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50 Magical Unicorn DIYs That Inspire Every Part Of Your Life

We’re gushing about unicorns just like everyone else. The colors, the fantasy, these fictitious creatures are inspiring so much in fashion, interior design and beauty too! And that’s what we’re sharing today. These 50 magical unicorn DIYs will inspire every part of your life. Just take a peek!

1. Unicorn Horn Headband

Diy unicorn horn headband

Mini Drops starts us off with the most natural of unicorn DIYs. Take the jump and learn how to whip up one of these adorable unicorn headbands!

2. Unicorn Spa Jar

Unicorn spa jar

These your next homemade gift around the unicorn trend like The Gunny Sack did! A spa gift with a dusting of magical flavor seems like a great idea, don’t you think?

3. Unicorn Lamp

Diy unicorn lamp

Brit + Co created an entire lamp that we instantly fell in love with. Jazz up your dorm room or home office.

4. Unicorn Head

Unicorn head diy

For the holidays or just for a party, Bespoke Bride shows us how to make one of these unicorn heads for the wall. Check out the details after the jump.

5. Stained Glass Unicorn

Stained glass unicorn diy

Oh Happy Day made a fun and festive party piece as well. Check out how to make this unicorn décor after the jump!

6. Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn party favors diy

Two party favors in one, this unicorn slime and the unicorn trinket boxes will be the ending to a perfect party! Check out how to make these treats for your guests and get the kiddos to help too! (via)

7. Unicorn Water Bottle

Unicorn water water bottle

Dawn Nicole Designs took loving unicorns to an entirely new level. Whether it’s for yourself or for a friend, your daily water intake just got a lot more stylish and adorable.

8. Unicorn Pumpkin

Unicorn diy pumpkin

Take over Halloween with the unicorn trend too! Turn those pumpkins into the fun little creatures. The kids will love it! (via)

9. Unicorn Ornaments

Unicorn ornaments diy

Or take some help from Posh Little Designs and decorate your tree with the fantasy too. These are so easy to recreate too!

10. Marshmallow Pops

Unicorn marshmallow pops

The Decorated Cookie went with an edible DIY that we love too. Marshmallows can become unicorn pops in the blink of an eye.

11. Unicorn Cake

Unicorn cake diy

Craftsy makes a unicorn cake that could be a beautiful center to a shower or birthday party. If you love decorating cakes, try your hand at this project!

12. Unicorn Easter Eggs

Unicorn easter eggs diy

Little Inspiration took Easter and inspired that holiday with the trendy creatures as well. Just look how charming these eggs will be in the kids’ baskets!

13. Unicorn Bath Bombs

Diy unicorn poop bath bombs

The Makeup Dummy made some bath bombs to relax in the tub with. And those pastel, swirling colors can only mean one thing: magic.

14. Unicorn Kinetic Sand

Diy kinetic sand unicorn

Kids love kinetic sand. And Mama Plus One knows that kids love it even more when it’s full of color.

15. Unicorn Bookmark

Diy unicorn bookmark

Willow Day made reading a bit more fun by fashioning their DIY bookmark after a unicorn. Hop on over and grab the details now.

16. Unicorn Party

Magical unicorn birthday party the iced sugar cookie mjkreations 1024x1024

The Iced Sugar Cookie gave us the most perfect inspiration for a unicorn birthday party. We love every detail!

17. Unicorn Planter

Chic pink unicorn gold planter

Best Friends For Frosting turned a regular planter into one with a bit of fairy-tale like quality. Plant your succulents or daisies inside!

18. Unicorn Bath Salts

Diy unicorn bath salt

Bath salts can be unicorn-inspired too. Just layer up all of your colors with some help from I Love Spa.

19. Unicorn Ice Cream

Unicorn ice cream

Unicorn ice cream can be so much fun. Make sundaes, parfaits or cake out of this block of sweetness! (via)

20. Unicorn Party Balloons

Diy unicorn party balloons

Make it Love it even turned party balloons into the magical creatures. Grab the tutorial after the jump!

21. Yoplait Unicorn Yogurt

Yoplait unicorn yogurt

Maybe your kiddos will eat up their yogurt if you dress it like Dear Crissy did. Sprinkles really make anything more appealing.

22. Unicorn Tassel Jeans

Diy unicorn tassel jeans

Studio DIY even used unicorns! And this time it was with their jeans! Colorful, stylish and a completely unique addition to your closet.

23. Faux Stained Glass Unicorn Door

Diy faux stained glass unicorn door

Lovely Indeed went with color inside the home. A dash of rainbow or unicorn inspiration really makes this space pop!

24. Marbled Unicorn Paper

Diy marbled unicorn paper

The Artful Parent created unicorn paper from scratch. Love notes and greeting cards just got a lot sweeter.

