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16 Cupcake Decorating Tutorials To Experiment With

Learning how to bake a batch of cupcakes is one thing – but it’s a totally different thing to learn how to decorate them. You may not have the tools you need, but we’re here to spread the knowledge of how to turn a drab bite into a fab bite in no time. Take the time to let your goods cool completely and then follow one of these 16 cupcake decorating tutorials to experiment with.

1. Simple

Simple frosting tutorial

Learn how to frost cupcake in a simple, charming way with some help from this step-by-step tutorial at Life Love and Sugar. Once you get this skill under your belt, you can easily add on some of the more intricate elements. Just start with a classic piping bag!

2. Succulents

Succulent cupcake decorating tutorial

There’s a tutorial at Amanda Rettke that will teach you how to turn your cupcakes into mini succulents. They’re right on trend and oh so adorable. They’re the perfect treat to bring to baby showers, bridal showers, or other summer celebrations.

3. Ranunculus

Ranunculus cupcake decorating

Turn your cakes into tiny flowers. We love ranunculus and they’re easier than you may think to fashion your cupcakes after. Jump over to My Cake School for all the details.

4. 10-Ways

10 different ways to frost cupcakes

Sugar & Sparrow will open up the doors for you to learn 10 different ways to frost a cupcake. Some are simple. Some are a little more intricate. And some are completely unique. Snag all the insight now and start experimenting this weekend – with the kiddos!

5. Rose Clusters

Mini rose flower cupcake decorating

We’re loving these floral clusters too. These really are perfect for bringing to any spring or summer celebrations. Just take a look at the step-by-step directions a YouTube.

6. Marshmallow Tea Party

Tea party cupcake decorating

Sweetopia will run you through making some of your own marshmallow fondant. And then afterward, you can grab some inspiration for styling. These tiny tea party cupcakes are so great for a little one’s sleepover, don’t you think?

7. Gelatin Toppers

Sprinklebakes bubble gum cupcakes with gelatin bubble topper tutorial 11

Another way to decorate your cupcakes are with fun toppers – edible or just artistic. These ones are made with gelatin and top off every bite in fun festivity! Check it out at Sprinkle Bakes.

8. Rainbow Swirls

Rainbow swirl cupcake decorating

Sometimes the most simple addition makes the biggest impact. With this YouTube video, you can learn how to decorate your cupcakes simply but with a punch of color. How do you get those colors? Take the leap and follow along.

9. Daisy Minis

Daisy mini cupcakes decorating

Sarah’s Bake Studio will run you through whipping up a set of mini daisy cupcakes. Colors or neutrals, this design is a fabulous place to start when trying to take on new design elements from a novice space. Some food coloring, pastry bags, and decorating tips are where you need to start.

10. Ruffles

Ruffle floral cupcakes decorating

Over at Jenny Cookies, you can take a peek at how to create ruffles on your cupcake tops. These can be made into floral accents or left as just a modern finish. Grab your pastry bag and decorating tips to get starting here as well.

11. Geodes

Mini geode cupcakes topper diy

Top off your cupcakes with one of the most trendy additions. At Sugar & Sparrow, we can all learn how to create some mini geode cupcake toppers. Gold sprinkles are essential.

12. Tiny Pumpkins

Easy pumpkin cupcake toppers by rosebakes 750x1259

If you’re looking to decorate for the fall season or Halloween-time, then these tiny pumpkins will be high on your list of priority. Rose Bakes took real cloves to use as the stem. Play with some fondant and have some fun creating your gourds!

13. Flamingos

Flamingo cupcake toppers diy

Here’s another great design for when you’re making a batch of cupcakes for a summertime celebration Learn how to frost and create with this tutorial video from Planete Gateau. You can even mix things up and create aqua-colored flamingos!

14. Painted

Spatula painted cupcakes diy

If you visit Sugar & Sparrow just one more time, you’ll learn one of our favorite skills on the list. Grab a spatula and “paint” your cakes. We’re loving this offbeat and artistic creation.

15. Unicorns

Unicorn cupcake tutorials

One of the trendiest of themes right now is of the whimsical and romantic; it’s of the unicorn. And with some help from The Fit & Healthy Baker, you’ll learn how to make some unicorn cupcakes too. You can easily personalize these designs as well.

16. Candy Melts

Candy melt cupcake toppers

Lexis Rose will show you how to many super easy – and edible – candy melt cupcake toppers for all occasions. From snowflakes to carrots, this skill will take you all over the map design-wise and seasonally. Take the leap and get started.

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