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The 10 Best Acrylic Paint Sets for Beginners and Professionals in 2023

Ever since we were little kids, we’ve absolutely adored painting. It’s something that all children learn how to do, but we also find that it’s something only a few people continue to practice throughout their lives and take into their adult world with any measure of skill or priority.

Best Acrylic Paints

Lately, we’ve been feeling like going back to our crafting roots and taking it back up so we can advance our skills and enjoy it more one again, just like we did previously with knitting or resin rafts; we want to develop our painting into an actual habit and skill, rather than just something we’ve done a few times before.

Best acrylic paint set (reviews)

To get started, we’ve been looking into quality but affordable acrylic paint kits that we can use as we jump back in but also later when we’ve got more practice under our belts and are trying more advanced techniques and effects to create our painted art.

As usual, we kept a list of options as we researched because we wanted to be able to refer back to things and really consider different features and brands to make sure we put our money into the product that’s absolutely the best choice for us. By the time we’d picked one, we’d also compiled a list of other quality options as well, so we figured we might as well share it!

Check out these 10 fantastic acrylic paint sets that are great for beginners but useful for “pros,” too.

1. ARTEZA Acrylic Paint

Arteza acrylic paint

When we first started looking for paint sets, our main priority besides price and quality was absolutely range of color. There’s nothing quite so freeing when you sit down to make something by hand as realizing that you can choose from literally any color in the world while you’re at it! That’s why this stacking kit from ARTEZA caught our eye so well.

This particular set boasts 24 tubes containing 22ml of paint each, all in a wide range of colors and shades. The paint itself that’s produced by this brand is designed to be highly pigmented, non-fading, non-toxic, and very easy to use, making it the perfect choice for kids and hobby painters who are just getting into it and trying to improve their skills.

The stacking case they come in helps keep things organized, while the price makes the whole package worth it.


  • Great pigment and non-toxic.
  • Covers with a single paint layer.
  • Features 24 tubes and a great price.


  • May not be the best for professional painters, but work great for amateurs.
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2. Acrylic Paint Set by Crafts 4 ALL

Acrylic paint set by crafts 4 all

Are you looking for a kit that you can use to practice your skills as an actual budding artist but that your kids can also use to play with because it’s affordable and easy to use enough for both of those skill levels? Well, if you’re okay with having a slightly less thorough shade range but still a decent collection of colors, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this kit offered by Crafts 4 ALL!

These paints are classified as “raw materials” in terms of their impressive pigments, which makes them particularly well priced. Their pigment makes them incredibly bright on the page and other materials (although they’re best used on paper).

One of the best features of these particular paints is their blend-ability, making them especially good options for color mixing (and thereby kind of making up for the limited base color range).


  • Works on canvas, wood, ceramic, and fabric.
  • Comes with three bonus brushes.
  • Colors dry fast.


  • Features 12 main colors.
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3. Apple Barrell Assorted Colors Pack

Apple barrell assorted colors pack

Are you very interested indeed in having a good color range of acrylic paints, but you’re also convinced that you’ll go through some of these smaller tubs in no time at all, so you’d much prefer a kit that comes with slightly larger individual tubes for each color? Then we’re pretty sure this kit from Apple Barrel will be a little more up your alley!

This pack comes with 18 different colors, and each bottle provides you with 59ml. One of the best parts of these particular paints is that they’re specifically designed to be used on all different kinds of surfaces, including (but not limited to) wood, styrofoam, plaster, terra cotta, and tin.

The formula of the paints glides on smoothly, dries quickly, can be brushed, stamped, stenciled, or sponged on, and is easily cleaned up with soap and water if it gets on a surface you didn’t mean to paint.


  • 18 assorted colors.
  • Great price for the set.
  • Cleans well while wet, so it’s great for kids.


  • Colors don’t work that well on darker canvases.
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4. ARTEZA Large Acrylic Paint

Arteza large acrylic paint

Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the described features of the very first paint we showed you, but you’re also intent on getting as many different colors and shades as you possibly can, so you can’t help wondering whether there isn’t a kit out there with even more available? Well, luckily for all of us, ARTEZA actually has that covered.

This kit shares many of the same features as the first one, from the quality of the paint right down to the well-organized and stackable case.

This time, however, you’re getting 60 whole tubes! Each tray in the case is organized by color so that it presents you with a range of shades within the same family right where you can easily find them.


  • 60 color tubes of 0.74 oz.
  • Non-toxic metallic paints.
  • They dry fast and the pigment is rich.


  • Some users said they needed too many color layers.
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5. Ampela Acrylic Paint Set

Ampela acrylic paint set

Is it actually your kids who have been wanting to learn how to paint rather than just yourself, but you’re looking for a little kit that will be easy to put away and store in between crafting sessions so that you can help them learn to keep their work areas neat and take care of their tools? Then we think you might appreciate this little box of acrylic paints offered by Ampela!

This waterproof paint is highly pigmented, easy to use for covering other shades on whatever you’re painting, and versatile; they even show up well on fabric!

You get 24 tubes in total, and even though each one has the only 12ml, it’s the perfect amount of each shade to let kids get their practice in and decide whether a painting is something they want to do more of so that you can evaluate whether a larger set is something worth investing in.


  • 24 color tubes for kids and beginners.
  • Great starter kit.


