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DIY Coasters With Lace Paper – Make Your Own Beautiful Coasters

We never seem to have enough coasters for our glasses and mugs and the furniture really needs a lot more care and protection from us. So, while coasters can come in many shapes and forms, the prettiest ones are always those you make on your own. So, let’s create some coasters with lace paper.

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These are going to be beautiful and you’ll want to get them out and pass them around to your guests every time they visit. Let’s see what you need to do!

Materials for coasters with lace paper

How to make coasters with lace paper

Do you have all the materials on hand? This is going to be rather important as you start to make your own cute coasters because you don’t want to go running around trying to find something you forgot to get.

Coaster with lace paper materials

Step 1: Paint the coasters

The first thing we’re going to do is to paint the coasters. So, get thecork coasters,yourpaintbrush,and thegreen acrylic paint.Dip your paintbrush and start covering the cork coaster with the color.

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Make sure you cover the coaster with color on all sides. Also, you’ll want to carefully apply color to the edge of the coaster too, pressing the paint into the rough crevices. Once you’re done, leave the coaster off to dry.

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Step 2: Add lacy details

Next, you want to get thepaper doily and put it over the painted coaster. Also, get thepaintbrushand thewhite acrylic paint.

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When you’ve centered the lace paper doily over the coaster, start painting over the material. Make sure you keep the paper steady and unmoving. If it moves, you’re going to get a messy design, which we’re trying to avoid.

Coaster with lace paper (5)

Paint all the spaces white. Since this is a lace paper, you can just paint over the whole thing, as long as you make sure not to move it.

Coaster with lace paper (6)

Go around the coaster and make sure you paint all areas within the doily to create a beautiful lacy pattern.

Coaster with lace paper (7)

Remove the lace paper slowly, making sure not to break it off if it is stuck in any area.

Coaster with lace paper (8)

Step 3: Paint the edge of the coaster

Now that the lacy pattern is done on the coaster, we can continue decorating the whole thing. Get the fine paintbrush and white paint and start drawing little lines on the edge. Try to draw them in at similar distances.

Coaster with lace paper (9)

Go around the whole coaster and add more lines to the design. If measuring things by eye isn’t your thing, or you want things to be symmetrical, you can use something to help you out.

Coaster with lace paper (10)

Whether you’re measuring it out with the help of a pencil head, a ruler, or something else, we’re sure it will work out great.

Coaster with lace paper (11)

Step 4: Add the beads

Finally, we’re going to decorate the coaster further. We think that a lot of things will be nicer to look at if they have a little bit of spark to them, so adding some decor beads to this coaster will work just fine.

Coaster with lace paper (12)

So, get the glue gun and the decor beads and apply some hot glue to the back of one.

Coaster with lace paper (13)

Start applying the decor beads to the coaster. We chose to put them based on the design of the doily. As you can see, ours has a flowery pattern so we added the decor beads in the spaces between the petals, if you will.

Coaster with lace paper (14)

Every time you add a bead, make sure you press them in a bit so the hot glue sticks to the surface. Also, since you’ll be applying some pressure here, make sure you don’t add too much hot glue as you don’t want it to overflow.

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There you go! You have some really cute coasters with lace paper now, some that you’ll want to get out every time you have visitors. You’ll even want to use them when you’re on your own!

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We would love to hear back from you so you can tell us how you customized these coasters. Obviously, there’s plenty of room for this – depends on what colors you like best, what doily paper you can find, what beads you have around the house, and so on. Therefore, drop us an image on socialmedia so we can also check out your creations.

Coaster with lace paper photos (2)

Coaster with lace paper photos (3)

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