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30 Recipes for Valentine’s Day Chocolate-Covered Strawberries That Melt in Your Mouth

Chocolate-covered strawberries are the ultimate sweet treat for Valentine’s Day, as they are romantic, delicious, and easy to make. Read on to discover the best recipes for chocolate-covered strawberries to prepare for February 14th.

Valentine's day chocolate strawberries

Whether you’re looking for an impressive homemade gift or want to enjoy a simple yet special treat with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, these recipes for chocolate-covered strawberries are sure to please. They are simple enough for novice bakers to tackle without difficulty but decadent enough for more experienced ones to be proud of. Here is a list of what you will find in this article:

  • White chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Strawberries dipped in Caramel Brulee cheesecake
  • Salted caramel-covered strawberries
  • Strawberries dipped in peanut butter
  • Chocolate-covered strawberry pops
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries tuxedo-style
  • Homemade strawberry marshmallows
  • Chocolate strawberry heart truffles
  • Strawberry chocolate truffles
  • Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting
  • Mini chocolate strawberry lava cakes
  • Slow-cooker strawberry soda cake
  • Strawberry cinnamon cake
  • Strawberry truffle cake
  • Strawberry chocolate ganache layer cake
  • Chocolate strawberry tart
  • Strawberry chocolate meringue torte
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberry chocolate chip cookies
  • White chocolate chip strawberry cookies
  • Chocolate-covered strawberry macaroons
  • Caramel cinnamon strawberry crescents
  • Chocolate-covered strawberry cobbler
  • White chocolate strawberry cheesecake
  • Chocolate and strawberry Swiss roll
  • Oreo strawberry pies
  • M&M’s strawberry ice cream sandwiches
  • Strawberry brownies with chocolate frosting
  • Strawberry chocolate brownie trifle
  • Chocolate strawberry pudding
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberry meringue roses

Check out a brief description, required ingredients, and source for each Valentine’s Day dessert recipe. You will also learn more helpful information about chocolate-covered strawberries.

1. White chocolate-covered strawberries

White chocolate covered strawberries

Strawberries dipped in white chocolate are a delicious and easy treat for Valentine’s Day. The dessert is ideal for hosting a party so your friends and family can indulge in something tasty. The combination of the juicy sweetness of the strawberry and the smooth richness of white chocolate creates a delightful flavor profile that will make you want more after just one bite. This recipe comes from Betty Crocker and asks for white baking chips, shortening, semisweet chocolate chips, and large strawberries with leaves. It yields 18 servings and requires about an hour to make. Get the instructions from Betty Crocker.

2. Strawberries dipped in Caramel Brulee cheesecake

Caramel brulee cheesecake strawberries valentine's chocolate covered strawberries

Covering strawberries with Caramel Brulee cheesecake creates a fantastic dessert for Valentine’s Day. When hosting a party, use these strawberries to decorate tables or make place settings for your guests. Serve them alone or part as a more elaborate spread. This recipe belongs to The Gunny Sack and uses strawberries, superfine or granulated sugar, cream cheese, caramel topping, powdered sugar, vanilla, and whipped cream. It takes only 30 minutes of your time. Get the instructions from The Gunny Sack.

3. Salted caramel-covered strawberries

Salted caramel covered strawberries valentine's day strawberries

Strawberries dipped in salted caramel would be a definite crowd-pleaser for Valentine’s Day, especially for an elegant party. This delightful treat combines the sweet flavor of caramel with the acidic yet slightly sweet taste of strawberries, creating an exploding flavor in your mouth. The recipe belongs to Steamy Kitchen and asks for strawberries, whipping cream, caramel, mixed nuts, and sea salt. You need only 4 minutes to prepare 10 strawberries, making it an excellent last-minute recipe. Check out the complete steps at Steamy Kitchen.

