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Free Crochet Coaster Patterns for Every Occasion

Crochet coasters are perfect for adding a touch of personality to your home. They also make great gifts for any occasion. Check out this roundup of free crochet coaster patterns and start cleaning out your yarn stash today!

Simple citrus coaster

Simple Citrus Coasters

The delicate texture of this quick and easy crochet project makes these coasters perfect for last minute gifts, since they’ll go with almost any home decor scheme.Raverlyhas the free pattern.

Rainbow coasters

Rainbow Coasters

Isn’t this rainbow of crochet coasters from Habitual Homebody just gorgeous? The author says she was able to make six crochet coasters while watching one movie, so this is a great project for indulging in during your next Netflix binge.

Farmhouse style coasters

Farmhouse Style Coasters

Designed to look like tiny doilies, these farmhouse style coasters are made from a pattern that’s very forgiving. If you need to add or subtract a stitch here and there, you can rest easy knowing that tiny mistakes won’t be noticeable in the finished design. The Painted Hinge has the details.

Rollar coasters

Rollar Coasters

This simple crochet coaster pattern can be customized in a variety of ways. Don’t worry if it looks a little concave in the beginning, as it will be fixed by the time you block your finished piece and add a little stiffening spray. Haakmaarraak has the free pattern.

Jedburgh coaster

Jedburgh Coasters

A cheerful mandala inspired design, this crochet coaster pattern is suitable for advanced beginners. The author recommends beginning a new round with a chainless start for the best result. Head over to Atelier Marie-Lucienne for the details.

Sun coasters

Sun Coasters

These sun coasters are made using a granny stitch method where most crochet stitches are stitched through the hole, not the loop. Visit Make and Takes to learn more.

Heart coasters

Heart Shaped Coasters

Put a little love in your life with these heart shaped crochet coasters. Red Heart has the details for this easy beginner level project.

Seashell coasters

Seashell Coasters

Give your home a beachy feel with these seashell coasters. Crochet your project with two strands of cotton yarn for coasters with extra absorbency. Ramsileigh Crochet has the free project pattern.

Starfish coasters

Starfish Coasters

Although this is an intermediate level pattern, gauge is not critical when making these starfish coasters. They measure 8″ from tip to tip, which makes them a little larger and more time consuming to complete than the typical crochet coaster. Joann.com has the project instructions.

Coffee cup coasters

Coffee Cup Coasters

If you’re the type of person who can’t get through the day without multiple cups of coffee, this crochet coaster pattern is perfect for paying tribute to your caffeine addiction. Alternatively, you could use the design as an applique on a blanket, tote bag, or pillow. Repeat Crafter Me has the details.


Tea Cup Coasters

Tea drinkers will appreciate this clever tea cup coaster pattern, which is made using chain, single crochet, and half double crochet stitches. Like the coffee cup coaster pattern, it also works well as an applique. Visit Divine Debris for the instructions.

Watermelon coasters

Watermelon Coasters

The author of this whimsical watermelon coaster pattern recommends creating an extra set or two to have on hand for use as handmade hostess gifts. Learn more about this beginner level crochet project at Lakeview Cottage Kids.

Fall leaves coasters

Fall Leaf Coasters

When fall arrives, this set of leaf coasters makes a warm and welcoming addition to your home decor. The Painted Hinge has the details.

Crochet ghost coasters

Ghost Coasters

Get this free Halloween crochet pattern by connecting with All Crochet Patterns via your Facebook account. Connecting also unlocks several other holiday themed designs, including a cute crochet pumpkin.

Christmas coasters

Christmas Ornament Coasters

This simple little project would be a wonderful yet budget-friendly DIY gift for coworkers, neighbors, and other special people during the holidays. By making each ornament a different color, you’re also getting the perfect opportunity to clean out your yarn stash. Learn more at Atty’s.

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