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25 Crochet Infinity Scarf Tutorials

Crochet is a classic pastime that has been experiencing a resurgence of late, thanks to its simple techniques and small materials list. Because of this, it lends itself to easy projects like infinity scarves. So today we are sharing 25 of our absolute favorite infinity scarf projects.

1. Mesh Infinity Scarf

Mesh crochet infinity scarf

This colorful infinity scarf has a lacy sort of feel, with large spaces crocheted right into the scarf. But because of its width, it still feels quite substantial. Make your way over to Blitsy to check out the full tutorial, along with a video that will show you exactly what to do in real time.

2. Chunky Two Tone Scarf

Two tone crochet infinity scarf

This bold scarf pattern is made with thick yarn and a large crochet hook, which creates a chunky style that is super cozy during those chilly winter months. Head over to Gina Michele’s blog to find out all the details about this simple piece. And this one is suitable for beginners!

3. Finger-Crocheted Infinity Scarf

Lacey crochet infinity scarf

This charming infinity scarf has a dainty, lace-style pattern to it, and guess what? It doesn’t even require a crochet hook! All you need is your fingers. Make your way over to Is Laura to find out how to crochet a scarf with your fingers (and don’t forget to use Google translator if you need it).

4. Tassel Infinity Scarf

Beginner crochet infinity scarf

This bright summer scarf is crocheted with a very loose weave, making it suitable for warmer months without giving you heat stroke. And it has some stylish tassels around the outside to add some serious flair. Head over to Mama In A Stitch to read the tutorial.

5. Ribbed Chunky Infinity Scarf

Ribbed chunky infinity scarf free crochet pattern 6

This scarf has a more tailored look, with a thick ribbed style and a layered feel. The bright orange yarn gives it a bold look, but you could tone it down with a lighter color if you prefer. Head over to Hopeful Honey to read all the directions for this pretty infinity scarf.

6. Broomstick Lace Infinity Cowl

Cotton crochet infinity scarf tutorial

Here, cotton yarn with a number of colors are crocheted into a stunning design called the Broomstick stitch. It’s a bit more complex than basic crochet, but it’s still very doable if you have a bit of experience. Head over to MoreStomach to find out how to do it.

7. Lacy Infinity Scarf

Lacy crochet infinity scarf tutorial

This pretty scarf has the look of a checkerboard, with unique alternating square-shaped spaces. It has a light feel, so it would be the perfect accessory for warmer weather. Make your way over to Kiku Corner to check out all of the instructions for this lovely piece.

8. Color Block Cowl

Striped crochet infinity scarf tutorial

This gorgeous cowl style infinity scarf has three blocks of color, giving it a beautiful variegated look. The tight stitches lend a chunky feel to it, making it ideal for those chilly fall nights. Head over to Tangled Happy to find out exactly how to make one of these yourself.

9. Gold Leaf Cowl

Chunky gold leaf crochet infinity scarf tutorial

If you like to go a bit glam with your accessories, then this might be the perfect DIY infinity scarf for you to try. This unique cowlis made with Lion Brand’s gold leaf yarn, giving it that bit of sparkle. Check out the full tutorial over at Delia Creates.

10. Seashell Infinity Scarf

Seashells crochet infinity scarf tutorial

This bold infinity scarf is made with two contrasting yarn colors, and a seashell style pattern is crocheted right into the top of it simply by switching colors for one row and then switching back. Head over to Yarn Twist to check out the instructions and to download the pattern.

11. Bellflower Infinity Scarf

Blue crochet infinity scarf tutorial

The Bellflowerinfinity scarf is aptly named, thanks to its pretty floral pattern. It may not be right for someone who has never crocheted before, but it would be very manageable for anyone with some experience. Check out the tutorial at Hooked On Crafting.

12. Sugar Snap Scarf

Ginger snap crochet infinity scarf tutorial

This infinity scarf pattern’s name was inspired by the color itself, a warm orange that reminded the author of a sugar snap cookie. The stitch is simple to recreate, consisting of two rows that are repeated throughout. Check out the full tutorial over at Fiber Flux.

