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15 Awesome DIY Milk Jug Crafts

Because we’re such an avid crafting family, we’re always looking for different ways to reuse, recycle, and upcycle all different kinds of things that regularly get used around our house but often get thrown out. We don’t always make the most grandiose things out of them, but even just re-using them once makes a difference when it comes to your crafting costs and the amount of waste your family produces every day. That’s why we love crafting with milk jugs! Our family drinks so much milk that we can hardly believe it sometimes, so that’s one of the main unconventional recycled crafting tools we have the most regular access to.

Have you been thinking about making some things yourself with milk jugs recently as well? Then check out these 15 awesome projects that use them to create things that will be a lot more useful in the end than you might think!

1. Buttoned sandwich box

Buttoned sandwich box

Are your kids always complaining that by the time they’ve gotten to school and made it through their day to lunch time, their sandwiches are squished from being in their backpacks on the journey to school? Then we think you’ll actually get a lot of use out of this first project! Crème de la Craft teaches you how to cut the sides and bend them to make a little sandwich box that folds shut and fastens with a button. The harder plastic of the box will protect the sandwich a little bit better than a plastic bag!

2. Milk jug whale

Milk jug whale

Perhaps you’ve been looking for crafting options that you can make with your kids and you’d prefer to make them something they can use in the water because they just can’t get enough of the idea of bath tub toys lately? In that case, we have a feeling your kids will appreciate this sparkly blue whale made by cutting a crescent shape out of one bottom corner to look like a mouth and drawing on some eyes and fins. Crafty Morning shows you how it’s done.

3. Spooky milk jug walkway lights

Spooky milk jug walkway

Are you the kind of crafter who will collect seasonal ideas at any time of year just to make sure you have lots of awesome things to make by the time that season or holiday comes? Well, that’s how we felt about these spooky little milk just ghosts with string lights in them. We found them months ago and we only just used them this month for Halloween! Eighteen 25 shows you how to make them and set them up all along your garden path leading to your house.

4. Milk jug and jar lid owl

Milk jug and jar lid owl

Have you always been into making models of animals and things but you’ve never made one without a kit before? Well, here’s a guide to make an adorable owl out of kitchen supplies and containers, like mason jar lids, paper plates, plastic forks and, of course, an empty milk jug! Instructables shows you how it’s built step by step, as well as how to draw in the details.