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DIY Metallic Magazine Files

Are you still stuck organizing your office and can’t seem to find a cheap but an elegant solution to your magazine clutter. You can’t miss this hack. Many a magazine holders have made their rounds but what grabbed my attention was this copper magazine holder from Anthropologie ( now out of stock ). That’s alright we can recreate a similar look with Ikea’s cheap flyt  and some contact paper of your choice. I used silver and goldDiy metallic magazine files 6Diy metallic magazine files 4But if you are more of a minimalist and want to keep it less then you did be better off with this wall hanging magazine holder that I made a while ago when I first started organizing my small collection of magazines.


  • IKEA Flyt magazine holder
  • Contact paper of your choice
  • Cutter/scissors
  • Pencil to outline

Diy metallic magazine files materials


1.Spread you contact paper and begin by measuring each side of the magazine file with the help of a pencil. Taking each side separate rather than whole will make it easier, keep reading to know why.Diy metallic magazine files steps 1jpg2.Cut out your pieces from the contact paper ( my observation if you could cut around 1/4 inch in excess you will not miss a spot )Diy metallic magazine files steps 2jpg3.To begin with start a 2 inch opening and stick to the file from there on patiently slide out the protective cover with one hand and press the released part with another, continue the process until you cover the entire area. If you end up with small bubbles press over and it will be gone or try poking a hole to release trapped air.Diy metallic magazine files steps 3jpgThis is a very simple DIY if done correctly, the trick here is to work little at a time patiently and that is why cut for each side rather than whole to avoid a messy job. My contact paper says that you can remove and try attach again but I found that once it has adhered to the surface it should not be lifted because the gold/silver from the sticker will leave behind and re-adhering will obstruct the seamless look that these contact paper are meant to exude. So don’t worry if you find that your the contact paper didn’t cover the surface entirely, you can easily cover it with some more contact paper and no one will come to know.Diy metallic magazine files 5This magazine holder is perfect for your shelf to display your magazines beautifully or to store your notebooks and bills at your desk. And talking about bills, it cost me less than $5 to conclude to this. Give this a try and you have nothing to lose.Diy metallic magazine files 3Diy metallic magazine files 8Diy metallic magazine files 7Diy metallic magazine files 2Do let us know in the comments section if you liked this tutorial and if you would like to give it a try.

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