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36 Delicious and Easy Mason Jar Desserts

Filling mason jars with healthy, lunchtime treats is one thing – salads and soups are a perfect way to fill these versatile pieces – but they also make great containers for sweets! Check out some of our favorite and most delicious mason jar desserts that are easy to make too!

1. Cheesecake


My Baking Addiction created a classic cheesecake, topped it with berries – but made it a mason jar! Check out the recipe after the jump and get creative with your garnishes!

2. Banana Coconut Cream Parfait


Again, if you hop over to My Baking Addiction you’ll find these delicious parfaits ready for making! And with these scrumptious treats, everyone will be taking one for the road.

3. Smore’s

smores in a jar

Who doesn’t love a smore? How Sweet It Is makes one that you can savor for more than just two or three bites, so make sure you check out the how-to … now!

4. Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Babble showcased this beautiful rainbow cake and we instantly fell in love. Vibrant shades, a sweet bite – it would be a great party favor, don’t you think? And don’t forget the sprinkles!

5. Pumpkin Pie

pie in a jar

The Nerd’s Wife has everything you need to make this pumpkin pie mouthful and fill it right into the jar. Make sure to pay attention how to top it all off with this beautiful crust, which some would argue in the best part of a piece of pie.

6. Strawberry Shortcake


Mommy Musings took a classic dessert and stuffed it in a jar to make it even more versatile and portable for our loved ones. The kids at school, work or as party favor – we love mason jar recipes for their ease!

7. Lemon Meringue Pie


If you’re looking for a sweet, tart bite look no further than this lemon pie recipe from It All Started With Paint. Not only is it a beautiful recipe – just look at those bright colors – but it’s perfect for serving up during springtime showers or celebrations.

8. Mud Pie


Do you love Oreos? If so, this is the one for you! The Lily Pad Cottage makes the most delicious and easy mud pie dessert, which includes hot fudge and these chocolatey, creamy cookies.

9. Sundaes


Dessert For Two shows off how easy it is to create some sundaes inside your jars! Any ice cream or topping of choice and these little beauties get the job done. They would be a great addition to sundae bars or as an interactive party idea.

10. No-Bake Key Lime Pie

no bake key lime pie in a jar

There are so many things right about this recipe from Million Moments. Not only is it key lime pie, popular among many, but it’s also a no-bake recipe making it incredibly easy for even novice kitchen-experimenters to try their hand at.

11. Rolo Brownie Trifle


Take a good look at this rolo trifle from Bakingdom! Complete with brownies and salted caramel drizzle, this is a treat everyone will want to explore.

12. Tropical Rum Trifles

tropical rum trifles

Completely Delicious gives us a bit fancier of a recipe but one that’s still pretty easy to recreate in the kitchen. And with this recipe comes learning about delicious and refreshing coconut cream!

13. Peach Crisp


Intimate Weddings shows off some adorably charming peach crisps in a jar. They act as a great favor for the celebration and add a bit of personality to the big day.

14. Peanut Butter Pie


Check out these no-bake peanut butter cups from Bake At Midnite! A classic flavor duo, peanut butter and chocolate, come together in this recipe to create savory, rich bites full of rich sweetness – and who wouldn’t want some of that?

15. Boston Cream Pie

boston cream pie in a jar

Cookies and Cups made this delicious dessert using all boxed ingredients – which is a great start when you’re just experimenting with different jarred desserts!

16. Salted Caramel Cheesecake

salted caramel cheesecake in a jar

Popsugar gives us this incredible recipe for a rich and enticing dessert. Salted caramel cheesecake will have so many friends and family wanting more when handed to them on dessert night.

17. Chocolate Pudding Pie

chocolate pudding pie in a jar

This Gal Cooks makes a chocolate pudding pie that the entire family will enjoy. It’s easy, it’s a fan-favorite and it fits perfectly inside a jar – of varying sizes – for ease and festivity!