  • Smaller tubes than other available sets.
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6. Sargent Art 24-2498 Count Artist Quality Acrylic Paint Set

Sargent art 24 2498 count artist quality acrylic paint set

Are you a teacher, a playgroup leader, a daycare worker or nanny, or a parent to many crafty kids? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’ve been holding out on all of the options we’ve shown you so far in hopes that you’ll find something with much larger quantities in the same kind of diverse, highly pigmented paints that we’ve shown you so far! That’s precisely the kind of thing Sargent Art is here to give you.

Of course, because you’re getting alot more paint here than you are with most of the other options we’ve shown you, this kitis understandably a bit more of an investment in terms of price. Rather than little tubes, you’re getting 16oz bottles of smoothly applying paint that’s water-resistant when it dries.

The paint is non-toxic, American-made, and squeezed out easily and with control through pop-top bottles that are easy to keep clean.


  • Large, 16 OZ bottles in 12 different colors.
  • Great for paint pouring, too.


  • Even though there’s lot of paint, some folks complain about pigment strenght.
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7. GOTIDEAL Acrylic Paint Set

Gotideal acrylic paint set

Have we caught your attention the most with all this talk of diverse paints that can be applied to all different textures and surfaces with success, but you’re still not sure that you’ll be painting long term, so you just want a small kit that will help you get a feel for things and get started? Then we think you might have some luck with a kit like this one fromGOTIDEAL!

These paints are considered artist-grade, with high pigment and great blend-ability for color mixing, but they’re also sold very affordably to account for the modest size of the kit.

They’re also specifically designed to be used on various base materials, including canvas, wood, clay, fabrics, and ceramics.


  • Set runs cheap, so it’s great for hobby painters.
  • Works on canvas, wood, clay, fabric, and ceramics.


  • Tubes are only 0.77 oz, which is less than what many buyers thought it would be.
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8. Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set

Mont marte acrylic paint set

Have you actually been scrolling and thinking about how 24 colors or shades is just about the perfect size of kit for you, but you’re intent on seeing as many options as possible just so you can make sure that you pick the right color range? In that case, we think you should stop for a moment and take a good look at this option from Mont Marte before you go!

For only $20, you’ll receive this whole range of 36ml tubes, giving it a better literal product per dollar value than some of the things you’ve seen so far.

The formula of these paints dries with a lovely high gloss finish that makes finished products look quite professional, even when you mix colors (which is easy to do with this paint’s texture and pigmentation).


  • 24 colors suitable for canvas, wood, fabric, leather, cardboard, paper, MDF and others.
  • Great variety of shades
  • Semi-matte finish with short drying time.


  • Some users think the paint dries too fast.
  • Blending may be difficult for some shades
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9. Benicci Complete Acrylic Paint Set

Benicci complete acrylic paint set

If you’re going to invest money into buying some kind of kit, would you actually rather go all out and buy a fully stocked painting kit to get started with? Then we think you’ll really enjoy the way Benicci presents a bundle that gives you good acrylic paintsand quality but beginner-friendly brushes all together in one place!

These particular paints are best used on canvas, ceramic, and clay to get the smoothest, most pigmented coverage. It’s also non-toxic and quick-drying!

Additionally, the kit provides you with 12 different sized and shaped non-shed nylon brushes that allow you to learn different techniques and create details of different levels of finesse and coverage.


  • Set includes 24 colors, 12 art brushes, art knife, and sponge.
  • Colors work on canvas, clay, ceramic, and other crafts.
  • Super affordable.


  • The pigment isn’t that strong and you may want to get a separate brush set.
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10. Morfone Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

Morfone acrylic paint marker pens

Are you, for yourself or your kids, actually looking for an acrylic paint tool that’s a little more unique, unconventional, or fun, just to kickstart that interest in making painting a stronger part of your routine a little more and have some extra fun that you’ve maybe never tried before? Then we’re pretty sure that this kit from Morfone is the one for you!

Rather than squeezing these paints from a tube and applying them to your project with brushes, this brand lets you essentially color with the paint like you’re using a marker!

The paint comes out of a felt tip just like ink, but it’s actually that same durable, highly pigmented, and easily blended acrylic paint you’ve been searching for, just in a different format.


  • 12 colors markers with water-based paint.
  • Great for painting on rocks, canvases, photo albums, glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and more.
  • Reversible tips – thick and fine.


  • Markers dry out quickly.
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How to Buy Acrylic Paints?

Acrylic paints come in different quality levels – either for hobbyists or professionals. The color sets for hobbyists are obviously cheaper but they’re enough to get you started.

According to pro painters, you need to have about 10 colors which you can mix to create other colors are needed.

  • Titanium White
  • Cadmium Yellow, Orange, and Red
  • Crimson
  • Phthalo Green and Blue
  • Dioxazine Purple
  • Ivory Black
  • Burnt Sienna

Therefore, make sure that the set you’re buying features these shades, or at least most of them.

Also, keep in mind that even though the tubes may be smaller, it doesn’t mean much because quality colors will go a long way as they have good coverage and don’t require tons of layers.


Do you know another paint-loving artist and DY enthusiast who has been on the hunt for a new set of acrylic paints but who has been looking for a little more information and guidance before that really get down to making their final decision? Share this post with them so they can see a few more options and brands to help them make a more well-rounded choice!