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How to Make 3D Paper Apple Decor for Fall

Now that fall is here, I just can’t get enough of apples, apple recipes, and apple themed things. I doubt it’ll come as any surprise to you, then, that we’ve been doing a lot of crafts lately that are inspired by apples! So far this season, miniature 3D apple trees that make adorable decor have been my favourite thing I’ve tried so far. In fact, I liked it so much that I decided to document my whole process so that other people can follow along and try it out too.

How to make 3d paper apple decor for fall

Here are all the steps for making this adorable 3D paper apple tree decor that looks adorable on a fall side table or mantel! If video tutorials appeal to you a little more than step by step pictures and instructions, keep scrolling for a full video version at the end of this post.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • A gluestick
  • Scissors
  • A black pencil
  • A miniature terra cotta planter
  • A small brown ribbon
  • White styrofoam (cut to fit inside the top of the pot)
  • A popsicle stick (cut in half and then cut into a point at the halved end)
  • Construction paper (green, red, brown)

3d paper apple decor for fall
Step 1:

Gather your materials.
3d paper apple decor for fall materials
Step 2:

Turn your mini pot upside down and use it to trace a circle on your green construction paper. Cut it out and then use the tip of your scissors to poke a little hole in the centre of the green circle.

3d paper apple decor for fall draw
Step 3:

Cut two tapered leaf shapes out of your sheet of green construction paper as well.

3d paper apple decor for fall cut
3d paper apple decor for fall process
Step 4:

Cut your red construction paper into four squares, then fold each one in half one way so it creases down the middle. Cut around the edges of each one to round the corners off. Keep them the same size as best you can. Unfold each one so you have four curved and rounded off red shapes.

3d paper apple decor for fall glue

3d paper apple decor for fall fold
Step 5:

Cut a small length from your brown construction paper and give it a slanted point at the end. This will be your apple’s stem.

3d paper apple decor for fall try
Step 6:

Make a little bow from your brown ribbon by applying some glue in the centre and looping the ends in, with some excess on each, to stick in the middle.

3d paper apple decor for fall ribbon
Step 7:

Apply some glue on the bottom of the styrofoam piece and fit it into the top of the pot so it sits inside. Then apply some glue on one side of the green paper circle and press it across the very top of the pot.

3d paper apple decor for fall press
Step 8:

Put the apple together by applying glue to the outside of one folded piece and sticking the side of a second apple piece to it. Apply glue to the other side of that apple piece and stick a third one to it in the same way. Before you stick the last apple piece into place, apply some glue to the rounded top of the popsicle stick and place it between the apple pieces, where they meet each other at the back, so it sits in the centre. Then apply glue to the back sides of the last apple piece and finish the 3D shape by sticking it into place.

3d paper apple decor for fall attach
Step 9:

Glue the apple stem into the top centre of the red apple by applying glue to the bottom and putting it into the little space where all the red pieces meet in the middle. Next, apply glue to the bottom tips of the leaves and glue those to the stem.

3d paper apple decor for fall form
Step 10:

Apply glue to the back of the brown ribbon you made earlier and stick it to the trunk underneath the freshly finished apple. Lastly, poke the pointy end of the popsicle stick through the hole you put into the centre of the green circle earlier, pushing it down far enough that it sticks into the styrofoam as well, which will hold it standing in place.
3d paper apple decor for fall wood
You’re all done your apple decoration! Just in case you’d like to try this project out for yourself, here’s a fantastic tutorial video to help you!

3d paper apple decor for fall faux

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