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14 Self Watering Planters DIY For The Ones Without A Green Thumb

There are ways to add a breath of fresh air to the house without worrying about the death of the greens. With one of these creations below, you can add some plant life to your home with ease and no-stress. These 14 DIY self-watering planters are for the ones with a green thumb. Check out the tutorial and have at it!

1. Diy Self Watering through a Wine Bottle

Diy wine bottle self watering planter

The Garden Glovestarts our self watering journey with an item we’re all familiar with. The secret here is in the wine bottle. Those recycled ones can be put to good use. Check out the tutorial after the jump.

2. Using a Mason Jar for Self Watering

Mason jar sef watering planter diy

For something a bit more subtle and smaller, check out Homestead Brooklyn. There you’ll learn how to create a simple, self-watering planter with a mason jar as the main ingredient. We love the finished product here as well.

3. Soda Pop for Watering Planters in Your Garden

Diy self watering garden planters

Water or soda bottles are needed with this one. VisitHandmade by Kellyto get walked through the process of turning those recycled bits into containers for your plants. Self-watering and all, you’ll get to sit back and watch the magic happen.

4. A Box

Diy self watering planter box

Self-watering planters boxes are nice as well, especially when you need something larger. At From Play Dates to Parties, you’ll learn the details and gather inspiration on how to feature it in your own garden.

5. Build Diy Watering Milk Jug

Diy self watering milk jug planter

Yes, milk jugs can help with your needs here as well. We love the addition of the kiddos’ decor ideas to really personalize the project. Check this out at Must Have Mom.

6. Modern Style

Diy white modern self watering planter

Not all of these self-watering planters are exactly stylish. But thanks to DIY in PDX, if you’re worried about what it looks like, you can follow along with their suggestions and get the best of both worlds.

7. Wooden Setup

Diy wooden self watering planters

Wooden planter boxes are a traditional way to garden outside. If you want to add in some self-watering aspects, you can still do that. Just read up on how by visitingFoodRetro.

8. Recycle Beer

Diy self watering planters using beer bottles

Just like all of the other containers you’ll be recycling, don’t throw away those beer cans either. Instead, turn them into something useful! They can help your self-watering planter dreams as well. Grab the details at California Home and Garden.

9. Simply Done

Simple diy self watering planter

For one of the more simplistic designs on the list, visit Make Magazine. Remember, self-watering planters aren’t just good for flowers and the like. In actuality, they’re perfect for growing veggies and herbs!

10. Tin Tub

Diy tin tub self watering planter

You can make it all happen in a tin tub as well. If you want a mini garden out on the porch that waters itself, just follow the tutorial after hopping over to The Kitchen Garten.

11. Any Pot

Diy self watering planter from any pot

Little Victorianwill show you how to take essentially any pot and turn it into a makeshift, self-watering planter for your green dreams. It’s super easy to follow with all the photo evidence you need. Even the most novice of DIYers can get this one done.

12. Low-Cost

Diy low cost self watering planter

Instructablesgives us a low cost option that works well too. It’s vision is for the bigger planting needs and those who have more space to work with. Snag the 4-1-1 after the jump.

13. Three Hacks

Selfwatering planters diy

Hello Glowhas an entire spread of three hacks that our hopefully gardeners will love. The upside is that they all look like a polished, finish product by the end of it. So, you’ll get functionality, style, and something that WORKS.

14. Mini Concrete

Diy concrete self watering planter

And finally, if you visit Instructablesjust one more time, you’ll snag all the info behind the creation of this cutie. A mini, concrete self-watering planter seems like a really good idea and one that will fit into any nook or cranny of the house.

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