much about eyebrow makeup, all you need to do is learn how to fill yours in correctly. And this YouTube video will help out in no time.

4. Basic Contouring + Highlighting

Basic contouring and highlighting tutorial

And if you check out this YouTube video, you’ll learn all the basics behind contouring and highlighting. Even if you don’t use it everyday, you’ll want to know how for special occasions and photo-ops!

5. Creating Dark Lips

How to create a dark lip

How do you create and maintain dark lips? Cupcakes & Cashmere has you covered from start to finish.

6. Blushing How-To’s

Blush basics

And if you’re not too sure on how to use blush in the right ways. All the tips from The Beauty Snoop will have you educated and prepared to get pink.

7. Getting Dewy Skin

How to get dewy skin

Some of us like that “dewy” skin look. If you do, but don’t know how to officially achieve the trend, all you have to do is check out this YouTube video.

8. Curling The Lashes

How to curl lashes

Project Vanity will teach you how to properly curl your eyelashes before mascara is applied. Hop on over now and learn!

9. Easy Voluminous Lashes

Easy voluminous lashes

We all crave voluminous lashes. And over at Cosmo, you can learn the ins and outs of how to get some.

10. Tape Eyeliner Trick

Tape eyeliner tutorial

You’re So Pretty gave us this beauty hack that actually works! Just take a peek after the jump and grab some scotch tape while you’re at it.

11. Wearing White Eyeliner

Wearing white eyeliner

YouTube gave us some tutorials behind how and why you’d ever wear white eyeliner. It’s not a trend – it’s actually a beauty hack!

12. Fixing Dry Mascara

How to fix dry mascara

What do you do when you’re favorite mascara has dried out and there’s still product inside? You watch this YouTube video and find out.

13. Ombre Lips

Ombre lipstick tutorial

Classic in Gray will teach you all how to create the most perfect ombre lip. Although this look is more of a trend, we suspect it’ll be around for a long time to come.

14. Make Eyes Appear Bigger

Make eyes looks bigger

Do you want to try and make your eyes appear a bit bigger. This tip can be hacked over on YouTube too.

15. Applying False Lashes

Guide to applying false eyelashes

YouTube also carries the secret to placing your false eyelashes. Follow along and learn the beauty secret that nearly everyone struggles a bit with.

16. Washing Your Brushes

Washing your makeup brushes

Makeup with Martha teaches us how to wash our makeup brushes properly. This tip you’ll take with you for years to come!

17. Fuller Lips

Fuller lips tutorial

You can even “fake” fuller lips if you know how to handle your products right. Thankfully, they’ll walk you through it step-by-step on YouTube.

18. Using A Beauty Blender

How to use a beauty blender tips tricks

Lyrily  teaches us how to use one of the most popular new tools in the beauty realm. Learn how to turn your beauty blender your best friend.

19. With or Without Eye Primer

Using eye primer tutorial

You may even want to learn why eye primer should always be on hand. Just follow along and learn over on YouTube.

20. Using Bold Colors

Burgundy bold makeup tutorial

YouTube will walk you through this gorgeous, bold makeup look as well. But overall, it’ll teach you not to be scared to go with tones that are a bit more powerful and popping.

21. Concealer Map

Concealer map

We all need to learn how to use concealer correctly. And thankfully there’s maps like this one that can be a quick-and-easy guide for makeup novices.

22. Lip Liner Importance

Lip liner tutorial

Rain Coates Beauty will teach you a bit more than you may already know about lip liner. How to use it and why it’s so important are essential pieces of information.

23. Arched Eyebrows

Arched eyebrows tutorial

If you visit Elle, you’ll also learn a bit more about getting the right kind of arch for your eyebrow. They should never be straight across or over-plucked.

24. Red Lips

Classic red lip tutorial

Everyone should have a red lip on hand too. Follow along on YouTube and learn how to make your shade work for you.

25. Applying Winged Eyeliner

Winger eyeliner tutorial

If you don’t already know how to make this winged look happen on yourself, then you’ll want to check out this one for sure. YouTube holds the key, again.

26. Getting French Tips

French tips at home

Your nails are apart of your beauty regime as well. Just learn how to create some French tips right at home.

27. Cheekbone Highlighter

Cheekbone highlighter

We love highlighter and we love it even more when you use it on your cheekbones. Check out this YouTube video and try some out tonight.

