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DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor

Despite the fact that you’re already making a beautiful Thanksgiving meal for your friends and family, are you also feeling quite determined to decorate your home for the occasion, right down to the table you’ll be eating at? Well, we can certainly understand that! We’re actually huge fans of dinner table decor during any season and occasion because we feel like it helps people feel welcomed and at home during their meal. That’s why we’ve been on the lookout for cute DIY Thanksgiving table decor ideas lately!

Are you feeling just as intrigued as we are, if not more, by the idea of making your own Thanksgiving table decor pieces? Check out these 15 awesome ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. Tips and tricks for a simple Thanksgiving table

Tips and tricks for a simple thanksgiving table

Are you actually quite new to the DIY game and simply exploring your options right now because you’re not entirely sure you’re ready to dive right into the decor process yet, but you really like seeing what other people have done to decorate their tables? Then we think you’ll find this list of Thanksgiving table tips and tricks outlined on Interior Design Paradise to be a pretty useful resource!

2.  DIY metallic themed Thanksgiving table decor

Diy metallic themed thanksgiving table decor

Are you the kind of person who loves a little bit of sparkle and shined in their style, both decor and personal? Then we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Tater Tots & Jello made this beautiful metallic inspired tablescape setting that kind of starts to introduce the idea of colder temperatures into the atmosphere! We’re particularly fond of how they made their glittered mini pumpkins.

3. DIY burlap and corn husks table

Diy burlap and corn husks table

In your space, are you actually convinced that a slightly more rustic and down home aesthetic would suit your home’s space a little better? Then we think you’ll have a little more luck checking out something like this table decor scheme from Amanda’s Parties To Go that involves burlap and corn husks! We love the way it hearkens back to harvest on the farm.

4. DIY modern organic table with succulents

Diy modern organic table with succulents

Even though you’re undoubtedly celebrating harvest season, would you rather do so in a way that looks a little more contemporary and minimalist but also somehow still very natural and organic to suit the season? Then we think you’ll really appreciate this light neutrals and green decor scheme that puts lovely succulents at centre stage. Craft and Couture even suggests leaving a cute little succulent at each person’s plate like a place card!

5. DIY rustic wood table runner

Diy rustic woode table runner

If you’re going to aim for a rustic atmosphere around your Thanksgiving table, would you rather actually go all out and make it a little more explicit? In that case, we have a feeling that this gorgeous stained wood table runner outlined step by surprisingly simple step on Blooming Homestead will be right up your alley! They show you how to make the sturdy statement piece that is at once decorative and quite practical.

6. Rustic chic Thanksgiving tablescape

Rustic chic thanksgiving tablescape

When you started thinking about ways to make your tablescape a little more “rustic chic” did your mind actually wander to an aesthetic that borders closer to what you might have found in an old fashioned farmhouse? In that case, we’d be willing to bet that you’ll love the way City Farmhouse added a sense of country comfort to their table with lanterns, plaid cloth runners, and even some (faux) fur lining the seats and benches for coziness and comfort while everyone eats.

7. Branch wrapped pumpkins and pinecones Thanksgiving table

Branch wrapped pumpkins and pinecones thanksgiving table

If you could have your ideal Thanksgiving table, would it actually involve a lot more nature than a lot of what you’ve seen so far? In that case, we think you’ll really appreciate the way Suburban Living managed to involve pinecones, pumpkins, and branches, creating awesome visual textures by wrapping and winding the thin, supple twig branches around the pumpkins like a mobile.

8. Rustic paper fan and burlap pockets tablescape

Rustic paper fan and burlap pockets tablescape

Are you actually the kind of crafty person who wouldn’t mind doing some simple sewing and paper crafting in preparation for their Thanksgiving dinner tablescape, rather than just arranging things creatively like a designer? In that case, grab the patterned card and burlap and take a look at how Quilted Cupcake made these lovely fall coloured paper fans and burlap napkin and utensil pockets in surprisingly few simple steps.

9. Gourd and candle tablescape tutorial

Gourd and candle tablescape tutorial

Is your favourite part of going shopping in the fall actually the way all the stores get in tons of pumpkins and gourds, making every supermarket look like a farm patch? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’d have a great time giving your dining table the same treatment for Thanksgiving. We love the ease and the style of this lovely gourd, pumpkin, and candle tablescape outlined in detail on Hoosier Homemade (and we also get a real kick out of the way they snuck a pineapple in the middle)!

10. Easy leaf folded napkin and name cards

Easy leaf folded napkin and name cards

Besides some pumpkins and a bit of leaf decor in the middle, would you actually rather keep the rest of your table decor primarily to place settings because you want to make each guest feel well taken care of? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Clean & Scentsible got creative with their napkin folding in order to make these little linen leaves and pinched them in place with a jute string and weathered paper name tag tied around a real stick of cinnamon.

11.  Painted gold Thanksgiving tablescape

Painted gold thanksgiving tablescape

Did we almost have you convinced when we started talking about metallic themed Thanksgiving tablescapes earlier on our list but, if you’re being honest, your absolute favourite of the metallic options is simply gold? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better with some of the suggestions on A Pumpkin and A Princess, who teaches you detail by detail about how they used paint to gild all kinds of natural elements in order to create a warm, golden fall glow around their table.

12. DIY chalkboard table runner

Diy chalkboard table runner

Have we actually really caught your attention with this whole concept of a hard table runner because you think it’s quite practical on top of being decorative but you’re just not sure you want to put more wood on top of your already wooden tabletop? Then maybe you’d prefer to try your hand at this concept from Liz Marie, who outlines how to make a chalkboard table runner topped with pumpkins and grain filled candle vases instead.

13. Unique log, candle, and fall nature centrepiece

Unique log, candle, and fall nature centrepiece

If you’re going to build yourself some kind of table decor scheme for Thanksgiving, would you actually prefer to go all out and make some kind of grand statement? In that case, particularly if words like “rustic” and “nature” have really appealed to you so far, then we think you’ll simply adore the way Diva of DIY made this unique log centrepiece with spots for tea lights carved out of the top all the way down its length. Their idea to surround it with miniature pumpkins is cute as well!

14. Colouring place settings for kids

Colouring place settings for kids

Have we caught your attention quite well with this whole concept of finding table decor ideas that are pretty and useful in some way, but you’re thinking more along the lines of something your guests can actually interact with? Well, at least for the smallest members of the family, this next idea from Momtastic just might have you covered! They show you not only how to set up an adorable place setting based around colouring, but also how to present it in a decorative way that suits the rest of the tablescape too. This way, the kids will have something to do while they eat, just like at a restaurant.

15. Funny, kid-friendly brown paper turkey leg place cards

Funny, kid friendly brown paper turkey leg place cards

Are you actually scrolling through our list thinking about ways that you can get the kids involved in actually making and setting up the tablescape and dining room decor, rather than just finding a way to use it to amuse them? In that case, we think you’ll find this next tutorial from Creative Juice quite amusing indeed! We love the way they outline the steps for making funny turkey drumstick place holders to set at each plate of a Thankgiving table, like foreshadowing of delicious things to come.

Have you made other kinds of awesome Thanksgiving table decor pieces before that were a huge hit but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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