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25 Best Fall Nail Colors: Ideas and Prep For the Season

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to clean out the closet and bring your autumnal style to life. You’ll still be visiting the spa for monthly manis and pedis, you’ll just need to switch up colors a bit for something a bit richer or warmer.

Fall nail color ideas

Best Fall Nail Colors (25 Beautiful Nail Ideas)

If you’re ready to make a change this autumn and you need ideas, check out these 25 best fall nail colors and prep for the season.

1. Chocolate Cranberry Nails

Chocolate cranberry nails

A deep, chocolate tone is perfect for fall but if you find one that has a dash of cranberry in it too you’ll get an extra layer of femininity to flaunt. And we’re loving this rich shade. (via)

2. Eggplant Fall Nails

Opi black cherry chutney

So Lonely in Gorgeous showcased this darker shade of purple. Go for a warm and rich eggplant – maybe even with some sparkles – to highlight October.

3. Skin Tone Fall Nails

Best nude nail polish colors heart over heels 14

Over at Heart Over Heels you’ll find a beautiful, skin-tone shade that can act as your go-to neutral for the season. It isn’t too bright or light, evoking that sense of spring.

4. Army Green Nail Colors


Here’s a classic, green shade that will shine all throughout the fall season. Evoke a feeling of days and the nights with this gorgeous shade. (via)

5. Slate Purple Fall Nails

Slate purple nail polish color

Here’s a romantic, slated purple that we’re drooling over too. We found this beauty on The Polish Squirrel and have been swooning over it ever since.

6. Peacock Blue

Teal nail color

All Lacquered Up featured this peacock blue beauty and we couldn’t help but think of the fall, night sky and how perfect this would be to dawn this season. Your digits will pop!

7. Gold Glitter

Gold glitter mani

Nails on the Go is where we found my absolute favorite pick on the list. A bit of texture and lots of glitter can be wore year round in the right shade of gold.

8. Royal

Nails inc baker street swatch cobalt blue

All Lacquered Up always has great ideas when it comes to color inspiration. And just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can do something vibrant like this royal shade of blue.

9. Burnt Orange Nails

Burnt orange nail color

Burnt orange is a classic autumn color and it looks magnificent on those fingers. Dip the digits in this offbeat shade and celebrate the changing leaves. (via)

10. Cream Autumn Nail Colors

Cream nail manicure

We found this beauty on Pinterest and thought it was a nice, creamy white that can be used outside the usual realms of bright neutrals. It’s rich enough that it can set off your fall ensembles nicely.

11. Charcoal

Zoya kelly nail polish

Visit The Beauty of Life for a better look this charcoal color. Again, it’s a neutral that is versatile throughout the entire season while blending and topping off outfits nicely.

12. Mustard

Barry m gelly mustard 004

The Crumpet showcased this vibrant, mustard nail polish color and it too is the perfect addition to your fall color collection. It’s got that golden tone we love for autumn but with a punch!

13. Forest Green

Sinful colours last chance 012

If you want a sexier shade of green than a muted army tone, go for something with a dash of forest. It’s more vibrant and feminine. (via)

14. Lilac

Dg nail polish lilac swatched edited

Bubbly Michelle shows us how to flaunt a pastel shade for fall. Not all of these light tones have to be fixated on summertime, do it in a way that autumn shines through as well.

15. Dusky Grey

Christian louboutin daffodile 4

Pointless Cafe shows off another grey tone that works for fall too, one that’s a bit more muted and romantic. If you like the haze, go with this shade!

16. Periwinkle

Perwinkle nail color

Blushing Noir gives us a powerful periwinkle that we can see floating throughout the sunflowers and hay. Carry your pumpkins in style with this one.

17. Wine Red

Red nail polish lexie

Here’s a wine red that we’re drooling over too. It’s a bit more traditional and sexy in terms of nail polish colors. (via)

18. Midnight Blue

Dior blue label swatch

Makeup and Beauty showed off this midnight blue and w’re in love. It catches the light beautifully and evokes a sense of the early nights that fall brings.

19. Taupe

Olympus digital camera

We found this fabulous neutral on Pinterest too. It goes with a variety of skin tones and, of course, all year round you can use this one.

20. Black

Black nails sonia kashuk 1

Love Maegan featured a beautiful manicure and shows us how to do black in the most stylish and feminine of ways. Flaunt this around Halloween!

21. Fuchsia

Fuschia nail color

If you’re looking for something with an extra pop of girlish charm, go with a deep fuchsia shade. It can blend well within the season and still have you feeling prim. (via)

22. Emerald

Revlon emerald city

Nail Nerd shows us another fabulous green to dive into for the season. This emerald tone has a bit of glitter too!

23. Gunmetal

Severina black matte nail polish 1

Over at So Nailicious you’ll find this texture gunmetal tone. We love this shade because it takes both blue and charcoal in its best form.

24. Rose

Rose nail manicure

Here’s another feminine shade that we’re swooning for. It’s great for the season but has the romance we all crave. (via)

25. Merlot

Merlot nail manicure

And finally, here’s another shade of red evocative of a beautiful wine. It’s smooth, it’s rich and it works all season long. (via)

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