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35 Halloween Costumes For Men: Costume Ideas to Try

Halloween is the holiday that everyone is waiting for during autumn just like everyone waits for Christmas during winter and this means that candy sales skyrocket, and so do Halloween costume sales.

Halloween costumes for men

Speaking of costumes, many people like to dress up as something different every year, and since Halloween costume trends go hand in hand with pop culture references, each year has its own favorite costume ideas, for both men and women.

Which Are the Best Men’s Halloween Costumes of 2021?

If you want to dress up as something truly original this Halloween, or if you want to gift that special man in your life a Halloween costume, but have no idea where to start, go ahead and continue reading the article below where we compiled a list of some of the most popular Halloween costume ideas for men that you can get in 2021.

Men’s Halloween Costumes That You Can Buy

If you’re running out of time or don’t have the materials or the inspiration required to make your own DIY costumes, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular costumes that are available to buy in 2021.

We chose the following costumes based on media trends (movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc), as well as how well-made the products seem, and how affordable they are.

1. Costume Ideas for Men – Squid Game Characters

Squid game costume
via Netflix

Squid Game is a South Korean TV drama that took the world by storm back in September 2021, and it topped several Netflix records in no time, and given how the show itself is filled with costumes that are very easy to recognize, it’s no wonder that a Squid Game costume is something that almost everyone wants.

Squid Game Mask

Squid game mask

Well, you can now go ahead and get your own Squid Game mask (Boss, Circle, Triangle, and Square), and the ones that are available online are all made of high-quality lightweight plastic.

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Squid Game Jumpsuit

Squid game costume

More so, you can also buy the pink jumpsuits that are available in both worker and Boss versions.

Those of you that choose to dress up as a Squid Game boss can then complete the entire costume with some black dress shoes, and a toy pistol, while those of you that want a Circle, Triangle, or Square costume can wear some regular black boots, and a toy machine gun.

The great thing about this costume idea is that the full-body suit is unisex, so both men and women can wear this costume, and several members of your group can even go ahead and wear the same costume since it also goes well for large groups (although for the sake of realism, we recommend that only one of you dress up as the Boss).

Besides the mask which is a bit harder to replicate at home (unless you’re very very good with cardboard or paper mache), you can easily come up with your own full-body suits (pink painting suits will do just fine), so don’t worry about having to spend too much money for the sake of authenticity.

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Squid Game Green Suit

Squid game green suit

However, let’s not forget that the workers and the Boss are the bad guys of the Squid Game, so if you feel like showing your love for the protagonists, you can go ahead and get the iconic green tracksuits that are available for all of the major characters, such as 001, 067, 212, 240 or 456’s tracksuits.

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2. Funny Men’s Halloween Costumes – Ted Lasso Suit

Ted lasso
via Apple+

People around the world love football (or soccer), so it’s no wonder that one of the hottest TV shows of the moment is one about an American college football coach who is hired to coach an English soccer team.

Well, the eponymous character Ted Lasso has a very iconic look, and there’s a high demand for men’s costumes that want to emulate this folksy and optimistic character.

The good news is that the market responded to the demand, and you have the chance to get your own Ted Lasso blue track jacket, as well as the blue sweatshirt.

Ted lasso costume

The costume itself is made from 100% high-quality wool, and it’s available in all sizes, from XXXS to XXXL, so you can even buy them for your boys.

It has 2 functional pockets, the stitching is of the highest quality, and it even comes with a vicious inner lining to keep you extra warm, making this costume also very functional, especially since October 31 isn’t exactly the warmest night of the year, especially at night.

The sweatshirt is also well made, and the V-neck collar and slim fit will really show off your body, especially if you’re into sports.

However, the track jacket and the sweatshirt are not the only things that make up the costume, as there other elements as well, such as Ted’s mustache, so you should consider letting yours grow as well, or at least wearing a fake one.

As for the pants, shoes, and accessories, you can go ahead and wear whatever pants and shoes a typical soccer dad would wear, like khakis and brown dress shoes, and a steel whistle can also help.

All in all, maybe not everyone will recognize this costume, but fans of the show or sports in general definitely will, so go ahead and express your inner Ted.

