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15 St. Patty’s Day Treats To Whip Up This March

We’ll be celebrating the luck of the Irish before we know it! Be sure to wear green, of course, but also, why not make some sweet bites for the entire family to enjoy around the holiday? Whether you’re sending them to school or sharing them with the family around the dinner table, everyone will want a taste. These 15 St. Patty’s Day treats are perfect for whipping up this March.

1. Irish Cream Dessert Pizza

Baileys st patricks day dessert pizza

Dessert pizza is delicious. Dessert pizza with a bit of Irish Cream and green made for the holiday is just an entirely new level of delicious – and festivity. Check out this recipe by visiting Grandbaby Cakes.

2. Lucky Charm Rice Krispie Treats

Lucky rice krispie treats

Everyone loves a good Rice Krispy Treat and when you add a few Lucky Charms marshmallows in there, you have something even more special. Classy Clutter created this masterpiece and you can snag the details by taking the jump. But really, this is a great blend of both Irish influence and the standard “green.”

3. Pot of Gold Cupcakes

Pot of gold cupcakes

Baking A Moment went all out with these snazzy “Pot of Gold” cupcakes. Complete with a rainbow swirl of icing and a golden chocolate coin on top, you’ll really be feeling a bit Irish when you take a bite into this one. And the kiddos are going to love this one too.

4. Green Velvet Cake

Green velvet cheesecake cake

We’ve all love red velvet cake – it’s always a fan favorite and a showstopper at holiday parties. And we’ve even heard of blue velvet cake. But, if you want to really stop the party on your St. Patrick’s Day get together, you’ll hop on over and check out Recipe Girl.

5. Green Caramel Corn

St patricks day caramel corn