13. Fringe Infinity Scarf

Fringe crochet infinity scarf tutorial

This lovely infinity scarf has a bohemian feel, with a pretty row of fringe the lines the outside edge. And the good news is that the crochet stitch is super easy to do! Make your way over to Whistle & Ivy to learn more about it and to check out the full tutorial.

14. Same Stitch Scarf

Same stitch crochet infinity scarf tutorial

This pretty little infinity scarf has a lovely pattern to it, with double crochet stitches thatare clustered into one (known as the “same stitch cluster”). This is where the name comes from. Head over to Stitch ‘Em to find out how to make this surprisingly simple piece.

15. Cube Infinity Scarf

Cube crochet infinity scarf tutorial

This one is aptly named as well, with repeated cubes that look almost like little pinwheels. This one takes a bit of expertise to recreate, but with a bit of practice it is very doable. Make your way over to Grow Creative to find out how to make this one yourself.

16. Cherries In Bloom Scarf

Cherries in bloom crochet infinity scarf

This unique infinity scarf is created using three different yarn colors together, forming a lovely alternating pattern reminiscent of the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring. Head over to Fiber Flux to check out this complex but incredible pattern.

17. Super Chunky Infinity Scarf

Super chunky crochet infinity scarf

This super chunky scarf would be perfect for fall and winter when temperatures dip and your neck needs some extra warmth. And the tutorial is easy to understand, with well-written descriptions and step-by-step photos. Check it out over at What’s For Dinner?

18. Shell Infinity Scarf

Shell crochet infinity scarf

This darling infinity scarf has a gorgeous shell pattern (doesn’t it remind you of the beach!?) and it can be worn long or looped around a second time and worn as a shorter cowl. Make your way over to Grow Creative to find out how to recreate this scarf yourself.

19. Neon Color Block Scarf

Neon color block crochet infinity scarf

If you love bright colors, this might be the perfect scarf pattern for you. This infinity scarf is made using four neon yarn colors, and has a pretty design with descending square holes. Head over to the Callaloo Soup blog to find out how to do this one.

20. Blue Infinity Scarf

Pretty chunky crochet infinity scarf

This lovely scarf has a pretty design that consists of circular flower-like sections, and the edge has a bit of a scallop to it. It is similar to the Catherine Wheel Stitch. Make your way over to Hopeful Honey to find out how to make this beautiful scarf yourself.

21. Braided Infinity Scarf

Braided cowl free crochet pattern

This braided scarf has a different look than all the others because, well, it’s braided! Four strips are crocheted, and then they are overlapped in a braid-style pattern at the end. Make your way over to My Hobby Is Crochet to check out the how-to video.

22. Hairpin Lace Infinity Scarf

Hairpin crochet infinity scarf

This colorful scarf looks like it’s braided, but it is actually crocheted using a crochet hook and a hairpin loom. Choose a plain yarn color if you’re looking for something more subtle. Head over to b.hooked to check out the full tutorial and more photos.

23. Gelato Infinity Scarf

Gelato crochet infinity scarf

The name of this scarf came from the beautiful berry-colored yarn that was used to make this pretty infinity scarf. This can be made as long as you like, because the ends are sewn together to form the infinity shape. Check out the whole tutorial at Fiber Flux.

24. Crochet Striped Scarf

Striped crochet infinity scarf

If you’re a big stripe fan, give this simple crochet pattern a try. The stripes are created simply by switching colors every couple of rows. Make your way over to Rescued Paw Designs to check out the full written tutorial along with step-by-step photos.

25. Jumbo Puff Stitch Cowl

Jumbo puff stitch crochet infinity scarf

This cozy-looking scarf is made using chunky yarn and a fun stitch that ends up looking like little puff balls. It’s not all that difficult to make, either… head over to All About Ami to check out the full how-to with written instructions and lots of great photos.

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