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DIY Birthday Cake Toppers

When it comes to organizing the perfect birthday, we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you that we love making a lot of the different party elements ourselves. Whether it’s the meal, the cake, the décor, or the party games, you’ll probably find us a week in advance of any party either busy in the kitchen surrounded by entrée and dessert ideas or sitting on the craft room floor surrounded by decorating supplies. No matter how many birthday parties we organize, though, one of our very favourite things to make is always the same, and it’s one of the little elements you’ll work on but it makes a big difference. We absolutely adore making cake toppers!

Do you also love making birthday cake toppers but you’re always looking for new ideas so you can make all different kinds? Have you never made a cake topper before but you really want to try? In either case, we’ve got the list for you! Check out these 15 awesome cake toppers that will take your birthday cake to the next level and be extra satisfying to see in all the celebratory pictures!

1. Paper straw and tissue paper candles

Paper straw and tissue paper candles

Do you love the way that bright, twinkling candles look in cakes and cupcakes, but you don’t love the idea of giving each kid at your child’s birthday party a small stick of fire to blow out when you hand out the baked goodies? In that case, these awesome DIY paper candles are the perfect idea for you! Icing Designs shows you how to make them out of pretty paper straws and a tissue paper “flame”.

2. Pipecleaner toppers

Pipecleaner toppers

Did you click on this list hoping to find cake toppers that your kids can actually help you make nice and easily? Then check out this pipe cleaner idea from The Ktchn! Making any type of crafts with pipe cleaners is always a good time, so there’s no doubt that your kids will thoroughly enjoy the process of helping you with their cake toppers, but this idea is also a great one because it’s so versatile. You can bend the pipe cleaners into any shape you want! We like the idea of making numbers for the age you’re celebrating and happy shapes like hearts and stars.

3. Airplane party balloon topper

Airplane party balloon topper

Are themed parties your ultimate favourite kind to throw? We can’t blame you there; we love a good themed party too! That’s why we thought this airplane cake for a pilot themed party was such a cute idea. Check out how Balloon Time used toy planes and skewers to make little “flying” cake toppers accented with fun, colour schemed balloons that are actually anchored right into the cake too!

4. Happy Birthday bunting topper

Happy birthday bunting topper

Is the party you’re throwing more the type of party that has a cute colour scheme and adorable aesthetic than an actual theme, but you’re still totally attached to not just the idea of a cake topper, but one you can actually make yourself? In that case, maybe a simple cheerful bunting is the best idea for you! Rain on A Tin Roof guides you through the process of making some cute little “Happy Birthday” flags that are propped up by pastel paper straws like flag poles.

5. Layered ruffle age topper

Layered ruffle age topper

Have you been scrolling through these options admiring all the different ideas but hoping to find a particularly adorable age topper because the person you’re decorating for is having a special landmark birthday, like their sweet 16? Then take a look at how Camille Styles used layered tissue paper on premade letters from the craft store to make a lovely looking ruffled topper that will look great in any colour gradient!

6. Hello Kitty cake toppers

Hello kitty cake toppers

Are you a little big pressed for time but still intent on making themed cake toppers of your very own rather than buying them? Then check out these adorable Hello Kitty topper printables from Serenity Now! They have a premade template you can borrow and make as many times as you need to but if you’re feeling a little bit more artistic, you could absolutely recreate the design yourself by hand using markers or paints. Get as creative as you like!

7. Pink flamingo cake topper

Pink flamingo cake topper

When you think “cake topper”, does your mind automatically wander to the image of a veritable sculpture standing grandly atop your cake? Well, being the avid crafting enthusiasts that we are, we can’t say we blame you even a little bit! We’ll take any chance we can to make something eye catching and cool that we might not normally have the opportunity to make. This awesomely big pink flamingo cake topper from The Party Girl is the perfect example of what we mean! How often do you get to make yourself a big pink bird from paper and crafting wire? It sounds like a pretty fun plan to us!

