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20 Homemade Bird Feeders To Welcome The Robins With

Grab the kids and have them help out with one of these fun weekend projects. Care for your outdoor friends and give them a place to enjoy with just a little bit of creativity and care. These 21 homemade bird feeders will be the perfect way to welcome the robins into your front yard!

1. Pine Cones

Pine cone bird feeder super simple activity for kids

Red Ted Art used pine cones and turned them into smaller bird feeders for the kids to enjoy making and the birds to enjoy snacking on! It’s an easy project for everyone to get involved with!

2. Edible

Edible birdfeeders diy

If you visit Parents, you’ll catch all the details on how to make this edible bird feeder. The birds can devour this entire piece and there won’t be any cleanup for you to deal with.

3. Gourds

Gourd bird feeder diy

Kitchen Counter Chronicles used gourds to get her bird feeder started. We love this fall-festive and natural way to feed the birds in your neighborhood.

4. Paper Plate

Paper plate bird feeder kids can make an easy birdfeeder with a paper plate raffia and cheerios happy hooligans

Happy Hooligans used just a plain ole paper plate for their project. Sometimes the most simple materials can be used for bigger things.

5. Teacups

Tea cup bird feeder

Teacups can be the most delightful addition to the garden, don’t you think? Feed the birds in a stylish and adorable way with some help from Dear Lizzy.

6. Mesh Bag

Diy birdfeeders

Good Housekeeping used some mesh bags with their project. Again, something the simplest materials can be used for great things.

7. Cheerios

Diy cheerio birdfeeder

Grab some cheerios and get the kids started on this Happy Hooligans project. So many wonderful things this cereal can be used for, including feeding those robins and blue jays in the backyard.

8. Juice Carton

Juice carton crafts bird feeder

Red Ted Art teaches us how to turn a juice carton into an owl that will bring all the birds to the yard. Just fill it up with some seed.

9. Legos

Bird feeders lego crafts

Fun Crafts Kids gives us a project involving Legos. What kiddo wouldn’t want to join in on a bird feeder project when their favorite toys are involved?

10. Orange Cup

Orange cup bird feeders

Happy Hooligans gives us another great way to serve up lunch to the birds. These biodegradable orange cups can be eaten whole!

11. Fruit, Grain & Nut

Fruit and grain birdfeeder diy

Parents gives us a similar project to making all of that edible Christmas garland. But this time it can be hung on the tree and munched on by all the birdies.

12. Bottles

Backyard bird feeder spring craft photo 420 ff0507efda01

Bottles are always a great route to take when making a homemade bird feeder. Follow along at Messy Fingers and catch all the details on this simple tutorial.

13. Wreath

Birdseed wreath diy

Infarrantly Creative makes a birdseed wreath that’s both delicious for your flying friends and charming as they hang in all the trees. This too, the kiddos can help out with in the kitchen.

14. Repurposed Jar

Jar birdfeeder diy

Grab some of your old mason jars and get to work. Some pumpkins seeds and other feed can be thrown in with a bout of string and created in no time. Thanks for the idea MCW.

15. Suet

Suet log diy birdfeeders

The Garden Roof Coop teaches how to to make a suet bird feeder. We love this rustic look, visit now for all the details.

16. Paint Cans

Diy bird feeders

Mom Endeavors knows how to put some old junk to good use. Clean out those paint cans filling up the garage and turn them into some colorful feeders for the backyard birdies.

17. Milk Jugs

Milk jug birdfeeder diy

Great Stems took an old milk jug and did something similar. Had the kids decorate it a bit and throw some sticks on it so it blends into the scenery.

18. Egg Carton

Egg carton birdfeeder diy

We learn at Ginger Snap Crafts that an old egg carton can be used for the birds too. You’ll just need some twine.

19. Road Maps

Diy road map birdfeeder

Crafts by Amanda took old road maps as their style focus on these birdhouses. Just don’t forget to fill them up with some seed.

20. Hearts

Diy heart birdfeeder diy

Happy Hooligans brings us, yet another, delicious project for the birds to enjoy. Learn how to make this heart-shaped bird feeder over the weekend.

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