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25 Easy DIY Scarf Tutorials

It’s hard to believe that it’s scarf season again… it seems like we just finished putting them away for the summer, doesn’t it?! If you need to freshen up your scarf collection this fall, try a few of these simple DIY projects – we have a wide variety of tutorials using many different techniques for all skill levels. Keep reading to check out 25 of our very favorites.

1. Leather Accented Plaid Scarf

leather buffalo plaid flannel scarf

This gorgeous black and white buffalo plaid flannel scarf is a cozy way to look super stylish this fall. It is accented with a leather strip at each end to hold the snaps which keep it fastened. Head over to The Daily Seam to find out how to make your own uber-stylish buffalo plaid and leather accented scarf.

2. Fleece and Fringe Scarf

fleece and fringe scarf

Here we have a fresh new take on the color blocking theme that still seems to be going strong. This scarf is incredibly easy to make – all it requires is some gray fleece and neon yarn which you will use to create fringe on each end. Make your way over to It’s Always Autumn to find out how to make this unique fleece and fringe scarf.

3. Chunky Arm Knit Scarf

button arm knit scarf

This scarf is made out of yarn, but it’s not knit in a traditional way… it’s created using your arm! This is what gives it the chunky, loose-knit feel. And then traditional knitting needles are used to make the small button detail on the side. Check out the surprisingly easy instructions over at Simply Maggie.

4. DIY Plaid Blanket Scarf

plaid blanket scarf diy

Plaid blanket scarves are on trend this fall, but they can be super expensive. So why not make your own? There’s no reason not to, once you find out how easy it is! All you’ll need is a large piece of plaid fabric and scissors. Head over to the Mom Advice blog to find out how to make your own blanket scarf.

5. Infinity Scarf

infinity scarf

This infinity scarf pattern is unbelievably easy… it could probably be completed in under an hour. And it can be recreated using different types of fabric – light gauze is perfect for the summer, while heavy flannel is great for the fall and winter. Find out how to make one yourself using this tutorial from Shrimp Salad Circus.

6. DIY Pom Pom Scarf

pom pom scarf

Pom poms add a lovely whimsical touch to any outfit, especially when you use a bright color such as lemon yellow. This scarf could have a sophisticated feel, too if you use a more refined color palette. Find out how to make this fun piece over at the lovely Purl Soho blog.

7. Twisted Infinity Cowl

infinity chunky diy scarf

This is a chunky knit infinity scarf with a twist – literally. Made with very thick yarn and knit into a cowl shape, it is then twisted so that the front overlaps in a unique way. Make your way over to Knit 1 LA to find out how to make this fun cowl style scarf… and to check out a few other patterns too.

8. Braided T-Shirt Scarf

shirt scarf diy

This modern no-sew piece can be made out of a couple of old t-shirts (or jersey fabric), and consists of a variety of twisted and braided pieces all combined together to make a fun, layered scarf. It could have many different looks depending on the color combination you choose. Find out how to make one at DIY Ready.

9. Lace Infinity Scarf

lace and color block scarf

Here we have an infinity scarf that is made out of jersey knit fabric and lace to create a fancy-looking scarf that would be the perfect accessory for a date night or a night out on the town. Try black lace for a darker, more dramatic feel. Check out the full tutorial over at Mary’s Crafts and Quilts.

10. Crocheted Infinity Scarf

button detail crochet scarf

This chunky scarf has a lovely texture, thanks to the unique crochet pattern that is used. And sweet little button details grace the side, setting it apart from other crocheted infinity scarves. Head over to Flamingo Toes to check out the pattern and to find out how to attach the buttons.

11. Gold Studded Scarf

gold studded scarf

This edgy little scarf teeters on the verge being a statement necklace… but not quite. It would add some interest to any basic outfit that needs a bit of dressing up. And all it requires are a few studs and some jersey knit fabric. Find out how to make one over at Maria’s blog called Just Do It.

12. Indigo Dyed Scarf

indigo dyed scarf

Indigo dye is another trend that has been popping up quite a bit recently.  Here, we have a beautiful grid-like pattern on a gauzy white scarf with slightly frayed ends for an un-fussy feel. Find out how to dye fabric with indigo and create this look on a scarf over at Alice and Lois.