8. Birthday party hat cake topper

Birthda party hat cake topper

Is your favourite little birthday detail at any party the fun birthday hats that everyone wears while they eat cake and sing? We couldn’t agree with you more! We know they’re just paper hats with some glitter stuck to them, but there’s just something so cheerful about birthday hats and we think they’re worth celebrating. That’s why we love this birthday hat cake topper from Rain on A Tin Roof so much! This topper is simple to make but certain to make the afternoon really feel like a party.

9. Sprinkle number cake topper

Sprinkle number cake topper

Have you always loved the idea of numbered birthday candles and cake sprinkles but you’re not a big fan of buying the big waxy things you’ll find in stores and putting them on your food? Then check out these reusable homemade alternative from Catch My Party! They show you how to make an age number out of clay and cover it in actual sprinkles so it looks like a candle, even though you won’t be lighting it with any flame.

10. Barbie doll skirt cake

Barbie doll skirt cake

Using a Barbie doll as a cake topper to make the cake look like a skirt is a classic party technique, but it’s always nice to have as many tutorials for a cool idea as possible! After all, what little girl doesn’t want a beautiful doll in a deliciously sweet ball gown at her birthday party at some point? These guidelines from Birthday Cakes will help you make it happen in the simplest way we’ve seen yet! Then you can embellish the skirt however you please for some extra girly cuteness.

11. Best friends, ice cream, and flowers

Best friends, ice cream, and flowers

Is your idea of the perfect cake topper really more of a cake-top tableau scene? We’ll fully admit that we’ve gotten carried away in past years and created whole tiny sets on top of birthday cakes that can hardly be described as just “toppers”, and we have a feeling Icing Designs can understand what we mean! Their tutorial shows you how to make a cute little friendship scene complete with tiny ice cream cones. They used wooden peg style clothespins, fabric scraps, paper straws, and silk flowers to set the scene.

12. Roaring dinosaur birthday cake

Roaring dinosaur birthday cake

Have your little ones recently begun learning about dinosaurs, fossils, and the prehistoric age? Well, if they’re anything like ours, then we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they’re completely obsessed! Our kids definitely went through a phase where they spent most of their time stomping around the house and roaring, pretending to be all kinds of ferocious dinosaurs. Of course, they wanted dinosaur themed birthday parties that year and that’s how we discovered this adorable roaring dinosaur cake topper idea from Momtastic! They made the letters from thick scrapbooking cardstock paper, and you could choose whichever colours you please for both those and the plastic dinosaur on top.

13. Happy baby party hat toppers

Happy baby party hat toppers

Are you the kind of nostalgic memory enthusiast who loves using pictures and family photos in your DIY projects whenever you possibly can? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a kick out of these funny little baby face cake toppers, complete with little party hats. Mrs. Fields shows you how to make it easily using your simple cut and paste skills.

14. Swirling lollipop toppersSwirling lollipop toppers

When you decided to make your very own cake toppers, did you set your heart on doing the kind that can actually be eaten, rather than making them out of inedible craft supplies that have to be removed from the top of the cake before you cut into it? Then perhaps it’s time to start practicing your fondant skills! There are all kinds of creative cake toppings you can make with fondant because it shapes and moulds so well and comes in fantastic bright colours. As an easy starter project, check out these adorable lollipop cake toppers featured on Creations by Sasha.

15. Fresh flower cake topper

Fresh flower cake topper

Have you been scrolling through our list and admiring all the creativity but still hoping to find yourself a design that’s a bit more fit for an adult birthday party that you might have a bit of a classier celebration planned for? Then perhaps you’d prefer the way Let’s Mingle created a stunning topper from actual fresh flowers! We love their idea of bunching them together like a pretty garland that curves all the way across the cake and down one side.

Do you know a fellow DIY enthusiast who has a birthday coming up, either their own or someone they love, and you know they’d love to make their own celebratory cake topper! Share this post with them for a little bit of handmade inspiration.

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