4. Strawberries dipped in peanut butter

Strawberries dipped in peanut butter valentine strawberries

Strawberries dipped in peanut butter make an outstanding combination of two classic snacks for Valentine’s Day. When the two flavors work together, they create a savory and sweet delight that is hard to resist. This recipe comes from Wishes and Dishes and asks for Wilton Peanut Butter Candy Melts, fresh strawberries, and sprinkles. You should be able to complete this dessert in under 5 minutes. Go to Wishes and Dishes for the step-by-step instructions.

5. Chocolate-covered strawberry pops

Chocolate covered strawberry pops chocolate dipped strawberries recipe

Chocolate-covered strawberry pops are a decadent and delicious treat that satisfies any sweet tooth for Valentine’s Day. These luscious treats consist of juicy, ripe strawberries covered in creamy, rich chocolate. The recipe belongs to Chocolate Chocolate and More and requires strawberries, lollipop sticks, and dark and milk chocolate. To make 25 servings, you need 15 minutes for preparation and 5 minutes for cooking. Head over to Chocolate Chocolate and More for the cooking directions.

6. Chocolate-covered strawberries tuxedo-style

Tuxedo strawberries diy chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries tuxedo-style are a deliciously decadent treat for any special occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. The presentation of these sweet treats is truly unique and sure to impress your guests. This recipe comes from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe and asks for fresh strawberries, quality white chocolate, and milk semisweet or bittersweet chocolate. It’s all about your design skills, so check out the tutorial at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

7. Homemade strawberry marshmallows

Valentine's Day Strawberry and Marshmallow Treats

Homemade strawberry marshmallows are a fluffy, sweet confectionary treat for Valentine’s Day. Unlike store-bought marshmallows, these homemade ones are made with real strawberries, lending them an incredible flavor unlike any other. Their texture is slightly chewy but still soft and fluffy. The marshmallows have an inviting shade of pink and colorful sprinkles scattered throughout. To make the strawberry marshmallows, you need whole frozen strawberries, granulated sugar, cold water, unflavored gelatin, vanilla extract, salt, and powdered sugar. For the chocolate coating, use semi-sweet chocolate chips, vegetable shortening, and sprinkles for the topping. It takes 15 minutes of preparation and 15 minutes of cooking to prepare 20 marshmallows. Go to Fox and Briar for the complete step-by-step instructions.

8. Chocolate strawberry heart truffles

Chocolate Strawberry Recipe - Valentine's Day Truffles

These chocolate strawberry heart truffles are a luxurious dessert for Valentine’s Day, ideal for individual wrapping and gifting. They can be enjoyed on their own or used as decorations for cakes or cupcakes, added to parfaits, or mixed into homemade ice cream. This recipe belongs to Posh Little Designs and uses dark chocolate morsels, full-fat coconut milk, ground dried strawberries, and cocoa powder. Go to Posh Little Designs for the step-by-step instructions.

9. Strawberry chocolate truffles

Valentine's Day Strawberry Chocolate Truffles

Strawberry chocolate truffles are delightfully sweet and delicate morsels that will tantalize the taste buds of any chocoholic on Valentine’s Day. Each bite releases a delectable burst of sweet-tart strawberry flavor that complements the richness of the chocolate center. Their small size makes these strawberry chocolate truffles ideal for gifting or sharing with friends. This recipe comes from Sweet & Savoury by Shinee and asks for heavy cream or heavy whipping cream, semi-sweet chocolate, and strawberry-flavored M&M’s. Twenty servings take 15 minutes of preparation and 5 minutes of cooking. Go to Sweet & Savoury by Shinee for the complete step-by-step instructions.

10. Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting

Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting valentine's day chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting would make an absolute indulgence for Valentine’s Day. They are ideal for serving at an intimate party with close friends. This recipe comes from Lemons for Lulu and requires Devil’s Food Cake Mix, instant chocolate pudding mix, sour cream, vegetable oil, eggs, vanilla and strawberry extract, and warm water. For the buttercream frosting, you need softened butter, shortening, powdered sugar, salt, vanilla, finely chopped strawberries, and water. The recipe yields two dozen cupcakes and needs 30 minutes for preparation and 18 minutes for cooking. Get the full instructions at Lemons for Lulu.

