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10 of the Best DIY Greenhouse Kits off Amazon

You can build your very own greenhouse in your very own backyard – and it still be a stress-free experience. How? Well, instead of just following a tutorial – and having to buy all of your materials (while crossing your fingers that you’re picking up the right stuff) – you grab a ready-made set that will get the job done? We’ve found 10 of the best DIY greenhouse kits off Amazon! Scroll through our friends and grab one that fits your budget and vision.

1. Palram Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse

Palram hybrid hobby greenhouse

This Palram Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse will become a gorgeous, modern addition to your background – while scratching your itch to hone in on your green thumb talents. It is made with polycarbonate roof panels (nearly indestructible) and it features aluminum frame, adjustable roof vent, rain gutters, lockable door, and a steel base. The reviews give some great insight on the construction as well. It comes with a set of plant hangers too!

For those with larger backyard areas or have a vision for more items underneath their greenhouse, this is a design that may be perfect for you. It can easily be placed on the ground outside or a manmade wooden deck per your wants or needs. Also, keep in mind that although it may take a few hours (and an extra person or two) to assemble, the sturdiness is worth the time spent.

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2. Palram Nature Series Greenhouse

Palram nature series greenhouse

Here we have another Palram brand greenhouse but this design is from their “nature series.” This particular design can come in a few different frame shades including silver and green – which give it a nice, unique finish. It also features polycarbonate walls, an adjustable roof vent, and rain gutters.

It’s very similar to its predecessor in style, but with a fogged finish on the outside – so it really comes down to personal preference. It too will take a few hours to set up but has the same durability as well. Per customer reviews, it even survives nicely in the snow and through incredible strong (and multiple) thunderstorms.

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3. Quintcent Pop-Up Greenhouse

Quintcent pop up greenhouse

One of the easiest to set-up, this pop-up greenhouse gets the job done. It’s made of eco-friendly materials, includes 4 large zipper doors and includes 6 stakes to keep the stability. This particular design was made with flower beds or grand box kits in mind.

Some of the pros here are its ease of set-up. It can also easily fold-up and be moved to any location within just a few minutes. In fact, the design is very much like a pop-up tent when you go camping so if you’re already familiar with that – this will be a breeze!

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4. SpringHouse Greenhouse

Springhouse greenhouse

The SpringHouse Greenhouse has a mix of pop-up friendly set-up and a larger space to work within. You can purchase a shelving set that fits inside and also promotes and maintains high humidity levels to create a surpriser growth environment for your plants. And the open floor plan allows installation over existing plants.

Keep in mind, what’s so great about having your own greenhouse is you can continue to grow and nurture your garden all-year round. And the portable ability of designs like this, make it to where you can move it to an ample location depending on the time of year.

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5. CO-Z Portable Greenhouse

Co z portable greenhouse

This mini hot house is really all you need to get your green thumb churning. The CO-Z portable design features user-friendly accents like the zipper doors, rust-resistant tubes, and screened ventilation. There’s also dual cover options that go along with the changing of the seasons.

It’s also good to notice this particular design is made to make sure photosynthesis happens. We love the option of keep the zipper doors open or shutting them during time of more severe elements or seasons. They’re the best bet for covering existing beds.

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6. KingSo Mini Greenhouse

Kingso mini greenhouse

Check out the KingSo Mini Greenhouse from Amazon now! This tiny design will protect your plants from the elements that may hurt them while coming with a satisfaction guaranteed warranty (which is always a plus). It includes a transparent PVC cover and it’s easily portable too!

And do you know how quick buyers are assembling this? In only 10-15 minutes it can happen – and you can do it on your own. Between the price and the quality – there’s really not much to lose when deciding on this design.

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7. Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Mini walk in greenhouse

This design can be used both indoors and outdoors! It’s small, but there’s still enough room to walk in and check on your plants. It has a strong frame and includes six shelves on each side and the set-up is an absolute no brainer.

Stay in the soil all-year round and have ample opportunity to house all your plants without actually taking up too much space. If you have a smaller backyard or what to place this on a patio or porch, this could be your best bet.

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8. Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse

Home complete walk in greenhouse

We found this Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse is a design that combines a lot of the best features of all the others on the list. It’s portable, it can be used both indoors and out, it’s sturdy and stylish too. It also includes 8 spacious shelves, can be used in all seasons, and no tools are required to assemble.

Be on the lookout for coupons when buying this design! You can add the with just a click of a button. In the meantime, check out some of the amazing customer reviews here: which basically is explicit in telling us that this is worth the money and the quality of are you’ll be getting for your plants.

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9. Quintcent Waterproof UV Protected Greenhouse

Quintcent waterproof uv protected greenhouse

This Quintcent Waterproof design keeps the ground around your flowers and plants nice and warm – doing it’s job with no hassle on your part. It’s a good size for moving around and is made from heavy-duty steel framework and PVC cover. And, yes, it’s waterproof and UV protected for peace of mind.

It’s important to mention that the “Quintcent” brand is one of the top choices for high-quality structures including greenhouses, gazebos, and and camping tents. And this particular design is perfect for spaces that cannot hold a traditional greenhouse.

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10. Riverstone Industries Grow House

Riverstone industries grow house

We are loving the innovative design of the Riverstone. One of the more budget-friendly options on the list, the shape of this one is also one-of-a-kind as it’s both vertical and slender. Comes with a PVC cover, dual zipper doors, and caster wheels for ease of movement.

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These pop-up designs help to keep your plants safe from frost and pests giving them a longer ability to grow and become strong. The PVC cover slides right over the frame making it another super system kit to grab and go with.