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DIY Felt Succulent Will Live Forever

I have always loved plants. When I was growing up, my mom would fill our house with plants and fragrant flowers. There is something about the way live plants make a house feel. The environment seems much more cheery and alive with potted plants. Lately, I’ve been holding back on buying more plants since I tend to kill them. I don’t know what it is about me, but I have a hard time keeping plants alive. A short time after getting a new plant, it shrivels up and dies and I end up tossing it in the garbage. No matter how hard I try to keep my plants alive I always seem to fail. I figured it was time to find an alternative to living plants. So, I decided to create a felt succulent plant that will last forever!

Diy felt succulent will live forever

I love the look of succulents so I figured this would be the perfect plant to create, but in felt form. Using felt really makes the succulent look lifelike, except, this plant requires no maintenance to keep alive. Felt succulents are perfect for me and my plant killing lifestyle. They’re also super easy to make and would also make a great gift idea for someone who also has a hard time keeping plants alive!

Diy felt succulent will live forever design

Here’s How to Create Your Own Felt Succulent:

Step one: Use a scratch piece of paper to draw leaves in four different sizes.

Diy felt succulent will live forever stencil

Step 2: Cut out your templates and lay them on top of your felt. Cut out your leaves. You’ll want to cut four leaves for each size.

Diy felt succulent will live forever cut template

Step 3:  Add glue to the bottom of one leaf and then attach another leaf on top. You’ll want to create a cluster of four leaves. Repeat this with your other cut leaves.

Diy felt succulent will live forever add glue

Step 4:Add a dab of hot glue toward the bottom of each leaf and pinch both sides together. This will create dimension. You’ll repeat this will all of your succulent clusters.

Diy felt succulent will live forever flower

Diy felt succulent will live forever green flowers

Step 5: Add glue to the center of your largest cluster and glue the next size on top. As you add your clusters, rotate them to create staggered leaves for your felt succulent.

Diy felt succulent will live forever cluster

After you’ve created your felt succulent, take a small jar and add rocks to the bottom.  Top it off with your succulent.  You’ll be left with a plant that looks real, but you never have to water and won’t die.  This DIY felt succulent really is the best plant!

Diy felt succulent will live forever display

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