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50 Magical Unicorn DIYs That Inspire Every Part Of Your Life

We’re gushing about unicorns just like everyone else. The colors, the fantasy, these fictitious creatures are inspiring so much in fashion, interior design and beauty too! And that’s what we’re sharing today. These 50 magical unicorn DIYs will inspire every part of your life. Just take a peek!

1. Unicorn Horn Headband

Diy unicorn horn headband

Mini Drops starts us off with the most natural of unicorn DIYs. Take the jump and learn how to whip up one of these adorable unicorn headbands!

2. Unicorn Spa Jar

Unicorn spa jar

These your next homemade gift around the unicorn trend like The Gunny Sack did! A spa gift with a dusting of magical flavor seems like a great idea, don’t you think?

3. Unicorn Lamp

Diy unicorn lamp

Brit + Co created an entire lamp that we instantly fell in love with. Jazz up your dorm room or home office.

4. Unicorn Head

Unicorn head diy

For the holidays or just for a party, Bespoke Bride shows us how to make one of these unicorn heads for the wall. Check out the details after the jump.

5. Stained Glass Unicorn

Stained glass unicorn diy