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Fun Ways to Get Creative with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to spice up any room. The variety of colours, patterns and textures is practically unlimited! It’s a jazzier alternative to painting and it skips that unfortunate “freshly painted house” smell that lingers for weeks.

For very creative people, however, wallpaper is an even more versatile tool. With a little DIY work, the number of projects that you can create using wallpaper is practically endless.

Check out these creative project ideas that prove that wallpaper is for more than just the walls!



Pasting wallpaper in a bright colour or an eye-catching pattern on the back panel of your old bookcase will transform it into a whole new piece of furniture. Choose a wallpaper that matches your current decor, something that contrasts it interestingly, or something you like so much that you just might switch up the rest of the room to suit it!(Photo source: DIY on the Cheap)

Closet Doors

Wallpaper Closet Door

Did you fall in love with a wallpaper that really makes a statement, but just too loud of a statement for the walls of your room? Try pasting it on the closet doors instead! The paper will still be bold and visible, but you’ll feel less overwhelmed when you enter the room.(Photo source: House Beautiful)



You can still get creative with wallpaper even if you are using it on the walls! In rooms with unique architectural angles, pasting the same uniform pattern on both the walls and the ceiling ties the room together so it looks less sectioned.(Photo source: My Home Ideas)


Wallpaper headboard