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How To Make a Floral Garland Centerpiece

With Valentine’s day coming up next month, you’re probably wondering what decorative thing you can do to your home to make the day feel special and romantic. One idea to add a bit of romance to your table scape is to incorporate roses. Roses can be just the right touch when making a day or evening extra special with your special someone. You can also use this idea to decorate a table for a wedding with your favorite rose colors.

How To Make a Floral Garland Centerpiece

For this DIY you won’t need many supplies. All you’ll need is:

  • Sharp scissors or pruning sheers
  • Floral tape or floral wire
  • Flowers or your choice

Materials to Make a Floral Garland Centerpiece

First, cut the stems to the length that you want. For a fuller, greener centerpiece, leave them long. For fuller flowers and less leaf and stem, cut the stems so they are about 3 inches long (note, you may need more flowers). This is where you can get very creative. Group your flowers in 3’s, including any leaf and plant stems you’d like.

Cut the Stems - Floral Garland Centerpiece

Secure the stems with floral wire or floral tape. I found the wire held much better than the tape, especially securing the stems at the end of the centerpiece as it cascades off the table. To start the garland, place the second grouping over the first, making sure the wire is always covered. Secure the two with more wire. As you add more groupings, connect the current grouping to the previous one. It’s easier and less bulky to connect the next group to the previous one, instead of trying to group them all together.

Secure the stems - Floral Garland Centerpiece

Green tape for Flowers

If you want the flowers to face one way, simply connect each grouping to face the same way on top of the other. I wanted the flowers to lay in opposite directions, and in order to achieve that, I started from the center. Let the first grouping lay one way, and connect the second grouping facing the opposite way.

Beautiful Floral Garland Centerpiece

While I love the yellow on white, to give it an even more romantic feel, I added red roses to this centerpiece after the fact. To add more flowers, you’ll need to cut the stems a bit shorter and attach them where needed with a smaller piece of wire. There’s really no right or wrong way to do this. Add as many flowers as you want- make it full, less leafy, or more colorful as you prefer.

Valentines day table flowers

What I personally like about this is the contrast between the white table and white place settings, with the bold color of the roses that pop.

Make a Floral Garland Centerpiece for Valentines Day

As you work your way to the end of the garland you’ll have the option of letting the flowers slightly cascade off the table or ending it at the edge. If you want it to hang off the edge, the trick is to connect the flowers further from the previous group so the weight of the flower’s head causes it to droop off the table without falling completely. You can also add individual flowers at the end as to place them specifically where needed to complete the look.

Beautiful Floral Garland Centerpiece for Valentines Day

This is a very simple, yet effective centerpiece. It won’t last you as long as if it were placed in a vase with water, but it did last about 2 days when spritzing it often with water. If only using it for a few hours or one day/evening, the great thing is that when your event is over, you can take the individual flowers apart and put them in a vase to last a little bit longer.

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