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These 15 Floral DIY Wallpapers Will Ignite Inspiration For Springtime Decor

We’re itching for the leaves to become green again and our flowers to bloom. And adding a bit more color and life to the house sounds like a good ideas too. Petals, sunshine, and a bit of natural lighting sounds like a great way to rework the home, don’t you think? And with these 15 floral wallpapers we’ll have your inspiration for springtime decor ignited and your wheels turning for some weekend DIYs.

1. Golden Floral Faux Wallpaper

Floral faux wallpaper diy

Check out this amazing tutorial found over at Classy Clutter! Learn how to transform your wall into something extra special with this faux, golden floral wallpaper look. The bathroom, the nursery, or even the guest room could use the pick-me-up.

2. Watercolor Anthropologie-Inspired Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper watercolor diy

If you want something a bit more romantic, then visit We Lived Happily Ever After. This cool, watercolor design has been inspired by Anthropologie and the finished product will absolutely knock your socks off. The bedroom, the bathroom, or even the home office would look amazing with this dreamy petal sprinkle.

3. 3D Floral Wallpaper

Diy 3d floral wallpaper

If you’re looking for something on the more unique side, then we found the right spot for you. Visit I Like Fall and watch how they transformed a plain jane wall into something with texture and fairy-tale quality. How does a 3D floral wall sound to you?

4. Easily-Painted Floral Illusion Wallpaper

Easy floral painted faux wallpaper tutorial 9

It’s not wallpaper either, it’s just another way to learn how to create a “look” of wallpaper inside your home. With some help from Lolly Jane, you’ll be able to do just that. Grab a paint brush and start getting creative!

5. Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wallpaper

Girl floral wallpaper inspiration

Talk about a transformation! This Alice in Wonderland inspired wallpaper really sets the scene inside this bedroom. And it acts as such wonderful inspiration to those finding the perfect pattern for their own home. Thanks to Sincerely, Sara D. for featuring this makeover!

6. Fabric Floral Wallpaper

Fabric floral wallpaper diy

Instead of classic wallpaper, you can actually use some fabric that you love on the walls. Learn all about this fun technique by visiting Apartment Therapy. And then just think about all of the fabulous possibilities creating accent walls and the like round the house!

7. Floral Tapestry “Wallpaper” Panel

Diy wallpaper panel

So if you’re scared to go all out with the wallpaper, you could always make a panel that has the same goal in the end. Add some flair to the hallways or foyer by going with this DIY from Mr. Kate. Some fabric scraps and paint will certainly get the job done.

8. “Without the Commitment” Wallpaper

Diy +wallpaper+without+the+commitment

Very similar to its predecessor, if you want a look “like” wallpaper but without the commitment just buy a giant canvas! Then get your creative juices flowing by painting or adding fabric to it. Check out all of the know-how over at Cohesively Curated.

9. Blue Mural Floral Wallpaper

Blue floral wallpaper for at home

If you shop hard enough, you’ll certainly find a floral wallpaper that strikes you in the heart. That’s what happened when we saw this blue, muraled beauty from Etsy. Easily jazz up your home office, bedroom, or even a covered patio with this one.

10. Extra Large Bold Pink Floral Wallpaper

Large pink and black floral wallpaper

We’re swooning for this kitchen featured on Ultimate Christoph. Just look at how that wallpaper accents transform the space from futuristically modern or fresh and upbeat. It’s another beautiful bout of inspiration for those looking to makeover their own spaces.

11. Tapestry-Inspired Floral Mural Wallpaper

Dining room wallpaper floral mural

Another mural that’s perfect for the home – especially this dining room. Check out more like this over at Home Beautiful . We really love how this wallpaper looks like you’ve just hung a gorgeous tapestry on the wall – an idea that you can quite literally do as well!

12. Bright, Bold Floral Wallpaper

Modern country bedroom with bright floral wallpaper and red cabinet

Ideal Home had this bright and bold wallpaper on their site and we loved its freshness as well. Picking the right pattern can really make your DIY job at home easier. Once it’s up, you’ll have immediate gratification.

13. Colorful Kid’s Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper for kids playroom

Check out this stunning playroom over at Houzz! With a fairy-tale quality, adding something like this to a room that’s used for fun and games can really elevate the creativity and imagination that takes place inside. Of course, it’s really pretty too.

14. Vinyl Magic Wallpaper

Diy vinyl floral wallpaper

Home Love Network showcased this amazing vinyl wallpaper DIY and we fell in love. Not only did we adore the innovation and the finished product (the placement is so unique!). But even though the pattern isn’t technically “floral” it certainly sets the scene for romance and fairy-tale quality.

15. Handprinted Black & White Floral Wallpaper

Handpainted black and white floral wallpaper

And finally, if you stop  by YouTube you’ll be able to learn all about this painted wallpaper. The black and white print is fabulous and makes it a versatile look that will go inside a variety of rooms. The bedroom, the kitchen, or even the home office, it’s a stunner.

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