11. Mini chocolate strawberry lava cakes

Valentine's Day Mini Chocolate Strawberry Lava Cakes

Mini chocolate strawberry lava cakes are bite-sized, irresistible Valentine’s Day treats that combine contrasting flavors and textures. When you bite into one of these heavenly lava cakes, you get a gooey mix of warm melted chocolate and sweet strawberry jam all at once. This recipe comes from My Sequined Life and asks for granulated sugar, unsalted butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips, all-purpose flour, confectioners’ sugar, instant espresso powder, eggs, vanilla extract, and strawberry preserves or jam. It yields 4 tiny cakes and takes 27 minutes to prepare and 14 minutes to cook. Check out My Sequined Life for the cooking instructions.

12. Slow-cooker strawberry soda cake

Slow cooker strawberry soda cake homemade chocolate covered strawberries

Slow-cooker strawberry soda cake is a delicious and moist dessert that takes just a few steps to make for Valentine’s Day. The key to this cake is using strawberry soda, which gives it a sweet and tangy flavor. This recipe comes from Taste of Home and asks for chocolate milk, butter, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and semisweet chocolate chips. For the topping, you need strawberry soda, regular and packed brown sugar, dark chocolate chips, seedless strawberry jam, molasses, whipped cream, and sliced fresh strawberries. To produce 8 servings, you need 30 minutes for preparation and 2 hours for cooking. Visit Taste of Home for the cooking directions.

13. Strawberry cinnamon cake

Strawberry Cinnamon Cake - Valentine's Chocolate Covered Strawberries

A strawberry cinnamon cake is an incredibly tantalizing and delicious treat for Valentine’s Day. The flavors come together to create a mouth-watering dessert that’s sure to please every palette. To bake the cake, you need all-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, ground cinnamon, granulated sugar, unsalted butter, eggs, sour cream, vanilla extract, and fresh strawberries. For the buttercream, use semi-sweet baking chocolate, heavy cream, granulated sugar, strawberry liqueur, and unsalted butter. Garnish the cake with fresh strawberries. A cake yields 10 servings and takes 45 minutes to prepare, 30 minutes to cook, and 25 minutes additional time. Check out The Cake Chica for the cooking directions.

14. Strawberry truffle cake

Valentine's Day Strawberry Truffle Cake

A strawberry truffle cake is a luxurious, rich and indulgent dessert that will satisfy even the most discerning palate on Valentine’s Day. This dessert offers incredible flavor and an impressive visual presentation, thanks to the melted white chocolate drizzle. This recipe belongs to Capturing Joy and uses Devil’s Food cake mix, vegetable oil, eggs, water, semi-sweet baking chocolate, whipping cream, butter, fresh strawberries, and white vanilla baking chips. It requires 20 minutes for preparation, 20 minutes for cooking, and 45 minutes for freezing. Go to Capturing Joy to get the instructions.

15. Strawberry chocolate ganache layer cake

Valentine's Day Strawberry Chocolate Ganache Layer Cake

A strawberry chocolate ganache layer cake is a delectable Valentine’s Day treat that combines the scrumptious flavors of chocolate and strawberries. It’s a showstopping dessert from A Savoury Treat that your guests won’t soon forget. To bake the cake, you need white sugar, all-purpose flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt, eggs, milk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, and water. For the cheesecake frosting, use unsalted butter, cream cheese, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and milk. As for the topping, use heavy cream, dark chocolate chips, and strawberries. A cake yields 16 servings and requires 40 minutes of preparation and 35 minutes of cooking. Check out A Savoury Feast for the full recipe instructions.

