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25 DIY Cupcake Toppers For A Variety of Special Occasions

From showers to seasonal parties, we’ve gathered a variety of gorgeous DIY cupcake toppers that will fit the occasion – just like we did with the larger accents for cakes! These mini bites can easily be accented with far more than a couple of light sprinkles or icing. Sparkles, die-cuts and more, let’s take a look at some of these easy, breezy projects that will set off the dessert of the night with ease and style. And make sure to check out our roundup of cake toppers too.

1. Geometric


Bespoke Bride utilized their Cricut cutter to make these charming geometric heart toppers. We love this ideas for events with a funkier vibe and modern vision.

2. Feathers


Here’s a personal favorite of my own from the bunch. Over at The Cake Blog you’ll find a beautiful tutorial on how to create these golden feather toppers.

3. Ribbon


Boxwood Clippings use a small piece of ribbon to create some charming toppers with ease. This idea is perfect for when your stressed for time or in a pinch!

4. Stars


Anytime there is glitter involved – we’re there and that goes for the cupcake toppers too. Check out Unusually Lovely to find out how to recreate these for your own desserts.

5. Fondant


Craftsy shows us how to work and play around with fondant! Making these ruffled flowers could be a showstopping part of your celebration!

6. Arrows

arrow cupcake topper diy

Are you not absolutely gushing over these adorable arrow toppers from Cue the Confetti. For birthdays or other themed events (Hunger Games anyone?) these would be perfection!

7. Art Deco

cupcake topper diy

Check out Circus Berry for how to make these art decor-inspired beauties. This too can be used for a wide range of events making them one of the more versatile of the bunch.

8. Straws


Using straws, Best Friends For Frosting, made some “candles” that really shine bright on these charming cupcakes. How fun would these be for a birthday party?!

9. Gumballs


Best Friends For Frosting did something so simple but still stylish and ready for celebration. All you need are some colorful gumballs to lay atop your cupcake creations!

10. Bow

Cupcake Toppers Bow

Paper Crush made these chic bow toppers with modern, feminine style in mind. We love these for a New Year’s Eve party or even your little lady’s “big girl” birthday!

11. Cereal


You can even use some cereal to create your cupcake toppers like Paper & Stitch did. These fruity o’s make some adorable hearts to decorate their sweet bites.

12. Animals


Hank & Hunt also took the plastic animal trend and used it to their advantage. Small little bunnies really could make the most charming of toppers, don’t you think?

13. Love


These “love” letters were made by Celebrations and turned into quite the whimsical and showstopping cupcake accent! They’re perfect for wedding, engagement parties and even anniversaries!

14. Fans


Bespoke Bride shows us all how to create fan decor that you can use for anything. If you can make them larger then you can easily make them smaller too and use them as toppers for your desserts!

15. Buttons


Buttons can be used as unique toppers too. Just hop on over to Bridal Musings and get the details on how to turn some of your craft supplies into cupcake magic.

16. Pom Poms


Pom poms are always fun and festive for a variety of occasions and these toppers are no exception. Check out the instructions over at The Tomkat Studio.

17. Chocolate

Chocolate DIY CUpcake topper

Catch My Party has a great tutorial for creating some designer-style chocolate toppers! We love when the accent is both edible and gorgeous!

18. Templates


Here are some little cupcake labels that you can grab from Elli. In a small variety of designs, you’ll need to head on over and find the template for your choice.

19. Fringe


We’re swooning for these fringe tissue paper toppers from Make Life Lovely. In particular we love the colors used but realize that they can be made with any scheme in mind.

20. Sprinkles


Here’s a sprinkle idea from Bonjour Berry made by utilizing some candy molds! We love how festive they are and you can use the method to make a variety of shapes and letters too.

21. Flags


Elli shows us how to make mini flags for all of our mini desserts. These say “live, laugh, love” but you can play off that idea in a variety of ways.

22. Monogram


One Charming Party made these monogram cupcakes out of some funky straws! It’s easy and you can get really creative in your phrasing.

23. Rosettes


Paper rosettes could be your ticket to more stylish cupcakes. And Three Little Monkeys Studio shows us how to make them right at home.

24. Balloons


Check out Studio DIY for this balloon topper DIY. Pastels, jewel tones and the like will all look great floating atop some cupcakes for a variety of special occasions.

25. Pinwheel

pinwheel cupcake topper diy

Karen Kavett made these charming pinwheel toppers and we’re in love! They’re great for all festive occasions, especially springtime celebrations.

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