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33 Ways To Organize Your Gift Wrapping Essentials

From birthday paper to Christmas gift tags, it seems like there’s a gift to be wrapped all year long for a variety of reasons. And when you collect those necessities for creating the perfectly wrapped present, you can create a bit of a chaotic mess in your office, kitchen, playroom and the like. So today, we’re showing off 33 ways to organize your gift wrapping essentials and tidy things up a bit!

1. Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy Gift Wrapping

BHG gave us all such a clever idea for organizing bits and pieces of your gift wrapping essentials. Grab a shower caddy, hang it on the wall and tidy everything up a bit! It’s perfect for tags, pens, tape and scissors too.

2. Homemade Behind-the-Door

Behind the Door Organizer

Create your very own behind-the-door organizer by using bits and pieces from Ikea (or a similar spot). Brooklyn Limestone can walk you through their very own design!

3. Golden Rods


IHeart Organizing utilized her cabinets and made a spot for some golden rods that hold wrapping paper! They’ll be easy to grab and to see as to not forget what you have.

4. Black Wire

Black Wire Gift Bags Organization

Over at The Old Park Homestead you’ll see how to utilize some black closet wire for organization your tissue paper and gift bags! All you have to do is fold and go!

5. Dowels

Wrapping Paper Wall