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50 Magical Unicorn Recipes That Will Surely Make You Smile

With a bit of magic, and tons of tutorials, you too can create some trendy, beautiful food in your kitchen. Unicorns are the “it” bit of inspiration for everything. From our hair to our morning toast, this fictitious creature is inspiring style in every corner of our lives. And these 50 magical unicorn recipes will surely make you smile and surprisingly taste good too!

1. Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Unicorn hot chocolate

Love & Olive Oil whips up this magical unicorn hot chocolate that’s perfect for winter birthday parties and nights in with the girls. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

2. Unicorn Meringues

Unicorn meringues

If you visit Momdot, you’ll be able to grab this recipe for unicorn poop meringues that will round out your kiddo’s slumber party with sweetness and color. Perfect as party favors or just a bit of fun in the kitchen with your little ones.

3. Unicorn Smoothie

Unicorn smoothie

The Chic Life makes a smoothie with unicorn style too. Start off your mornings with a bit of magic.

4. Unicorn Sweet Dip

Unicorn dip

Cheesecake dip sounds delicious, does it not? Chocolate Covered Katie serves hers up with a bit of color and graham crackers on the side.

5. Unicorn Ice Cream

Unicorn ice cream

Bread Booze Bacon went the extra mile with this one. Hop on over and grab the recipe for this unicorn ice cream. Chocolate sauce not included.

6. Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bars

Vanilla unicorn sugar cookie bars

Here’s another fun dessert to serve up at birthday parties, showers or just weekend slumber parties! The kids will have fun decorating these ones too!

7. Unicorn Waffles

Rainbow waffles

Even your waffles can get a unicorn makeover. Just visit Momdot for all the details.

8. Unicorn Bark Milkshake

Unicorn bark milkshake recipe

Beth Cakes combines candy bark with all the delights of a milkshake in this pink and sensational sip. Grab the recipe after the jump.

9. Unicorn Sprinkle Explosion Bark

Sprinkle explosion unicorn bark

Unicorn magic was definitely used throughout this sprinkle bark creation from Peony + Ink. These too are perfect for party favors or just as something fun for the entire family to indulge in.

10. Unicorn Truffles

Unicorn poop truffles recipe

Princess Pinky Girl went with truffles that are full of sweetness and full of pastel tones too. Bite into one of these delights by the weekend.

11. Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn cupcakes

These cupcakes have unicorn trend written all over them. This recipe from PopSugar includes a horn!

12. Unicorn Cheesecake

Unicorn cheesecake recipe

Instead of just dip, your entire cheesecake can be inspired by the unicorn frenzy. A bit of color can really go a long way within your desserts.

13. Unicorn Frappuccino

C913c3b1c6212cb1 pokemongofrapp coloredbackdrop png

If you loved the Starbucks unicorn frapp then you’ll want to visit PopSugar. They have a copycat recipe you can snag!

14. Unicorn Sushi

Rainbow unicorn sushi

One Green Planet went with something that one would never think to associate with the magic of these fantastical creatures. Even your sushi can be made over into the unicorn scene.

15. Unicorn ToastUnicorn toast

We’re loving the unicorn toast we’ve been seeing flying around the web too. And thankfully, Vogue has all the details behind these beauties.

16. Unicorn Smoothie Bowl

Unicorn smoothie bowl recipe

The Chic Life starts their mornings off right with a smoothie bowl too! Just grab the ingredients after the jump.

17. Unicorn Noodles

Unicorn noodle recipes

The Indigo Kitchen wowed us with these gorgeous noodles. And now you can wow your dinner guests with a nod to unicorns too.

18. Unicorn Doughnuts

Vegan gluten free unicron doughnuts

Of course you can whip up a batch of doughnuts that indulge a unicorn’s style as well. And again, you can’t forget the sprinkle.

19. Unicorn Fudge

Unicorn fudge

We found more food that could become the perfect favor to your next celebration. Learn how to make unicorn fudge over at The Novice Chef.

20. Unicorn Popcorn Snack Mix

Unicorn popcorn snack mix recipe

Sweet T Makes Three knows how to serve up sweet snacks for a party. This popcorn snack mix is perfect for all kinds of celebrations!

21. Unicorn Layered Smoothie

Layered unicorn smoothie

Here’s another smoothie that was inspired by what we all love: unicorns. It’s layered with yummy flavors and good for us too!

22. Unicorn Pretzels

Unicorn pretzels

Fork & Beans made pretzels that actually look like unicorns. Obviously, this one is a personal favorite of the bunch.

23. Unicorn Shortbread Bites

Fairy bites unicorn shortbread cookies

Any recipe that invites in a beautiful bout of colors will have that same, magical feel. And these shortbread bites from Pink Piccadilly Pastries have just that.

24. Circus Animal Cookies

Homemade circus animal cookies

Cooking Classy whipped up these adorable circus cookies and we couldn’t help but think of how easy it could be to add a unicorn to the mix. The coloring is already perfect!