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3. Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men – Geralt of Rivia [The Witcher]

The witcher
via Netflix

The Witcher started off as a book series in ‘90’s Poland, but thanks to the videogame series and the Netflix TV shows, it has become one of the most popular fantasy IPs of the moment, some even arguing that it has even outdone in one season what Game of Thrones tried in 8.

Well, the most recognizable character of the entire show is Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf, and only is he one of the most popular costume ideas for men, the character also falls under the category of sexy Halloween costumes for men as well.

In order to attain that Geralt looks, you’ll need several items: the long white hair, some form of leather armor, a sword, and the iconic pendant from the School of the Wolf.

Witcher Wig

Witcher wig

As far as the hair is concerned, unless you already happen to have long snow-white hair, you’ll either have to bleach it, or wear a wig, but for safety concerns, we actually advise you against bleaching since that can be very damaging for your natural hair.

As such, you should try getting a white-haired wig instead that’s already styled in the same fashion as Geralt’s hairdo, and the great about it is that you can use it in other costumes where you need long white hair, such as a World of Warcraft Lich King cosplay.

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Witcher Armor

Witcher costume

The next piece of your costume ( and probably the easiest to see from afar) is Geralt’s leather battle armor, and while an actual leather armor would cost you an arm and a leg, there are Halloween costume alternatives to the Witcher armor that are actually very affordable.

This includes the waistcoat, pants, shoulder pads, armor straps, and bracers, gloves, and belt, and they are all made with cloth, Lycra, PU, faux leather, and even genuine leather.

As an added bonus, the costume also comes with a metal pendant just like the one Geralt wears on the TV show, as well as a chain.

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Witcher Sword

Witcher sword

For the shoes, you can go ahead and wear any knee-high boot you want, as long as they are black and not too flashy, even those you would use on a typical medieval or a pirate costume.

Lastly, you’ll want to have a medieval two-handed sword, and while there are plenty of models to be bought online, you’ll want one that looks as much as the one on the show, so try to avoid decorative swords that have curved blades, serrations, or anything else of the sorts.

With this costume, you’ll be very recognizable, and while you won’t have any coins tossed at you, you’ll definitely get some candy if you go out trick-or-treating dressed up as Geralt.

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4. Halloween Costumes for Guys – Cobra Kai Outfit

Cobra kai costume
via Netflix

If you grew during the ‘80s and ‘90s, then your Saturday mornings were filled with watching cartoons that featured over-the-top martial arts, the pinnacle of which was the Karate Kid film series.

Well, for those of you that haven’t found out yet, the franchise is back stronger than ever before, and the 4th season is already in production, but this time the focus shifted from Daniel’s character to the Cobra Kai.

Back when the Karate Kid was the hottest thing in cinema, every boy and man wanted to dress up in Daniel’s white costume, but we all know that deep down inside, everyone thought that the black Cobra Kai costumes were way cooler.

Cobra kai costume

Well, you don’t have to feel bad about dressing as the bag guy anymore, and you can go ahead and order your very own Cobra Kai kimono to wear this Halloween.

The costume consists of a black headband, a sleeveless v-neck top with a detachable obi belt, yellow details, and the Cobra Kai logo on the front and back, together with matching pants that stay in place via an elastic waistband.

The great thing about this costume idea is that there’s nothing else that you need to add in order to complete the Cobra Kai outfit, not even shoes or any type of makeup or body paint, so this is one of the easier Halloween costumes for guys to try out in 2021.

The only real drawback of this costume that we have to mention is that it doesn’t keep you warm at all, so unless you’re inside at a Halloween party, we don’t recommend that you wear it outside while trick-or-treating, unless you want to catch your death of cold.

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5. Scary Halloween Costumes for Men – Money Heist

Money heist

Money Heist is one of those shows that make you question your morality with regards to whether or not robbing a bank is actually ok, and that is precisely why it’s one of the most binge-worthy TV shows of all time.

Well, since 2021 is also the year in which it has finally reached its conclusion, the popularity for the franchise is higher than ever before, and while the idea itself may not be one of those scary Halloween costumes for men, they are definitely one of the most recognizable.

