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Sugarcoat Your Weekend With These 24 Churro Cookie Recipes!

In the most classic sense, a churro is a deep fried pastry that are incredibly popular throughout Spain and the U.S. too! You can dip them in caramel, chocolates of all kind and even some fruit dips for an extra tart bite. But these cinnamon-sugar covered sweets can come in a lot of different forms and varieties … including cookies! Sugarcoat your weekend with these 24 churro cookie recipes and test out your baking skills.

1. Churro Ice Cream Cookies

Ice cream churro cookies

Check out PopSugar for this awesome recipe for ice cream sandwich cookies with a churro bite! And just think of all the amazing ice cream flavor combinations you can try.

2. Spicy Churro Crescent Cookies

Spicy churro crescent bites

Pillsbury did a spicy cookie rendition using their crescent rolls! Then they finished them off with some chocolate hazelnut spread for dipping!

3. Classic Moist Churro Cookies

Churro cookies recipe

If you want a classic cookie but with all the deliciousness of a churro then you’ll want to hop on over to Oh, Bite It and check out this moist and yummy-good recipe!

4. Churro Cookie Logs

Churro cookie recipe

But if you want churro cookies that remind you a bit more of the classic pastry then you’ll want these log bites from Night Baking. Remember, you can dip them too!

5. Mickey Churro Cookies

Mickeys churro cookies

Maybe when you think of Churros you think of theme parks like Disney World! Well, you can create that same flavor in a Mickey Mouse version with the help from As The Bunny Hops.

6. Cinnamon Chip Churro Cookies

Cinnamon chip churro cookies

The Plaid & Paisley Kitchen gives us another great version of a churro cookie! And this time the magical ingredient are cinnamon chips spread and sprinkled throughout the batter.

7. Churro Macaroon

Churro macaron

Macaroons are cookies too, they’re just a bit fancier and more time consuming. But worth every bit of effort! Check out this rad recipe over at The Sweet Chick.

8. Nutella-Stuffed Churro Cookies

Nutella stuffed churros

Handle the Heat stuffed her churro pastry cookies with Nutella and they look heavenly. And they’re deep fried, making them an even more indulgent treat.

9. Dulce de Leche Filled Churro Cookie Sticks

Dulce de leche churro sticks

Run, don’t walk, over to Cookies and Cups and print out this fabulous recipe. Fill up some of those cookie sticks with sweet dulce de leche filling to make dessert an even more fun experience.

10. Chocolate Churro Cookie Cups

Chocolate churro cookie cups recipe vianneyrodriguez sweetlifebake

Add a bit of chocolate to your churro bites with this recipe from Sweet Life. Chocolate churro cookie cups may sound like a mouthful, but it’ll be a delicious one.

11. Red Velvet Churro Cookie Sticks

Red velvet churros recipe cream cheese dip

Who is a fan of red velvet? Well, you can combine both of these classic into one with this snazzy recipe – including two dups – from Oh Sweet Basil.

12. Mini Churro Cookie Bites

Baked mini churro bites

Over at Sweet Tooth you’ll find a miniature version of this sugary bites. Hop on over and grab the recipe for these mini churros, and make sure you add a frosting or chocolate dip or drizzle too.

13. Oreo Churro Cookies

Oreo churros

Who loves Oreos? Well, you can make a churro-esque version using this fab recipe from Kirbie’s Cravings. The kiddos are going to love this one!

14. Caramel Infused Churro Cookies

Cinnamon caramel cookies

These cinnamon-flavored and caramel-infused cookies are inspired by the classic pastry treat with its warm and sugary consistency. The great thing here is that Inside Bru Crew Life kicked it up with some ooey-gooey middles.

15. Cinnamon Churro Pumpkin Cookies

Cinnamon chip pumpkin cookies

With some cinnamon chips and pumpkin, you can create a cookie version of the churro but with a punch of fall inside. Grab all of the details at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

16. Appledoodle

Appledoodle cookies

The Girl Who Ate Everything took a cinnamon base and added some fruit into the mix for a tart and sweet extra bite. We are loving this apple and churro-inspired cookies!

17. Chocolate-Dipped Churro Cookies

Churro cookies with chocolate

If you visit Itsy Bitsy Foodies, you’ll find all the instruction behind the creation of these chocolate-dipped churro cookies! They’re buttery, they’re sugary and they come with chocolate!

18. Banana Churros with Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce

Banana churros

Okay, so these aren’t quite cookie versions of churros but we had to include them on the list anyway. Banana churros covered in chocolate peanut butter sauce – The Food Charlatan made something really special.

19. Churro Cheesecake Bars

Churra cheesecake bars

The Food Charlatan did it again with these churro cheesecake bars. And no, they aren’t necessarily cookies either but they can surely inspire some smaller, cookie-sized versions.

20. Churro Twist Cookies

Churros twists

Take those pastries from Spain that we all love and turn them into a twisty look! Check out the details over at Princess Pinky Girl.

21. Oven-Baked Churro Cookies

Oven baked churro cookies

Munchkin Munchies did a “cheater” version of the cinnamon-sugary creations and we’re in love. They’re the perfect, cookie-size for dipping too!

22. Brown Butter Churro Crispy Cookies

Brown butter churro crispy treats recipe 1

Well Plated took churros to an entire new niche of the cookie and dessert world by  making them in a crispy treat version. Check it out after the jump!

23. Cookie-Shaped Churros

Churro cookies

These will taste more like the fluted pastry but they’ve been condensed into a cookie shape making them easier to pack up and share with others. Recipe via Slate.

24. Pie-Style Churro Cookies

Churro cookies

Posh in Progress made some beautiful mini pie-shaped churro cookies that we’re drooling over. And all you need is a fork to get through beautiful ridges.

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