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These 15 DIY Coasters Will Hold Your Drinks In Style

One of the easiest of homemade projects, these packs are perfect to use as gifts or as a way to dip you toes into the do-it-yourself world. These 15 coaster projects will hold your drinks in style – or maybe your best friend’s, sister’s, or your boyfriend’s at his studio apartment. Let’s see all of the wonderful ways you can make some of these fun additions, shall we?

1. Mini Cowhides

Diy mini cowhide coasters

Oh So Beautiful Paper had our hearts swooning with this one. We all know that cowhide (faux, preferably) throw rugs are completely in style, but what about taking that idea and turning it into something mini-size? With help from this tutorial, your coffee table just got a whole lot more interesting and fun!

2. Tiles

Diy tile coasters

Here are a more classic set of coasters that we think are rather dreamy too from The Cottage Mama. All you need are some tile pieces to get yourself started. You can really get creative and fun with these, and personalize each one to your liking.

3. Scrabble Pieces

Diy scrabble coasters

Who loves a good game of Scrabble? Well, Simply Darling took that love and turned it into something really special. These game pieces can be transformed into fun, personalize coasters for everyone at home to enjoy!

4. Crocheted

Diy crochet coasters 

A Beautiful Mess will have you crocheting by the weekend! Just look at this cozy cuties and how fun they’ll be to pick out warm color combos for your home. Take a peek at the tutorial after the jump.

5. Marbled

Diy marbled coasters

A personal favorite on list, these marbled beauties are actual piece of art. Sarah Johnson will give you all of the details on how to make these stunning pieces for your table and sips. Each one is unique but still acts as a really pretty set, which is great as a DIY gift too!