16. Chocolate strawberry tart

Valentine's Day Chocolate Strawberry Heart

This chocolate strawberry tart is an exquisite Valentine’s Day tart to enjoy warm or chilled, depending on your preferences. It’s a fantastic dessert option for any dinner party or family gathering, thanks to the smooth textures and intense flavors. The tart consists of a chocolate crust, chocolate ganache layer, and strawberry cream topping. To make the chocolate crust, you need chocolate cookies, sugar, and unsalted butter. For the chocolate ganache layer, use chocolate chips, heavy whipping cream, and sliced strawberries. For the strawberry cream topping, mix mascarpone cheese, heavy whipping cream, milk, sugar, and chopped and whole strawberries. This recipe yields 8-10 servings and takes 45 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook. Check out Desserts Required for the baking measurements and directions.

17. Strawberry chocolate meringue torte

Strawberry chocolate meringue torte

A strawberry chocolate meringue torte is a delightful and decadent Valentine’s Day treat. It pairs strawberries’ sweet and tart flavor with rich chocolate, all tucked into a light and airy meringue. The recipe belongs to Taste of Home and uses egg whites, sliced fresh strawberries, sugar, heavy whipping cream, confectioners’ sugar, vanilla extract, cream of tartar, salt, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. A torte yields 6 servings and takes 45 minutes to prepare, 70 minutes to bake, and more time to cool. Get the cooking measurements and directions from Taste of Home.

18. Chocolate-dipped strawberry chocolate chip cookies

Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

These chocolate-dipped strawberry chocolate chip cookies make the ultimate Valentine’s Day snack for anyone with a sweet tooth. They are ideal for busy weeknights when you want something tasty without having to spend hours in the kitchen baking. This recipe comes from Bakerita and calls for unsalted butter, light brown sugar, white sugar, egg, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, baking soda, salt, freeze-dried strawberries, dark chocolate, and chocolate melting wafers to dip and drizzle. Eighteen cookies take 30 minutes to prepare and 12 minutes to cook. Go to Bakerita to get the step-by-step instructions.

19. White chocolate chip strawberry cookies

White chocolate chip strawberry cookies

White chocolate chip strawberry cookies are a delicious combination of sweet, tangy, and indulgent flavors, ideal for Valentine’s Day. This recipe belongs to The Cookie Rookie and asks for Strawberry Cake Mix, baking powder, eggs, vegetable oil, pure vanilla extract, and white chocolate chips. Two dozen cookies take 10 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of cooking. The texture of these cookies is soft and chewy, as the fresh strawberries blend effortlessly into the cookie dough. Every cookie is also generously packed full of chunky white chocolate chips, giving them an extra burst of sweetness that will make you swoon. Serve these cookies warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the ultimate indulgence, or enjoy them plain with a cup of coffee or tea. Head over to The Cookie Rookie for the complete step-by-step instructions.

20. Chocolate-covered strawberry macaroons

Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Strawberry Macaroons

These chocolate-covered strawberry macaroons are sure to delight your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. When presented right out of the oven, these light desserts offer an inviting aroma that captivates your senses and makes you want to indulge right away. Their bright pink color is in tune with the romantic holiday, so the macaroons will look beautiful on a serving platter or plate. The recipe belongs to The Kitchen McCabe and uses shredded coconut, vanilla extract or paste, sea salt, coconut oil, almond flour, maple syrup, freeze-dried strawberries, and dark chocolate chips. Go to The Kitchen McCabe for the full details.

21. Caramel cinnamon strawberry crescents

Caramel cinnamon strawberry crescents valentine strawberries

Preparing caramel cinnamon strawberry crescents is a fantastic dessert idea for Valentine’s Day. These tasty pastries are a perfect treat to bake for you and your loved ones. The golden-brown color of the crust contrasts beautifully with the bright red hue of the fruit. This recipe belongs to Pillsbury and uses frozen strawberries, caramel sauce, ground cinnamon, powdered sugar, and crescent rolls. You shouldn’t need more than 20 minutes for preparation and 15 minutes for cooking to create 8 servings. Check out the directions at Pillsbury.