18. Butterfinger Pie


Crumbs and Chaos made these butterfinger pies and we can only imagine how delicious they taste in real life. We imagine these cuties set out at Halloweentime – taking classic candies and turning them into so yummy desserts.

19. Eclairs

eclairs in a jar

How does making eclairs .. in a jar sound to you? Me And My Pink Mixer shows us how to make these little pastries without all the fuss and instead all the right tastes!

20. Neapolitan


Babble always has great inspiration and in this case, it’s no exception. No only is creating a Neapolitan cake a fun way to experiment in the kitchen but this jarred recipe take that creativity to the next level.

21. Tres Leches


Do we have any fans of tres leches cake? Check out the sweetness over at Dine & Dash where you can grab the recipe and inspiration how styling for those using them at homemade gift ideas!

22. Dreamsicle Cupcakes


Light and a bit fruity, these cupcakes will surely hit the spot come the spring months. They’re a bit more fun for the kiddos too! Take a peek over at Glorious Treats.

23. Peppermint Brownies


The Gunny Sack gives us a great idea for the holiday season. These peppermint brownies are a great treat throughout the winter months or a great idea for gift giving around the neighborhood.

24. Funfetti


Great for celebrations and just a whole lot of fun, Funfetti cake is so many people’s favorites just because it makes them happy! Learn how to make your own with Popsugar!

25. Nutella & Yellow Cake


This is a mix that will be a hit among the masses. Check out the recipe at Babble and learn how to create for your next sleepover, picnic or evening hang out.

26. Banana Bread

banana bread in a jar

These are perfect to use at gifts of any kind! Nellie Bellie makes this banana bread right inside a jar and makes it such a versatile item to DIY.

27. Dr Pepper Jar


We’ve all heard of coke cake, right? Well over at Growing Up Gabel you’ll be introduced to a sweet and moist Dr. Pepper cake that’s fun for the entire family to enjoy.

28. Creme Brulee


Personally, I love creme brulee and when it’s put inside a mini jar – I love it even more. Check out Cravings of a Lunatic to learn how to recreate this bite right at home – and style it to perfection!

29. Chocolate Mousse

Chocoalte-Mousse in a jar

Over at Southern Bite you’ll find a recipe for classic, chocolate mousse. Perfect for parties, family dinners or even some bridal showers as a nice topping to the day!

30. Lemon Berry Cheesecake


Here’s a cheesecake recipe that has a bit more of a unique spin. Made with lemon and blueberries, it’s quite the refreshing taste. Check it out at Tide & Thyme.

31. Tiramisu

Tiramisu in a jar

A personal favorite of the pack, The Shabby Creek Cottage is featuring a tiramisu recipe … that can fit in a jar! We love this ideas because they’re truly great for entertaining or putting a fun twist on a family dessert.

32. Chocolate Cream Pie


For something light but still very satisfying, take a look at this recipe from The Girl Inspired. It will work for a variety of events and you’ll want to eat the leftovers!

33. Flourless Chocolate Cake

flourless chocolate cake in a jar

For an extra rich and creamy bite, you’ll want to try out this flourless chocolate cake from My Baking Addiction. It’ll show you how to use jars as your foundation piece and serve up an awesome recipe.

34. No-Bake Grasshopper Pies


A Pretty Life in the Suburbs offers up an adorable and creative recipe for those that like a bit of minty flavors. Paired with chocolate and cream dollup, this is a great flavor when thinking of small, holiday treats.

35. Banana Foster Cheesecake

banana foster cheesecake jar

Here we have a recipe for bananas foster cheesecake … in a jar! The Cottage Market makes it easy to follow and quite inspirational. We love how this is a bit of a more unique recipe to try your hand at and get excited about.

36. Red Velvet Oreo Trifle


Life Love and Sugar combines two fan favorites and pairs them into one genius mason jar dessert. Red velvet and Oreos go seamlessly inside this bite for two!

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