Thankfully enough, the Internet has answered popular demand, and you can go ahead and buy your very own Money Heist costume, complete with both a Salvador Dali mask and a red jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit is made from 100% polyester, and it comes with a zipper closure, so when you’re wearing it we recommend that you be careful not to catch anything in it or it may break.

Casa de papel costume

However, the material is pretty thin so, if you plan on going out trick-or-treating with it, try to wear something cozy underneath to keep you warm, since October 31st at night can get really cold, no matter in what region you are.

As for the mask itself, it’s very well made and it’s made from a rubbery material, so you don’t have to worry about it being too rigid for your face.

The great thing about this costume is that it can be worn by both men and women and that it’s available in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, so pretty much anyone can go ahead and dress in it.

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Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas

The following 20 entries are the hottest men’s Halloween costume ideas this year, so if you like being trendy, check out these entries and make your pick, since they’re all solid Halloween costume choices.

Keep in mind that the entries are not ranked, so one costume idea is not necessarily better than another and that we chose them based on their popularity, and how easy they would be to replicate if you were to make your own DIY Halloween costume at home.

6. DIY Men’s Halloween Costumes – Pirate

Diy men’s halloween costumes pirate

Pirates have always been one of those go-to DIY men’s Halloween costumes, and those of you that have watched Pirates of the Caribbean can agree that the trend has only become more and more popular.

One of the reasons why a pirate costume is so popular is that it’s very easy to recognize, and those of you that don’t feel like spending and unnecessary money on an actual costume can easily put one together at home using household items.

For example, you can easily go with a buttoned-down dress shirt or even a blouse with some horizontal lines, and for the pants try to wear something that is as simple as possible (avoid jeans).

An eye patch is easy to craft at home, and you can easily wear a regular kerchief and wrap it around the head to make it look like a pirate’s bandana.

As for the shoes, try to look for some knee-high leather or faux-leather boots (but avoid the ones that have obvious cowboy motifs), and you can finally finish off the entire pirate outfit with a toy saber, a toy flintlock pistol, and a toy or stuffed parrot that you can wear on your shoulder.

If you want to spend the night out trick-or-treating with the boys, one of the best things about this costume is that you and the entire gang can dress up as pirates, and one of you can even go ahead and dress up as a pirate captain if they want.

However, if you want to buy a pirate costume instead, know that these are pretty easy to find precisely because they are so popular and that they are quite affordable too.

7. Easy Halloween Costumes for Men – Unicorn Mask

Easy halloween costumes for men  unicorn mask

Something happened a few years ago that made this particular unicorn mask, as well as a very similar-looking horse mask, become very popular, to the point where there are even a few memes dedicated to them, and the trend seems to continue to this day.

As you can see, the costume consists only of this rubber unicorn mask, and the only real thing you need to worry about is where the eye holes are because the mask itself already looks crazy enough without you bumping into people since you’re blind as a bat.

The mask is very easy to recognize, and it’s one of those costume ideas that exist just for the sake of existing since there’s no actual backstory attached to it.

Besides, what makes this idea one of those really easy Halloween costumes for men is that you literally don’t have to wear anything specific together with it, so if you want to wear a fur coat, a 3-piece suit, your pajamas, or just a pair of boxers, they’ll all go just as well with the unicorn mask.

Lastly, if you have 2 other friends and you’d like to go trick-or-treating with them, you can have one of them wear the brown horse mask, while the other one can wear the full-body T-rex suit, another popular Halloween choice that has reached the rank of meme material.

All in all, if you’re out of time and are lacking any better idea, just go with the crazy unicorn, everyone knows it, everyone loves it, but for some reason, nobody seems to have it.

8. Funny Halloween Costumes for Guys – Zombies

Funny halloween costumes for guys zombies

Zombies have a special place in Halloween folklore alongside Vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, werewolves, mummies, and witches, since they’ve been a natural part of the costume roster for decades, yet they never seem to go out of fashion at all.

As such, a zombie costume is yet another idea that you should try, and the example above showcases that if you’re looking for funny Halloween costumes for guys, even a zombie outfit will do.

However, you’ll need to put a bit of work into your disguise, especially when it comes to makeup, body paint, and special effects, since you’ll have to mimic rotting bless, some bleeding, and maybe a few deep cuts or even broken bones.

