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25 Awesome Rooms With Colorful Wallpaper

We know, wallpaper can be daunting… but it can make such an amazing statement in a room. And nowadays, with self-adhesive varieties and even removable ones, it has become much more approachable. So today we’re sharing 25 of our favorite rooms with bright, colorful wallpaper. Read on to get inspired!

1. Floral Yellow Entryway

Bold yellow floral wallpaper

This bold entryway is filled with a happy yellow wallpaper with pink and white flowers. The cheery color is an inviting choice for the first walls that guests see as they walk in the door. Head over to Historias De Casa to see this and other colorful wallpaper ideas.

2. Leafy Green Bedroom

Green wallpaper bedroom leaves

There’s nothing subtle about this unique bedroom, with its incredibly bold leaf motif covering the walls. The different shades of green are accented by small bits of taupe and gold for contrast. Make your way over to Alyssa Rosenheck’s site to see the rest of the room.

3. Red Zebra Bathroom

Red zebra wallpaper bathroom

Despite the small size of this bathroom, the owner decided to to paper the walls with a bright red zebra printed wallpaper. The jumping zebras give the space a lot of great movement, making you forget all about any lack of space. Found over at Historias De Casa.

4. A Wallpapered Closet

Floral green and pink wallpaper closet

A closet can be a wonderful place to try wallpaper for the first time, thanks to its no-risk location and smaller square footage. Here, bright pink flowers cover a pretty mint green background. Make your way over to The Sweetest Digs to learn more about it.

5. Bird Wallpaper

Avian bird wallpaper