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25 DIY Baby Shower Gifts for the Little Boy on the Way

Now imagine that there’s a baby boy on his way into the world and the shower to celebrate is coming up in mere days. If the registry has been wiped and you’re at a loss of what to give the mom-to-be, why not create something useful (and adorable) all of your own. Let’s have a peek at 25 DIY baby shower gift ideas that cater to little princes to come.

1. Pocket Bibs

Pocket Bibs

These bibs can be used with or without a pocket, depending on what baby is eating for dinner. And we’re in love with the fab designs! {found on Observation Diary}

2. Personalized Framed Art

Personalized Framed Art

Even little boys need some art for their nurseries. And some personalized pieces are easy to create and make perfect, thoughtful grifts for the mom-to-be. {found on C.R.A.F.T.}

3. Important Papers File

Important Papers File

You’ll be surprised how much use this gift will get after all toys have been put away and clothes folded. It’s one that will last a lifetime for both mom and baby (and dad too!). {found on Unoriginal Mom}

4. New Mommy Survival Kit

New Mommy Survival Kit

From the hospital stay to the first days home, stuff a box with all the essentials mom and baby may need once the due date arrives. {found on The Thinking Closet}

5. Handmade Taggie Blanket

Handmade Taggie Blanket