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DIY Wall Hanging Magazine Holder

I have always been interested in magazines more than books as a youngster. I would grab an H&M mag whenever I had a chance to visit or skim through what came in mail. A time came in my life when my focus shifted to books while magazines caught dust. Few months in blogging and I think it’s time I bring back the magazines in my life. It’s a no-brainer that I have been missing a plethora of inspirations that I could have added to my arsenal of DIY ideas.DIY Magazine HolderBut then there is a catch to this, if I get multitudes of them I would probably not be able to finish going through them. So I made this magazine holder to help me grab 3 magazines at a time and go through in chunks savoring the whole experience instead of getting confused which to pick and not to mention where to find them. Instead of making a magazine rack, I made a holder to be hanged on my wall to avoid cluttering my already tight space.What I also love about this magazine holder is that you can make it under 10 minutes and will come cheap as with just two materials you are good to go. And yes these dowels are that strong that they can hold some great weight out there much contradicting to my own biased belief.DIY Magazine Holder


  • Dowels 4 ft
  • Neon cord 6 ft
  • Scissors


1. I got myself a 23 ft pretty long dowel stick and cut three pieces out of it with the help of a saw ( 12 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches ). And then cut around 2 yards of neon cord for the dowels to go.DIY Magazine Holder 2. Part the neon cord to half and tape the middle of it to your working table. Now stretch your neon cord ends so to place your dowels for measuring purpose.DIY Magazine Holder 3. Place magazines to know about how much space you will have to keep between the dowels. Now you can tie a single knot over the end of each dowel (leaving 2 inches outwards) to secure them to place.DIY Magazine Holder One, two, three and you are done!How easy was that? My favorite aspect of this magazine holder is that it is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and minimal. Now all I have to do is get cozy and admire what there in store.Need a place to store your coveted magazines, look no further! In just about few minutes make your own magazine holder with only dowels and neon cord. Save yourself space, time and moneyDIY Magazine Holder 2.google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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