The good part is that as far as clothes go, you can wear just about anything you want, just as long as it’s raggedy or even ripped apart here and there, and making some fake bloodstains is an added bonus.

On the other hand, you can go with the idea above and try out a more Dia de Muerto zombie design, and all you’ll need is an awesome black and white body paint, and traditional Mexican attire.

Besides, if you have a special someone with whom you’d like to go trick-or-treating, you can both go out as zombies, since nothing is cuter on Halloween than 2 zombies munching on the same bag of brain-shaped gummies

9. Best Halloween Costumes for Men – Cat Burglar

Best halloween costumes for men cat burglar

Some of the best Halloween costumes for men are also some of the simplest, and besides wearing a sheet on your head and calling yourself a ghost, there’s literally no costume idea that is easier to pull off than that of a cat burglar.

As you can see from the image above, all you really need is a black cat burglar mask, and a large sack in order to complete the costume, and since you’ll be carrying a bag with you anyway to store all that trick-or-treating candy, you now have the excuse to carry an extra-large sack.

However, if you really like getting into character, you could also try out a black and white shirt with horizontal lines, some black pants, black shoes, and a black beanie cap.

DIY costume enthusiasts usually go for this particular costume since pretty much everything listed above is something that they may already have, except maybe for the cat burglar mask which they have to make themselves, although the store-bought ones are admittedly very cheap.

Another advantage of this costume idea is that it’s also an excellent costume idea for couples since both you and your special someone can go ahead and dress as burglars, just as long as you don’t decide on becoming actual partners in crime and go robbing people of their Halloween candy.

10. Guy Costumes – Mummy

Guy costumes mummy

One costume idea that will never die, not even in 2021, is the iconic cursed mummy, especially since the costume itself is essentially you all wrapped up in bandages (or toilet paper if you’re really on a tight budget).

The great thing about guy costumes on Halloween is that even if they are poorly executed and aren’t spooky at all, they’ll at least be very very silly, and that’s enough for the wearer to feel like it’s a job well done.

Sure enough, trying to mimic the mummy costume above is fairly simple, and presuming that you’re wrapping yourself up, you should be done in about 10 minutes or less.

However, those of you that really want to get into the character can go ahead and ask for some help with the bandages so that they stick on your body in a way that it highlights your body’s pros, as well as having the bandages arranged in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

More so, you can even improvise a paper mache golden pharaoh mask and other fake golden decorations, maybe even fake weapons.

The only disadvantage to this costume is something that you’ve already probably seen in comedies and cartoons, namely that it can easily come apart, so we recommend that you fasten your mummy costume in key locations using either glue or safety pins, although we’re more partial to the safety pins si they’re easier to remove once you want to take the costume off.

Lastly, given how Halloween is on October 31st, there’s a high chance of rain, so try to see the weather forecast for the day before going out in the rain dressed in nothing but bandages.

11.Easy Costumes for Men – Sexy Devil

Easy costumes for men sexy devil

For many adults, Halloween is just an excuse to pose in sexy outfits without anyone judging us, and the men’s equivalent of the Harley Quinn outfit is probably the sexy devil disguise, especially if you’re a fan of the Lucifer TV series.

Just like the burglar costume, there’s nothing in particular that you need to wear in order to make the costume work, but if you’re really want to rock the 3-piece suit and not want to be mistaken for a Men in Black character, you’ll still need some devilish features, like some fake horns, a fake devil’s tail, or maybe even a small toy pitchfork.

However, if you really want to get into character, try to wear a suit that has black and red, or wear a completely black suit together with a blood-red shirt together with a matching tie.

If you do decide on going out on Halloween dressed as a devil, then you can go ahead and take your partner with you and dress them up as a sexy devil as well or, if you want to really get into character and showcase your love for each other, you could have them dress up like an innocent little angel.

All in all, a devil costume is something everyone tries at one point or another, and as far as easy costumes for men go, the sexy devil outfit can’t get any simpler than this.

12. Easy Costumes for Guys – Ghost

Easy costumes for guys ghost

We already talked about how when it comes to easy costumes for guys on Halloween, there’s literally nothing simpler for them to try than the iconic Halloween ghost made from nothing more than a large piece of white cloth.

