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50 Liquor Infused Cupcakes That Will Take Make Friday Night Much More Fun

Prep for the weekend with a batch of these boozy baked bites. Dinner parties, wine nights with the girls or a celebration of any kind (for adults, of course) can be amped up a bit with some of these moist and delicious mini-cakes. Preheat the oven and scour all 50 of these liquour-infused cupcakes that will make your Friday nights – or any night – that much more fun!

1. Sailor Sunday

Tattooed martha sailor sundae cupcakes 23

Add some rum to your chocolate cupcakes like you see here with these Sailor Sunday special. The recipe can be caught over at Tattooed Martha.

2. Bourbon Maple Bacon

Bourbon bacon maple cupcake recipe 66

Wonky Wonderful has this intricate recipe for making bourbon maple bacon cupcakes full of rich flavors. And you cannot forget the buttercream icing.

3. Spiked Raspberry Lemonade

Spiked raspberry lemonade cupcakes

Here’s a yummy treat for the summertime, just taken up a notch with the addition of raspberry liquor. Grab the details over at A Beautiful Plate.

4. Bailey’s Irish Cream

Baileys irish cream cupcakes

Fruetcake made these Irish cream cupcakes that you’re really going to love. They’re sweet, they’re satisfying and perfect for a late night snack all year long.

5. Vodka

Vodka cupcake recipe

Check out The Baking Robot for this great recipe for vodka-infused cupcakes! These would be perfect to ring in the New Year or celebrate a big anniversary too!

6. Pina Colada

Pina colada cupcake

Neighborfood took one of the most popular vacation drinks and brought it to life in cupcake form. And we’re drooling over the scrumptious creations, aren’t you?

7. Gin & Tonic

Gin and tonic cupcakes

If you’re a fan of gin and tonic then you’ll need to stop by at Scaredy Cat Kitchen and give this recipe a try. Garnish is to make it pretty and then pass them around like cocktails.

8. Malibu Mommy

Malibu mommy cupcakes

Stephanie Lynn gives us this innovative idea for making Malibu “Mommy” cupcakes. And all you need is some white cake mix to get it started.

9. Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey

Honey whiskey cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for those with a southern taste for whiskey. Check out these Jack Daniels cupcakes complete with a boozy drizzle at Creative Culinary.

10. Buttered Rum

Buttered rum cupcakes

For those with a pirate-inspired palette, check out these buttered rum bites over at Adventures in Cooking. Just look how adorable the pirate theme can be when decorating.

11. Kir Royale

Kir royale cupcakes

Live Love Pasta has another champagne cupcake recipe that we’re left swooning for. Follow along with the easy tutorial and serve these up tonight!

12. Margarita

Margarita cupcakes

Here are some classic margarita cupcakes complete with a green-hue and beautiful garnish. You’ll need to visit Tide & Thyme for the recipe!

13. Chocolate & Irish Cream

Chocolate & caramel irish cream cupcakes

For an extra satisfying bite with a boost of chocolate, check out these cupcakes from CupcakePedia. And this one includes fudge cake mix for extra moisture.

14. White Russian

White russian cupcake

Paint Chips and Frosting took a white Russian and transformed it into an edible piece of cake. Complete with a drizzle that will tantalize the tastebuds!

15. Cinnamon Eggnog Bourbon

Cinn eggnog bourbon cupcakes

If you’re looking for a holiday treat, check out these cinnamon eggnog bourbon cupcakes from The Java Cupcake Blog! They’ll be perfect for gift exchange parties and the like.

16. Jack & Coke

Jack & coke cupcakes

Sweet Mivi made jack and coke cupcakes with a gummi coke bottle topping that made us giggle. These will be a sure hit among your pals so make sure to create a big enough batch!

17. Peach Bellini

Peach bellini cupcakes

Create a peach bellini cupcake with the help of The Java Cupcake. With some edible pearls on top and peach-hued icing, they’re quite the cute treat too.

18. Honey Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk

Honey toasted hazelnut chocolate chunk cupcakes with boozy honey buttercream frosting 1

Half Baked Harvest has a lot going on in these masterful cupcakes. But the spark to the madness comes in the form of its boozy honey buttercream frosting.

19. Sultana

Sultana cupcake with brandy frosting

Check out these sultana cupcakes with brandy-infused frosting. They’re really great around the holidays, perfect for dinner parties too and can be found at Reveal.

20. Ginger Beer & Pineapple Pisco

Pisco pineapple cupcakes

Here’s another unique spin on a classic cupcake. F & B Apartment has all the details on how to make these including its moist middle section.

21. Chocolate Amaretto

Vegan chocolate amaretto cupcakes

Eating Abroad gives us one of my personal favorites on the list … chocolate amaretto cupcakes with a bit of almond garnish! Check out it after the jump!

22. Fireball & Hard Cider

Cocktail cupcakes fall fireball whiskey hard cider cupcakes if you give a blonde a kitchen

The party will really get started once you pass these puppies around. Grab all the directions at If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen for these fireball and hard cider cupcakes.

23. Whiskey Sour

Whiskey sour cupcakes

Beth Cakes made a whiskey sour cupcake that everyone at the party will dive into – even the men! Snag the recipes and get to infusing those cakes!

24. Mini Mimosa

Mini mimosa cupcakes

These tiny drink-inspired cupcakes are too cute, too delicious and perfect for a celebration. You can find the recipe by visiting This Silly Girl’s Kitchen.

25. Tequila Sunrise

Tequila sunrise cupcakes

Really put some pep into your dessert by making these tequila sunrise cupcakes from Love & Olive Oil. And don’t forget the orange juice!

