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25 Fun and Inspirational DIYs for Scarf Lovers

Scarves can be worn all-year long in a variety of ways; around your neck, tied to a purse, as a headwrap, as a belt and so much more. But wouldn’t you be thrilled to know how to create some of your own to add to your existing collection? Instead of buying all the latest designs, create your own! Here are 25 fun and inspirational DIYs that we know scarf lovers are sure to enjoy!

1. Circle Scarf

DIY Circle Scarf

Start off strong with this tutorial on how to create your very own infinity scarf – with any pattern or fabric of your choice! {found on Yours Truly, G}

2. Metallic Scarf

DIY Metallic Scarf

We’re in love with this funky, geometric printed metallic scarf. It’s bold and will test your creativity too! {found on Yay Yes}

3. T-shirt Scarf

DIY TShirt Scark Necklace

Grab a t-shirt and create something funky that can work all year long. Wrapped, braided and more … there are so many ways to style it. {found on All Day Chic}

4. Lace Scarf

DIY Lace Scarf

This may be our favorite DIY of the bunch because of how delicate and fashionable the end result is. A scarf full of lace will always be a classic. {found on A Beautiful Mess}

5. Fox Scarf

DIY Fox Scarf