Sure enough, you can make the design a bit more complex by drawing some big black eyes and maybe a spooky mouth, and you’ll also need to cut out some eye holes, otherwise, you’ll be walking blind.

You can also cut 2 extra larger holes for your arms to fit through, and you can even spray paint the sheet in glow-in-the-dark paint so that your costume will look extra spooky under the cover of night.

Another sweet would be to wear a Jack-o-Lantern mask over the white sheet or maybe even add some fake paper mache shackles on your wrists and ankles to imitate the whole haunting thing.

One advantage of this costume is that it’s not only easy to put together in its simplest form, but whatever materials you’ll need are probably already available for you in your house, since everyone has at least one white bed sheet that they don’t use anymore.

13. Easy Costume Ideas for Guys – Clowns

Easy costume ideas for guys clowns

Easy costume ideas for guys are hard to come by, but since guys are clowns at heart, what better way to showcase their sense of humor (however corny it may be) than by dressing them up as circus clowns?

Clown costumes have the advantage of being easily customizable since there’s no color scheme that you need to stick to, since all you really need are the flashiest and most colorful clothes that you have in your wardrobe, and once you’ve gathered them all, abandon any fashion sense you may believe that you have, and mix them up in the craziest way possible.

However, there are certain key features that you can’t overlook, such as the iconic clown makeup (for which you’ll most likely need some help applying), as well as the colorful wig which you can either buy from a costume store, or you can make one yourself using a cheerleader’s pom-poms.

Another great touch would be to have the iconic clown nose, but if you can find any of those squishy round ones that honk when you squeeze them, you can also make a fake cone nose out of cardboard, since those work as well.

Other finishing touches include carrying balloons around, especially if you’re attempting a Pennywise costume, or even some of those long balloons that you can shape into animals, although you’ll need to watch a few YouTube tutorials in order to learn 2 or 3 designs.

Note: Many people, especially kids, can be creeped out by clowns, so if you plan on visiting anyone with such a phobia, you should pay some extra close attention to the makeup and make yourself as friendly-looking as possible.

14. DIY Costumes For Men – Dracula

Diy costumes for men dracula

While no one is making a ranking, the unofficial king and probably most iconic monster to dress as on Halloween has always been Dracula, and this timeless classic is definitely one of the top DIY costumes for men in 2021 as well.

The great thing about Dracula is that there are plenty of interpretations to choose from thanks to movies and TV shows, from Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) to Nosferatu (1922), but as long as you are wearing elegant period clothes and have a pair of vampire fangs, people will instantly recognize you.

However, those of you that really want to get into the character can add further elements into play, such as contact lenses, heavy makeup like a light foundation and blood-red lipstick, and those of you that are really into roleplay can even throw a faux-Transylvanian accent into the mix as well.

On the other hand, if you want to make the costume as subtle as possible, a 3-piece suit will do just fine, just as long as you at least wear some light foundation and wear the iconic fangs, and maybe act all talk dark and mysterious through Halloween night.

The costume is great for little boys as well, although the younger audience may prefer dressing up as a more modern vampire on Halloween, like Edward Cullen from Twilight.

All in all, if you have no problems investing time and effort putting together the costume, and are only interested in getting reactions from the people that see you, then you couldn’t possibly be more recognizable than by dressing up as the most popular vampire of all time.

15. Easy Men’s Halloween Costumes – Wizard

Easy men’s halloween costumes wizard

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Harry Potter’s Dumbledore or The Lord of the Rings’ Gandalf, magic is still magic, and there are plenty of popular sorcerers and wizards that you can dress as on Halloween.

The best thing about being all dressed up as a wizard is that, while you do need a costume that covers your entire body, the costume itself doesn’t have to be complicated at all, so as long as you have enough cloth and some very basic tailoring skills, you can easily pull together a wizard’s robe all by yourself.

As for the pointy wizard’s hat, you’ll need to use both cloth and cardboard, but fortunately, both of these materials are easy to come by, and so are the scissors, glue, threads, and needles needed to bind them together, thus becoming one of those easy men’s Halloween costumes.