26. Mudslide

Mudslide cupcakes

Tracey’s Culinary Adventures took a chocolatey, dessert drink and made it even more dessert worthy by making it into a cupcake. Enjoy it from top to bottom, our favorite part is the swirled icing!

27. Red Wine Velvet

Red wine cupcakes

How don’t red wine velvet sound to you? Even better than the more classic baked good, red velvet, these are exploding with fun for vino lovers. Check them out at butter me up, brooklyn.

28. Spiked Peach

Spiked peach cupcakes

Grab some spiked peach cupcakes to celebrate a new job, birthday or just to highlight the weekend! Kiwi and Peach has all the details on the bourbon infused creations.

29. Champagne

Champagne cupcakes recipe

Some classic champagne cupcakes could be exactly what you need to make your next party complete. Visit Gimme Some Oven for the details.

30. Cosmos

Cosmo cupcakes recipe

The Novice Chef makes some sassy cosmo cupcakes that we’re completely swooning for. Especially with that straw garnish to pay homage to the classic cocktail.

31. Sangria

Sangria cupcakes

How do sangria cupcakes sound for this evening? We found this recipe over at Country Living and can’t wait to try them ourselves.

32. Chocolate Bomb

Boozy chocolate bomb cupcakes

Check out these boozy chocolate bomb cupcakes from The Crumby Cake. They’re dressed in Halloween attire but you don’t have to do that, of course. But you can’t forget the caramel whiskey filling!

33. Southern Comfort

Southern comfort cupcakes

My Baking Addiction took a bit of Southern Comfort and injected her cakes with it! Find all the details out on the blog and start baking!

34. Banana Bourbon Butterscotch

Banana cupcakes with bourbon butterscotch filling and toasted marshmallow frosting by bakers royale

There’s a lot of flavor happening in these cupcakes and we’re in love with the combination from Bakers Royale! Banana cupcakes, bourbon butterscotch filling and some toasted marshmallow frosting to top it off!

35. Dark Chocolate Chambord

Dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate chambord ganache bakersroyale wm 1024x7681

Bakers Royale made this delicious treat too. It’s full of chocolate and topped with an icing that’s infused with some Chambord – although the recipe states that you can use any of your favorite liquor.

36. Chianti Chocolate

Chianti chocolate cupcakes

Sprinkle Bakes made some Chianti chocolate cupcakes that we’re drooling over. And we’re kind of loving the grape garnish and rose-colored frosting.

37. Tiramisu

Tiramisu cupcakes

With a bit of rum, you can make some boozy and delicious tiramisu cupcakes just like these gorgeous ones from Cupcake Project. These are a classic and an absolute fan-favorite.

38. Drunken Apple

Druken apple cupcakes

Melissa Hanson made some beautiful and delicious drunken apple cupcakes that we think would be the most perfect of fall treats. The frosting is infused with RumChata!

39. Chocolate Espresso with Kahlua

Chocolate espresso cupcakes with kahlua cream cheese frosting

If you’re a fan of Kahlua then you’ll want to hop on over to Art of Dessert and check out this cupcake recipe. Chocolate espresso cupcakes are rounded off with some Kahlua cream cheese frosting!

40. Cranberry Margarita

Cranberry margarita cupcakes

Baker by Nature took a margarita and turned it into a cupcake. Then it was kicked up a notch by flavoring it with some sweet and tart cranberries!

41. Frangelico

Frangelico cupcakes

Check out these frangelico cupcakes from Little Box Brownie. And besides the bit of liquor, peanut butter is the star of this show.

42. Parma Violet

Parma violet cupcakes

Katiecakes made some unique and gorgeous violet cupcakes for all of us to get intrigued a bit by. Infused with violet liquor, the one is fun for experimenting with new flavors.

43. Raspberry Mojito

Raspberry mojito cupcakes

The Java Cupcake made some raspberry mojito cupcakes that would be perfect for a summer day with the gals. And of course, the perfect garnish to this bite are some fresh berries.

44. Espresso Martini

Espresso martini cupcakes a boozy grown up cupcake based on the popular cocktail

Over at the Domestic Gothess you’ll find this awesome recipe for an espresso martini cupcake. Coffee lovers and dessert drink connoisseurs unite for this treat.

45. Blackberry Cabernet

Blackberry cabernet cupcakes bakers royale11

You’ll need to visit the geniuses behind Bakers Royale for this one too. Blackberry cabernet cupcakes sounds like the perfect topping to a night of celebrating and enjoying, don’t you think?

46. Appletini

Appletini cupcakes bakers royale

Who loves a crisp and sweet appletini to top off their night? Well, what about if you visit Bakers Royale and learn how to make it in cupcake form? YUM!

47. Mint Julep

Mint julep cupcakes

Take time out for the races with these mint julep cupcakes from Frog Prince Paperie. They’re really great for bridal shower treat, especially if it’s themed!

48. Dark & Stormy

Dark & stormy cupcakes

These cakes are infused with ginger beer and the frosting infused with rum. Check out this “dark & stormy” recipe at Country Living.

49. Strawberry Moscato

Strawberry moscato cupcakes

What gal wouldn’t love to whip up a batch of these for her and her beau or just a group of her best ladies? These beautiful treats and their recipe can be found at Eat Yourself Skinny.

50. Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry margarita cupcakes

Check out these strawberry margarita cupcakes from The Baker Chick. They’re not only beautiful but they’re perfect for a summertime fiesta in the backyard or for a regular ole girl’s night!

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