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50 Easy Makeup Tips To Revamp Your Morning Routine

Trends can be fun to follow but you’ve got to pocket some timeless tricks along the way. Revamp your morning routine with any or all of these 50 easy makeup tips. Find what suits your needs and experiment with the latest styles while staying within the confines of  beauty essentials.

1. Wear Foundation That Matches Your Skin

Easy makeup tips

Write Balance brings us the most important tip of the list. Make sure when you’re buying foundation – that it actually matches your skin. You’d think this is an obvious one but there are too many people we see on the daily with necks that don’t match their faces.

2. Steps To Flawless Skin

Flawless skin tutorial

If you hop on over to Brit + Co, you’ll quickly learn how to get flawless skin in just a few simple steps. And taking care of your skin is one of the most important tips in beauty.

3. Easy Eyebrows

Easy eyebrow tutorial

If you don’t know much about eyebrow makeup, all you need to do is learn how to fill yours in correctly. And this YouTube video will help out in no time.

4. Basic Contouring + Highlighting

Basic contouring and highlighting tutorial

And if you check out this YouTube video, you’ll learn all the basics behind contouring and highlighting. Even if you don’t use it everyday, you’ll want to know how for special occasions and photo-ops!

5. Creating Dark Lips

How to create a dark lip