Once you have the robe and the hat covered, you can pretty much consider your costume complete, although there are certain elements that can make you even more convincing, such as a fake bird, a wand, a staff, or a book of spells.

More so, if you want to really get into character, you can do so by wearing over-the-top men’s jewelry, or by covering your robes and hat with fake runes and magical symbols (preferably made using glow-in-the-dark materials).

Those of you that are looking to dress up as specific wizards will have their work cut out for them when it comes to replicating the costumes exactly, but the effort will be worth it when random kids will be stopping you so that you can perform some magic tricks for them.

16. Simple Halloween Costumes For Men – Werewolf

Simple halloween costumes for men werewolf

Halloween is all about letting out your inner spookiness, so what better monster to portray than one that’s basically famous for transformations, namely the werewolf?

At first, you might think that a werewolf costume may actually be very hard to make at home and that you’re most likely limited to buying the costume instead, but there are several tricks that you can try in order to achieve a wolfman look like in the picture above.

For starters, it helps a lot if you have a lot of facial hair already like a burly beard and mustache (but not too long otherwise you’re better off dressing as a wizard.)

You’ll then need a pair of monster fangs (even vampire fangs will do since no one could mistake you for a bearded Dracula), and you can even let your nails grow out a bit, and file them down until they are pointy, and then paint them down with some transparent nail polish to make them a bit more rigid.

The last thing you’ll need is a set of bloody clothes that are also ripped here and there, and if you happen to have a lot of chest hair, get yourself a dress shirt that isn’t buttoned all the way up.

While you could easily pass up as a werewolf just by using the things mentioned above, you can also opt to use some dark face paint (very dark self-tanning lotion will also do), and a pair of yellow contact lenses will definitely make you look scary, and your werewolf disguise is pretty much complete.

All in all, you can see for yourself that it’s easy to dress up as a werewolf without having to buy a full body-suit from a costume store, and sometimes the wolfman disguise might actually look better than whatever furry onesie the folks at the costume store may end up selling you.

17. Cool Halloween Costumes For Men – Psycho Killer

Cool halloween costumes for men psycho killer

Horror movies are one of the favorite pastimes on Halloween, with the slasher genre being among the most popular, and since all of the killers are designed to be as easily recognizable as possible (Jason, Freddy Kreuger, Leatherface, etc), they make for some very nice Halloween costumes.

For example, dressing as Jason Vorhees is fairly easy, since you basically need a hockey mask and some old bloody clothes, but those of you that want to dress up as Freddy Kreuger will have your work cut out for you since you’ll need a face mask (or some very good makeup skills), and a glove with blade fingers.

Of course, there’s also the third option of combining the most generic traits of all serial killers and just coming up with your own costume, such as mixing together a random mask that gives you the creeps, some raggedy blood-stained clothes, and a fake knife, machete, chainsaw, or whatever looks like it can do some damage.

One advantage of a slasher killer costume is that they are very easy to roleplay, especially since none of them actually speak, so if you’re planning on going to a costume party, just popping up behind random people, staring at them, and not muttering a single word is a great way to get into character (or prison).

So, as far as cool Halloween costumes for men go, a slasher killer is yet another solid choice that is also easy to achieve using things you may already have at home.

18.Funny Halloween Costumes for Guys – Santa Claus

funny halloween costumes for guys santa claus

As soon as Halloween is over, all the stores replace all the Halloween decorations, candy, and costumes with Christmas merchandise, and while this can be very annoying for a lot of people, and those of you that like to satire this sudden transition can go ahead and dress as Santa Claus.

Santa Claus suits are easy to get, since there are at least 3 different models in each department store, and because they are so popular they are also pretty cheap as well.

However, if you plan to make your very own Santa Claus Halloween costume, then you’ll need a lot of red cloth and white felt, and some knee-high boots (preferably black).

You’ll need the red cloth to cut out and sew together your Santa costume and hat, and you need the white felt to make the costume’s inner lining, the rims of both the costume and the hat, as well as a lot of felt to make your fake beard.

One advantage to the Santa costume is that just like the burglar costume mentioned earlier, you get to carry a big sack with you (a burlap sack would be great) that you can also use as your trick-or-treat bag.