22. Chocolate-covered strawberry cobbler

Chocolate covered strawberry cobbler chocolate strawberries recipe

Chocolate-covered strawberry cobbler is a decadent and indulgent dessert that will tantalize your taste buds on Valentine’s Day. It features the perfect combination of sweet strawberries and rich, velvety chocolate. This recipe comes from Taste of Home and requires butter, self-rising flour, sugar, 2% milk, vanilla extract, baking cocoa, fresh strawberries, boiling water, and whipped cream. To produce 12 servings, you need 15 minutes for preparation and 35 minutes for baking. Go to Taste of Home for the step-by-step instructions.

23. White chocolate strawberry cheesecake

White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake - Valentine's Day Ideas

White chocolate strawberry cheesecake is an indulgent and luxurious dessert for Valentine’s Day. The visual appeal of this heavenly dessert is noteworthy; the creamy texture of the cheesecake filling contrasted by the bright red strawberries gives it an eye-catching presentation that will leave you wanting more. To make the crust, you need chocolate chip cookie crumbs, white sugar, and unsalted butter. For the topping, use frozen strawberries, water, white sugar, and cornstarch. As for the filling, use white chocolate chips, half and half, cream cheese, white sugar, vanilla extract, and eggs. This recipe requires 30 minutes for preparation, 1 hour for cooking, and 8 hours for resting. Check out Dishing Delish for the cooking directions. 

24. Chocolate and strawberry Swiss roll

Chocolate and Strawberry Swiss Roll - Valentine's Day Strawberry Recipe

A chocolate and strawberry Swiss roll is an incredibly delicious and classic dessert for Valentine’s Day. It’s a crowd-pleaser and aesthetically pleasing due to its bright colors from the contrasting layers of a red strawberry jam against the creamy white frosting or glaze. Moreover, because it doesn’t contain dairy or eggs, this cake is suitable for lactose intolerant or vegans. This recipe comes from PicNic and requires eggs, caster sugar, self-raising flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, vanilla extract, strawberry jam, whipped cream, and sliced strawberries. For the topping, it uses icing sugar and chocolate shavings. Check out PicNic for the cooking directions.

25. Oreo strawberry pies

Individual frozen oreo strawberry pies

Oreo strawberry pies are a sweet, creamy, and mouth-watering dessert for Valentine’s Day. The pies are visually stunning and provide indulgent layers of fruity sweetness paired with the crunchy texture of Oreos. This recipe belongs to The Crafting Nook and uses crushed Oreos, butter, cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, whipped topping or whipped heavy cream, and pureed strawberries. It yields 18 servings and requires 20 minutes for preparation and 4 hours for sitting. Visit The Crafting Nook to learn the recipe instructions.

26. M&M’s strawberry ice cream sandwiches

Valentine's Day M&M's Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

These M&M’s strawberry ice cream sandwiches are a truly special treat for Valentine’s Day, thanks to the rich-tasting cream, the tartness of strawberries, and the sweetness of M&M’s. Every bite is bursting with flavor that will keep your taste buds dancing. This recipe comes from The Craft Patch and uses white sugar, brown sugar, margarine, eggs, vanilla, flour, baking soda, salt, and strawberry M&M’s. Check out The Craft Patch for the complete step-by-step instructions.

27. Strawberry brownies with chocolate frosting

Chocolate covered strawberry brownies

Strawberry brownies with chocolate frosting are a scrumptious Valentine’s Day dessert that combines two classic flavors into one irresistible treat. The rich cocoa of the brownie is offset with the sweet tang of fresh strawberries, while a decadent chocolate frosting adds an extra layer of sweetness and texture to the experience. The combination creates a moist and fudge-like texture that melts in the mouth, while the burst of flavor from the berries brings an added dimension to every bite. This recipe comes from Bakerita and uses only gluten-free ingredients. To bake the brownies, you need coconut oil, coconut sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, sea salt, vanilla extract, eggs, blanched almond flour, and dark chocolate chunks. For the chocolate topping, use fresh strawberries, coconut oil, cocoa powder, and maple syrup. To create 16 brownies, you need 15 minutes for preparation and 25 minutes for cooking. Check out Bakerita for the complete instructions.

