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Super Fun DIY Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

We know Halloween isn’t for a few weeks still, but we’re the kind of parents who simply adore making DIY costumes for our kids. Honestly, we might even get more excited about how they look in the finished product than they do! That’s why we always scouring the Internet for ideas nice and early, giving ourselves all kinds of time to finish something really great.

Are you feeling just as interested as we are in the idea making your kids a DIY Halloween costume you can be really proud of? Check out these 15 fantastic ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance!

1. DIY tropical fish costume

Diy tropical fish costume

Are you the kind of sewing enthusiast who, despite being slightly new at the whole garment making thing, has a lot of patience and is willing to invest a lot of time into whatever you’re making? Well, this adorable tropical fish costume that makes a perfect Halloween outfit for kids doesn’t actually take that long, but layering the scales just right certainly isn’t something we’d rush through, since the look is so worth it in the end! Find out how it’s done in more detail on The Sweet Seattle Life.

2. Easy Peter Pan costume

Easy peter pan costume

Are you feeling pretty intent on making your child’s Halloween costume yourself but you’re also in a slight hurry because the party they’re attending is earlier than the real day, so you’re looking for something really easy? In that case, we think you might appreciate the way Babble created this adorable Peter Pan outfit from easy clothing pieces that only needed a little bit of customization!

3. Easy last minute fox costume

Easy last minute fox costume

Have we really caught your attention with this whole concept of making something very easy and last minute using clothing as a base because you really are new to this whole costume making thing but your child was Peter Pan for halloween last year? Well, if your little ones are animals like ours, then we think you might have better luck with something like this adorable little fox costume outlined step by step on Design Dazzle!

4. Watercolour paint tray

Watercolour paint tray

Like you, do your kids absolutely love crafting and doing DIY projects any time they possibly can? Then we think you just might be the perfect people to try out this adorable watercolour paint tray costume outlined step by step on DIY Network! Besides being quite simple to do, it’s simply the perfect costume for any budding little artist.