25. Unicorn Funfetti Bugles

Funfetti bugles

Snack time could be a little bit more fun too. Just visit Simply Gloria for the details behind these bugles.

26. Felt Unicorns

Diy felt unicorn

Delilah Iris shows us how o whip up some felt plush unicorns for our little ones to enjoy. If you love from-scratch projects, this is the one for you.

27. Washi Tape Unicorn Silhouettes

Diy washi tape unicorn silhouette

Totally The Bomb grabbed some washi tape and went for it. Add a bit of color to your trendy silhouette décor piece.

28. Unicorn Pillow

Unicorn pillow plush diy

Here’s another DIY that starts from the ground up. Check out this adorable plush unicorn pillow from The DIY Mommy.

String art unicorn

String art can be so much fun. But it’s even more fun when you can get this creative! (via)

30. Unicorn Wreath

Diy unicorn wreath

You don’t have to be literal with your unicorn project. Instead, go the route Brit + Co did with this piece.

31. Unicorn Tote Bag

Diy unicorn tote bag

Damask Love made a tote bag and paid homage to our love of unicorns. This clever little bag can be the best DIY gift for your besties!

32. Unicorn Necklaces

Diy shrink plastic rainbow necklaces

What about a unicorn necklace? From your daughter to your sister, Make and Tell will help you in its creation.

33. Unicorn Sprinkles

Diy unicorn sprinkles

Fork & Beans made a pot of unicorn sprinkles! Add a dash to any of your unicorn recipes or for the kids to decorate some cookies with.

34. Unicorn Christmas Tree

Diy unicorn christmas tree

Mr. Kate takes Christmas décor to an entirely different level. Actually, it’s a completely magical “unicorn” level to be exact.

35. Felt Stick Unicorn

Diy felt stick unicorn horse

Lia Griffith gives us another fairy-take like toy to create for our little ones. There will be hours of fun gotten out of this unicorn.

36. Unicorn Makeup Brushes

Unicorn makeup brush diy

Bring the magic to the vanity! Check out this tutorial over at Allure now!

37. Unicorn Geo Canvas

Diy geo unicorn canvas

I Love To Create grabbed a canvas and got to work. Using the “geo” trend get to work creating your own version of a unicorn.

38. Kids Unicorn Costume

Unicorn costume for kids

When Halloween comes to call, why not create a unicorn costume for your magical little one? Grab the details at Craftaholics Anonymous.

39. Unicorn Glitter Shakers

Diy unicorn glitter shakers

A Bubbly Life made a piece that’s perfect for the craft lover’s heart. Sprinkle that glitter over any project as it’s finishing touch.

40. Unicorn Glitter Tee

Glittered unicorn shirt

Whipping up your very own t-shirts can always be a fun treat. And over at Artsy Fartsy Mama you can learn how to make some with sparkling unicorns right on the front.

41. Koosh Ball Unicorn Pillows

Diy koosh ball unicorn pillows

These pillows how a distinct unicorn vibe that we’re loving. Studio DIY may be the most creative crafters with their use of old school Koosh balls.

42. Holographic Unicorn Mani

Diy holographic unicorn mani

Studio DIY also inspired a manicure after the magical creatures. Take your mani to the next level with this tutorial.

43. Unicorn Frappuccino

Diy unicorn frappuccino

And if you were a big fan of the Starbucks’ unicorn frapp then you’ll need to try to create one for yourself right at home. Bustle has the recipe!

44. Unicorn Invitations

Unicorn invitations diy

Oh Happy Day allows us to print off some unicorn invitations we can personalize. Birthday parties, sleepovers or a baby shower, they’ll work!

45. Unicorn Pull-Apart Cake

Unicorn cupcakes

Real Mom made cupcakes that formed a unicorn! Grab and go with pieces of the cake and the festivity!

46. Unicorn Sleep Mask

Diy unicorn sleep mask

Turn up the magic in the bedroom with some unicorn face masks. With a little help, you can easily create these from scratch right at home. (via)

47. Unicorn Jewelry Dish

Diy unicorn ring dish and jewelry holder horse

Horses & Heels made a unicorn jewelry dish that became the perfect piece to decorate and hold some favorite rings. Check out the details after the jump.

48. Wood-Burned Unicorn Utensils

Wood burned unicorn kitchen utensils 1

Do you want to try your hand at wood-burning? Happy Hour Projects will show you how to create utensils with a bit of unicorn flair.

49. Unicorn Costume

Unicorn costume diy

There was a costume for the kiddos on the list. And Studio DIY shows us how to create one for ourselves – Lisa Frank style.

50. Mini Unicorn Pinatas

Diy mini unicorn pinatas

And finally, over at A Subtle Revelry, you can learn how to make some mini unicorn pinatas for the party! Stuff them with the goods and have at it!

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