28. Rid The Dark Circles

How to conceal dark circles

YouTube even holds the information behind concealing those dark underage circles that haunt you in the mornings and late at night. All you need are some easy tips to follow!

29. Incorporating Pastels

Pastel makeup tutorial

This fun look by Sharon Farell will have you spring and summer style ideas a bit peppier and more flirtatious. Learn how to incorporate pastels into your beauty routine after the jump.

30. Silver Sparkling Lids

Metallic makeup tutorial

We’re loving this silver, sparkling eye look as well. And if you want to recreate it, all you have to do is spot over on YouTube.

31. Applying Cream Blush

How to apply cream blush

Do you know how to properly apply cream blush? If not, then this YouTube tutorial will have you up to speed in no time.

32. Covering Blemishes

Covering blemishes tutorial

We all need the tricks behind hiding blemishes in the right ways too. And over at A Million Styles, you’ll get the basics covered in no time.

33. Creating A Smaller Nose

Making your nose look smaller with makeup

Are you self conscious of your nose? Visit this YouTube channel and start experimenting on how to create the illusion on a smaller one.

34. Black Lipstick

Werable black lipstick tutorial

Learning how to wear and use black lipstick is a great thing to know as well. Whether you’re following the trends or love the color for Halloweentime, check it all over at YouTube.

35. Going Without Eyeliner

No eyeliner makeup tutorial

Not all of us like to wear a full face of makeup. It’s okay to be fresh-faced and nix the eyeliner. And thankfully, there are lots of looks that can inspire us.

36. Long Lashes

Long eyelash tutorial

You also don’t need false eyelashes to get long eyelashes. Learn how to take yours to the next level over at Treasures & Travels.

37. Fix Broken Compact

Fix broken makeup

Have you ever broken a compact that was still full of product? Check out how to save the powder within this YouTube tutorial.

38. Nude Lipstick

Nude lip tutorial

Lisa Eldridge keeps up with the beauty trends too. And if you don’t know how to apply and wear nude lipstick, you will after this visit.

39. At-Home Manicure

At home manicure tutorial

Knowing how to do an at-home, correct manicure is essential. Thankful, you’ll be walked through it all here.

40. Sunburn Coverage

Sunburn coverage tutorial

Have you ever been on vacay and gotten a lot of sun on your face? Check out Color Me Cassie and learn how to properly cover up the redness.

41. Subtle Eyeliner Style

Subtle eyeliner tutorial

Poet Janine featured this gorgeous and subtle eyeliner look that we instantly fell in love with. It seemed like a classic look we all needed in our back pockets.

42. Sparkle Lips

Glitter lips tutorial

For special occasions, a bit of sparkle – even on our lips – can go a long way. Visit Sarah Stellar for all the details.

43. Overall Classic Look

Classic makeup tutorial

YouTube doesn’t disappoint us with this one either. A classic, retro-infused look with red lips and cat eyes – check it out after the jump.

44. Glitter Eyeshadow

Glitter eyeshadow tutorial

Learn how to use glitter eyeshadow right as well! Just follow along with another one of our favorite YouTube finds.

45. Bronzer Contouring

Marianna hewitt how to contour using bronzer tutorial easy light

Lalamer will help you out with some beauty know-how as well. Teach yourself how to use bronzer to contour correctly after you take the leap over.

46. Classic Smokey Eye

Classic smokey eye tutorial

Everyone looks good with a smokey eye. Which is why we all need to know how to recreate the look for ourselves.

47. Makeup Expiration

Makeup expiration list

It’s essential that you keep your makeup up-to-date and never use product that is too old. Thankfully, there’s a map that will keep you in check.

48. Creating A Matte Finish

Matte skin tutorial

Maybe you like a matte finish on your foundation. If so, just follow along on YouTube to learn how to get the job done right.

49. Master “Minimalist” Look

Minimalist makeup look

If you visit one of our favorite spots, Brit + Co, you’ll be able to get all the details behind this effortless beauty look. Fresh-faced and barely there makeup, it’s a favorite!

50. Simple Eyeshadow

Simple eyeshadow tutorial

YouTube finishes us off with this simple eyeshadow look that we’re loving as well. Learn how to utilize what you’ve got.

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