25. Rainbow Cookies

Rainbow unicorn cookies

Miss Blueberry Muffin went literal with her recipe too. Jump through the link and grab this recipe too!

26. Unicorn Ice Cream Cake

Skinny unicorn ice cream cake

Why go with unicorn ice cream when you can go with unicorn ice cream cake. Details over at The Skinny Fork.

27. Marshmallow Unicorn Sprinkle Sandwiches

Marshamallow sprinkle sandwiches

Sweetapolita made some dessert sandwiches that literally looked sprinkled by unicorns themselves. Find out the details by visiting now!

28. Unicorn Rainbow Donuts

Rainbow donuts

We’re loving these rainbow donuts from The First Year. And what unicorn doesn’t like being accompanied by a beautiful rainbow?

29. Unicorn Piñata Cupcakes

Pinata cupcakes unicorn recipes

Sally’s Baking Addiction went with the unicorn theme as well. And you see it once you bite onto these cupcakes.

30. Unicorn Muddy Buddies

How to make muddy buddies

Momdot has more snacks for us to choose from. Muddy buddies with a pop of girlish charm are both pretty and delicious!

31. Unicorn Sundaes

Unicorn ice cream

Cutefetti made unicorn sundaes that could be another great accompaniment to a night with friends. Or even an interactive activity at a birthday party!

32. Marble Unicorn Cookies

Unicorn marble cookies

Lauren Conrad inspired us with these marbled beauties. Thank you gifts, favors and beyond; these will wow your loved ones.

33. Unicorn Floats

Unicorn float recipe

Even The Bewitchin Kitchen become inspired by the unicorn food trend. This ice cream float could be more colorful and sweet!

34. Edible Unicorn Cookie Dough

Cookie dough to go unicorn recipe

Love From The Oven combined two trends in one. You get edible cookie dough to go with a dash of unicorn style in one.

35. No-Bake Unicorn Cookies

No bake unicorn cookies

These no-bake cookies have some unicorn flair too. Sprinkles go a long way with this trend, as you can see.

36. Funfetti Softbaked Unicorn Cookies

Funfetti soft baked cookies

Averie Cooks have sprinkle cookies that go with this same vision as well. But this time, they’re baked.

37. Strawberry Milk Unicorn Ice Pops

Strawberry milk ice pops

Sprinkle Bakes had up drooling over these strawberry milk pops. They’re adorable, they’re delicious and they have a hint of unicorn flair to fit in with whatever magic you have planned.

38. Unicorn Horn Cupcakes

Rainbow horn unicorn cupcakes

We found some more horned cupcakes over at Kara’s Party Ideas. Visit now for more inspiration!

39. Funfetti Cookie Unicorn Sandwiches

Funfetti cake mix cookies

These cookies sandwiches will take a bit of work to recreate but they’ll be so worth it! You can even switch it up and do pink icing with blue cookies!

40. Soft-Frosted Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Frosted sugar cookies

Life Made Sweeter made sugar cookies too. But they left the unicorn styling right on top. It’s another great way to get the kids in the kitchen with you!

41. Vegan Unicorn Frappuccino

Vegan copycat unicorn frappuccino

Feasting on Fruit made a unicorn-inspired Frappuccino treat as well. But this time, it’s vegan!

42. Mason Jar Unicorn Cake

Unicorn magic cake in a jar

Mason jar cakes can be so fun (and convenient) to create. Thankfully, we found a colorful, unicorn recipe to fit those benefits as well.

43. Unicorn Favor Food

Unicorn food

Sprinkle Bakes inspired us with this little pail of unicorn treats. How adorable would these be on a themed birthday party table?

44. Blue Buttercream Unicorn Bars

Unicorn bars blue buttercream

Check out these fluffy pieces of heaven from Cookies and Cups! Blue buttercream and sprinkles for days, we love food that’s both festive and yummy!

45. Unicorn Parfaits

Cotton candy unicorn parfaits

Homemade Hooplah went a route similar to the sundaes. Perfect for sleepovers or to make an activity for the kiddos at the celebration!

46. Unicorn Dream Marshmallow Bars

Rainbow dream marshmallow bars

No. 2 Pencil took Fruity Pebbles and made something even more magical with them. Top off your unicorn party with one of these sweet bites.

47. Unicorn Cheesecake Bars

Rainbow cheesecake bars

Chocolate Covered Katie whipped up a batch of unicorn cheesecake bars. Add sprinkles, or don’t, whatever you fancy works.

48. Unicorn Cupcake Cones

Unicorn poop cupcake cones

Momdot went with the unicorn “poop” theme with these cupcake cones and we’re in love! Again, perfect as favors or jazzing up the birthday table.

49. Unicorn Candy Bark

Rainbow unicorn bark

Hello, Wonderful went all out with this candy bark recipe. Hop on over now and snag the recipe!

50. Cotton Candy Unicorn Popcorn

Cotton candy popcorn

Bitz & Giggles finishes off our list with this beautiful cotton candy-flavored popcorn. Parties or just to snack on for movie night, it’s a fun recipe!


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