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15 DIY Costumes For The Men In Our Lives

There are so many great costume ideas floating around the Internet but most of them seemed to be geared towards the ladies. We’ve got the dudes covered though. We did a bit of searching and found 15 DIY costumes for the men in our lives, and we have a sneaking suspicious that they’ll love the ideas.

1. Zach Morris

Zach morris halloween costume

Save by the Bell could be his best inspiration! Just check out this DIYed version of Zach Morris from Brit + Co! Start with converses and focus on the best of 80’s and 90’s fashion.

2. Frankenstein

Frankenstein costume

Frankenstein is a great way to go for the men too. Thrift store finds can start it all off. And then a little makeup can finish the look. Check out the details over at Tell Love and Party.

3. Lumberjack

Lumberjack halloween costume

Lumberjacks are classic costumes. They’re easy to pull off and comfortable for the men to walk around as. We found this handsome inspiration from Pinterest – just make sure you have some plaid in your closet to get yourself started.

4. Clark Kent

Diy costume clark kent

Why not go as Clark Kent this Halloween? It’s sexy, it’s chic, and it’s easy to whip up as well. Thanks for the inspiration Mixbook and to Derek Hough too for the most fashion-forward costume idea on our list.

5. Toy Army Man

Army men from toy story

We’re loving this toy army man idea that we found over at Bead & Cord. If he loves Toy Story, why not help him transform into one of the coolest characters in the film? You may need a little green spray paint to get yourself started DIYing it though.

6. Dr. Who

Dr who halloween costume

Halloween Costumes has a Dr. Who jacket for sale, but we’re positive that you can find something similar in your local thrift shop and create your own ensemble right at home. Guys can easily turn themselves into their favorite television character with just a little bit of creativity.

7. Pac Man

Diy pac man costume

The Effortless Chic made this kid-friendly Pac Man costume and we couldn’t help but feature it because of its easy and uniqueness! It’s also an easy one to make for adults. Turn it into a group theme by dressing some friends as the “ghosts” in the game.

8. Marty McFly

Back future marty mcfly jacket

Halloween Costumes gave us some Back to the Future inspiration as well. But just check out this outfit. Dudes can easily recreate this look on their own with a little sifting through their own closet and maybe a peek or two in the thrift stores around town.

9. Photoshop

Photoshop diy costume

For guys who really don’t want to wear a costume but are being forced to, go for something on the more clever side. We found this idea at Huffiest. It’s not only comfortable but it’ll give everyone a giggle.

10. Tourist

Easy disney costume tourist

Say Yes featured some tourist-inspired costumes and we fell in love. A fanny pack and ears will turn your guy into the cutest Disney vacationer around. This too easily inspires group or family costumes!

11. Vampire

Vampire diy costume

He could always be a vampire this Halloween. With some makeup and some clever dressing, you can help him turn into a fun version of this Party Delights costume. Don’t forget the cape!

12. Chimney Sweep

Chimney sweep costume diy

We’re loving this adorable chimney sweep we found over at Keiko Lynn. take the leap and gather some inspiration as to how to DIY the costume at home. But make sure he has a Mary Poppins by his side at the party!

13. Magician

Diy magician costume

Say Yes also had a sexy, stylish magician costume up their sleeve. He doesn’t have to go as anything kitschy and uncomfortable. Instead, he can create a look that’s not festive and fashion-forward.

14. The Big Lebowski

Big lebowski the dude costume

Really have them chuckling and turn yourself into your favorite movie character. We found this Big Lebowski look over on Pinterest and couldn’t help but think of how easy it would be to dress like him this holiday.

15. Ice Cream Man

Ice cream man halloween costume

This little guy makes the sweetest of ice cream men. And the look from Style Me Pretty is great inspiration for both big and small guys. Make sure you spend time on those gorgeous, DIY ice cream cones to really amp up your costume.

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