28. Strawberry chocolate brownie trifle

Strawberry chocolate brownie trifle

Strawberry chocolate brownie trifle is a decadent, indulgent Valentine’s Day dessert that combines brownies’ rich, fudgy flavors with the fresh sweetness of strawberries. To make the brownies, you need Fudgy Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Pastry Cream, Kahlua or milk, fresh strawberries, and icing sugar. Use chilled whipping cream or cool whip, sugar, and vanilla extract to prepare the whipped cream. When served, this dessert always looks lovely, thanks to the alternating layers of chocolate brownies, chocolate pastry cream, chopped strawberries, icing sugar, and whipped cream. Get the cooking directions from The Flavor Bender.

29. Chocolate strawberry pudding

Chocolate strawberry pudding

A chocolate strawberry pudding for Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to express your love to your special someone. The pudding has a silky and smooth texture that melts in your mouth as it’s enjoyed. This recipe comes from A Mummy Too and uses bittersweet dark chocolate, slightly salted butter, strawberry yogurt, eggs, white caster sugar, all-purpose flour, baking powder, and strawberries. Six puddings require 15 minutes of preparation and 8 minutes of cooking. This velvety treat is often served cold but can also be heated for a warm, comforting experience. Visit A Mummy Too for the cooking directions.

30. Chocolate-dipped strawberry meringue roses

Chocolate dipped strawberry meringue roses

Chocolate-dipped strawberry meringue roses are an exquisite treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth on Valentine’s Day. These delicate creations consist of light, fluffy meringues with a crispy layer on the outside and a soft marshmallowy center. The meringue is then dipped in a creamy, melted chocolate coating, giving it an extra layer of indulgence. This recipe comes from Taste of Home and uses egg whites, sugar, freeze-dried strawberries, strawberry gelatin, vanilla extract, and bittersweet chocolate baking chips. It takes 25 minutes of preparation, 40 minutes of cooking, and extra time for cooling to prepare two dozen meringue roses. Go to Taste of Home for more info.


Discover more useful information about chocolate-covered strawberries.

What do chocolate-covered strawberries symbolize?

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a classic symbol of romance, indulgence, sweetness, and luxury. Eating these juicy treats can represent pleasure or the intimate bond between two people.

Which chocolate is best to melt for strawberries?

Dark or semi-sweet chocolate is best for melting and dipping strawberries. These types of chocolate have a higher cocoa content than milk or white chocolates, which allows them to melt more easily and hold their shape when drizzled over strawberries. Pick a chocolate with a high cocoa content of at least 70% cocoa solids. Use a bittersweet or extra-dark variety with 85% or more cocoa content for a truly decadent treat.

Why are strawberries popular for Valentine’s Day?

Strawberries are red, sweet, and have the iconic heart shape that many associates with Valentine’s Day. Additionally, this fruit holds interesting folkloric traditions associated with love and passion. In medieval times, it was believed that two lovers sharing the same strawberry would remain together forever or at least have an undying bond of love and friendship. 

Should strawberries be cold before dipping in chocolate?

Yes, it’s best to dip cold strawberries in chocolate since there are many advantages. For example, the cool temperature helps the chocolate harden and set quickly, resulting in better-looking treats. Additionally, chilled strawberries will keep the juices from running into the chocolate mixture and causing it to become diluted.

Should strawberries be dry before dipping in chocolate?

Yes, it’s essential to ensure that strawberries are dry before dipping them in chocolate. Damp or moist strawberries can cause the chocolate to become thinned out and watered down, resulting in less flavor and poor texture. In some cases, the moisture may cause condensation on the outer part of the chocolate, making it melt prematurely.


In conclusion, chocolate-covered strawberries are a timeless Valentine’s Day treat. Not only do they look beautiful and elegant, but they are also surprisingly easy to make at home. The possibilities for these homemade treats are endless, from simple strawberries dipped in chocolate to mini lava cakes, tarts, macaroons, Swiss rolls, cobbler, pies, and ice cream sandwiches. Check out more ideas for Valentine’s Day desserts.

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