Besides, if you want to host a Halloween party or are going to a Halloween party as a family, your wife can go ahead and dress up as Mrs. Claus, while your kids can dress up as elves.

Not only that, but if you have a cat or a dog, you can strap a fake clown’s nose and a pair of fake antlers and pretend that they are Rudolf.

So, if you’re looking for some very funny Halloween costumes for guys, Santa Claus is a good way to start off.

19. Scary Halloween Costumes for Men – Plague Doctor

Scary halloween costumes for men plague doctor

In the context of a global pandemic, one of the most popular costume choices is probably that of a Medieval plague doctor, and the best thing about this costume idea is that the costume itself is unisex, so even the ladies can dress up and spread awareness about not spreading diseases.

The costume itself is pretty easy to make if you’re good with cardboard or paper mache, since you’ll need those skills to make the trademark plague doctor’s mask.

As for the rest of the costume, just make sure that you have or make a simple dark-colored mantle, and you’re pretty much done.

Of course, those of you that really want to get into character can go ahead and wear typical medieval attire underneath the mantle, and strapping random bundles of dried herbs or old bottles to your belt will be a plus.

For those of you that are looking for a more creepy approach, you can go trick-or-treating while carrying around a decrepit old leather briefcase, a medieval-looking medical book, or even a dusty old Bible or a cross.

One great thing about a plague doctor costume is that, even if people don’t know what you’re supposed to be, the costume itself is still scary just because of the mask, so if you’re looking for some scary Halloween costumes for men that will make everyone feel uneasy, then a plague doctor is the way to go.

20.Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men – Super Hero

Sexy halloween costumes for men super hero

No movie genre has more costume characters like superhero movies, and with so many franchises to choose from (Avengers, Justice League, X-Men, etc), it’s no wonder that everyone wants to be a superhero, especially since they make for some very sexy Halloween costumes for men.

Sure enough, not everyone can afford to buy or have the skill to make their very own Iron Man suit out of cardboard, but there are plenty of other heroes that you can dress up as that are very budget-friendly.

For example, body-builders can go ahead and paint their entire body green and go dressed as the Hulk, while a Superman suit is also easy to imitate as long as you have some blue spandex and a bright red cape.

Of course, there’s also the option of going as a generic superhero, in which case you’re no longer bound by how your costume is supposed to look, and you thus gain complete creative freedom.

Just wear whatever type of spandex you want (or even a muscle suit), throw on a cape and a face mask of your own design, strap on a big symbol on your chest, and you’ve just created your own superhero with nothing but the things that were lying around your house.

The great thing about superhero suits is that, even if you’re not dressed like one in particular, kids will still love the costume, and since Halloween is mostly about making the kiddies happy, that’s a big plus.

More Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas

The previous 20 costume ideas are the most popular ones of 2021, but that doesn’t mean that they are the only men’s Halloween costumes that you should try, especially if you don’t care about being trendy that much.

So, if you’re only interested in finding a good costume idea, you can go ahead and check out the following 35 entries instead, since they’re all pretty solid costume choices as well.

21. Zach Morris Mens Halloween Costumes

Zach Morris Mens Halloween Costumes

Save by the Bell could be his best inspiration! Just check out this DIYed version of Zach Morris from Brit + Co! Start with converses and focus on the best of 80’s and 90’s fashion.

22. Frankenstein Costume Idea for Men

Frankenstein Costume Idea for Men

Frankenstein is a great way to go for the men too. Thrift store finds can start it all off. And then a little makeup can finish the look. Check out the details over at Tell Love and Party.

23. Lumberjack Sexy Halloween Costume for Men

Lumberjack Sexy Halloween Costume for Men

Lumberjacks are classic costumes. They’re easy to pull off and comfortable for the men to walk around as. We found this handsome inspiration from Pinterest– just make sure you have some plaid in your closet to get yourself started.

24. Clark Kent Sexy Halloween Costume for Men

Clark Kent Sexy Halloween Costume for Men

Why not go as Clark Kent this Halloween? It’s sexy, it’s chic, and it’s easy to whip up as well. Thanks for the inspiration Mixbook and to Derek Hough too for the most fashion-forward costume idea on our list.