13.  Jersey Fringe Scarf

10 minute fringe scarf

This fringe scarf is super unique, and so easy to make! All you’ll need is a piece of jersey knit fabric (which tends to curl up at the ends of thin strips, as you can see above) and a pair of scissors. And it will purportedly take only ten minutes to complete! Check out the full tutorial over at The Thinking Closet blog.

14. Easy DIY Loom Scarf

loom scarf

Although this looks like it might have been crocheted, it was actually made using a small rectangular loom (available at most craft stores and online). The process is extremely easy, and won’t take long to create. Head over to Slap Dash Mom to find out how to use the loom to make one of these gorgeous scarves.

15. No-Knit Yarn Scarf

no knit scarf

This funky scarf is certainly a conversation-starter… it’s not everyday that you see a full skein of yarn, un-knit, as a scarf. But there’s something that’s very chic about the texture combined with the black leather accents. Find out how to make one of these beauties over at Honestly WTF.

16. Leopard Print Faux Fur Scarf

faux fur scarf diy

This spotted little leopard number requires a bit of hand sewing, but no sewing machine… so pretty much anyone could do it. And it’s incredibly easy to make. All you’ll need is some faux fur from the fabric store and a needle and thread. Head over to Love Maegan to find out how to make one yourself.

17. Reversible Neck Warmer

reversible plaid cowl scarf

This neck warmer is reversible, so you can use two completely different types of fleece and have two looks in one piece. This would be great to make for a ski trip… you’d have two looks which will take up half the space that they normally would in your suitcase! Get the tutorial over at Madigan Made.

18. One Skein Cowl Neck Scarf

one skein cowl diy scarf

This beautiful knit scarf is made with only one skein of yarn, and shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to make! The lovely texture comes from the seed stitch, and its round shape is achieved using a circular knitting needle. Check out the instructions by Knit and Bake right here.

19. Easy Convertible Nursing Cover Scarf

easy infinity nursing cover scarf

This lovely striped nursing cover is great for busy moms, because it doubles as a scarf! It looks cute both ways, and it won’t take up extra space in your diaper bag. And it’s incredibly easy to make, too… all you’ll need is a piece of jersey fabric and a sewing machine! Make your way over to She Knows to find out how to make one.

20. DIY No-Sew Stamped Scarf

Printed stamped diy scarf

This beauty has the most unique pattern, achieved by stamping your own fabric. And you can even make your own stamp, if you’re feeling ambitious… it’s easier than it sounds! Head over here to find out how to transform a piece of white jersey fabric into a stunning patterned scarf.

21. Shirred Scarf

shirred scarf dit

This lovely piece has a very feminine, intricate look – but it’s really rather simple to make! The texture is created by sewing random squiggly lines on a piece of jersey knit fabric using elastic thread, so it crinkles up into what you see in the photo above. Find out exactly how to do it by heading over to Make It & Love It.

22. Upcycled Cable Knit Sweater Cowl

cable knit sweater cowl scarf

Do you have a pile of old sweaters that you’re planning to give away? Keep that brightly colored cable knit one and turn it into this adorable little cowl style scarf. Basically, you convert the bodice of the sweater into the cowl… check out the full tutorial over at Swoodson Says.

23. Folded Cowl With Buttons

upcycled sweater cowl with buttons

Here’s another scarf made with an old cable knit sweater, this time a lovely folded cowl that forms a point at the bottom. Two wooden buttons keep the cowl in place, and also add a beautiful visual accent. Find out how to turn a sweater into a cowl using this simple tutorial from Wonderwoman Creations.

24. Color Change Scarf

open weave color change scarf

This stunning open weave style scarf changes subtly from red to orange to pink and back again, creating a lovely ombré sort of effect. It looks almost as if it’s dyed, but it actually just uses a number of different yarn colors that are fairly similar in tone. Get the simple knitting tutorial from Purl SoHo.

25. Rib Knit Cowl

Ribbed cowl scarf

This last one will be super simple for anybody who already knows how to knit, and it’s also an approachable pattern for anyone who is just learning as well, since all you have to do is knit 2 stitches and then purl 2 stitches over and over again. Head over to the Lady By The Bay blog to find out the details.

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