25. Toy Army Man Funny Mens Halloween Costumes

Toy Army Man Funny Mens Halloween Costumes

We’re loving this toy army man idea that we found over at Bead & Cord. If he loves Toy Story, why not help him transform into one of the coolest characters in the film? You may need a little green spray paint to get yourself started DIYing it though.

26. Dr. Who Easy Halloween Costume for Men

Dr. Who Easy Halloween Costume for Men

Halloween Costumes has a Dr. Who jacket for sale, but we’re positive that you can find something similar in your local thrift shop and create your own ensemble right at home. Guys can easily turn themselves into their favorite television character with just a little bit of creativity.

27. Pac Man Guy Costume

Pac Man Guy Costume

The Effortless Chicmade this kid-friendly Pac Man costume and we couldn’t help but feature it because of its easy and uniqueness! It’s also an easy one to make for adults. Turn it into a group theme by dressing some friends as the “ghosts” in the game.

28. Marty McFly DIY Costume for Men

Marty McFly DIY Costume for Men

Halloween Costumes gave us some Back to the Future inspiration as well. But just check out this outfit. Dudes can easily recreate this look on their own with a little sifting through their own closet and maybe a peek or two in the thrift stores around town.

29. Photoshop Easy Men’s Halloween Costume

Photoshop Easy Men's Halloween Costume

For guys who really don’t want to wear a costume but are being forced to, go for something on the more clever side. We found this idea at Huffiest. It’s not only comfortable but it’ll give everyone a giggle.

30. Tourist Funny Men Halloween Costume

Tourist Funny Men Halloween Costume

Say Yes featured some tourist-inspired costumes and we fell in love. A fanny pack and ears will turn your guy into the cutest Disney vacationer around. This too easily inspires group or family costumes!

31. Vampire Scary Halloween Costume for Men

Vampire Scary Halloween Costume for Men

He could always be a vampire this Halloween. With some makeup and some clever dressing, you can help him turn into a fun version of this Party Delightscostume. Don’t forget the cape!

32. Chimney Sweep Men’s Halloween Costume

Chimney Sweep Men's Halloween Costume

We’re loving this adorable chimney sweep we found over at Keiko Lynn. take the leap and gather some inspiration as to how to DIY the costume at home. But make sure he has a Mary Poppins by his side at the party!

33. Magician Easy Halloween Costume for Men

Magician Easy Halloween Costume for Men

Say Yes also had a sexy, stylish magician costume up their sleeve. He doesn’t have to go as anything kitschy and uncomfortable. Instead, he can create a look that’s not festive and fashion-forward.

34. The Big Lebowski Best Halloween Costumes for Men

The Big Lebowski Best Halloween Costumes for Men

Really have them chuckling and turn yourself into your favorite movie character. We found this Big Lebowski look over on Pinterest and couldn’t help but think of how easy it would be to dress like him this holiday.

35. Ice Cream Man Easy Costume for Guys

Ice Cream Man Easy Costume for Guys

This little guy makes the sweetest of ice cream men. And the look from Style Me Pretty is great inspiration for both big and small guys. Make sure you spend time on those gorgeous, DIY ice cream cones to really amp up your costume.

Best Men’s Halloween Costumes: Closing Thoughts

Our long list has finally come to a close, and we hope that we’ve provided you with plenty of Halloween costume ideas for yourself, or that special man in your life.

Keep in mind that Halloween is all about dressing up as whoever you want, be it a monster, a historical figure, or a pop culture superstar, so don’t feel like you have to follow any of the ideas on our list, but instead use them as a source of inspiration, since that’s the purpose of this entire article: to inspire you.

Besides, if you like being the life of a party and making everybody laugh, you can also try cross-dressing in a costume you’d usually expect women to choose since, let’s face it, there’s nothing more hilarious than a hairy 6ft tall guy that goes to the gym dressed as the tooth fairy.

All in all, we hope that you found this article useful, and don’t forget that we’ve written plenty of other Halloween-related articles as well, featuring costume ideas for toddlers, babies, women, couples and groups, and even articles related to Halloween decorations, foods, snacks, and more.

More so, if there’s a Halloween-related subject that you’d like us to look over and write about, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and we’ll look over them all and write them in no time.

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