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15 DIY Resin Jewelry Projects Worthy of Gifting

Made of different types of plastic and silicone, resin jewelry is an easy, crafty niche to get involved in. Whether you’re fine-tuning your jewelry-making skills or you’re looking to whip something fun up for a friend on her birthday, this is an artsy area that you may want to try out. Let’s take a peek at some simple DIY resin jewelry projects that are worthy of gifting when the afternoon of creativity is over.

1. Patriotic Earrings

Sony dsc

Saved By Love Creations has a great project for resin beginners that includes the creation of these patriotic resin earrings. Mix up the colors or go with classic red, white and blue. We love the fun “sprinkled” style of these cuties, don’t you?

2. Epoxy Designs

Epoxy resin jewelry diy

If you want to check out some super stylish and funky resin projects then look no further than the genius minds behind A Beautiful Mess. From using real sprinkles to a lot of glittering, fun colors, there’s a design for everyone to love amidst these fun tutorials. Hop on over now and let us know what you liked the most!

3. Photo Pendants

Photo resin jewelry

DIY Photography took photos and turned them into artistic pieces of jewelry. Perfect for homemade gifs or turning your favorite memories into wearable bits, this is just another fun way to dip your hands into the resin trend. All of those insta photos could really be put to use now.

4. Wooden Necklaces

Wood jewelry resin diy

Bored Panda utilized some wood in these designs and we’re in love. It has a very organic feel but one that’s quite unique as well. Take the leap now and check out how to make these special pieces.

5. Flower Charms

Flower charm resin pendants diy

We’re swooning for these delicate, girlish floral charms. If you’re inspired by these feminine designs then all you have to do is run over and check out the details on its making over at DIY & Craft. Turn them into pendants for a necklace or a set of earrings.

6. Colorful Bracelet

Diy colorful resin bracelet

EPBOT made this colorful bracelet and we’re all about its quirky style. It’ll go with tons of different outfits and more importantly, it would work as a great DIY gift for a variety of people and reasons. Birthdays, thank you’s and more for friends, sisters, and even moms! m

7. 80’s-Inspired Pieces

Diy 80s resin jewelry

A bit of 80’s inspiration never hurt anyone and Crafthubs surely took that advice with these fun resin designs. Get in on the throwback trend and make some accessories with the funk in mind. Check out the details after the jump and let us see your final results!

8. Glitter Charms

Diy glitter resin jewelry

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter in their lives – or their jewelry boxes? We’ve fallen in love with all of these sparkly design that we found over at Dome D-TTO. Each are unique and make for wonderful inspiration.

9. Double Ring

Double resin ring diy

You can learn how to make a double ring out of resin if you follow along with this YouTube video. We’re loving those tiny little horses and how quirky it makes the finished product. But it also sparks so many other ideas as well!

10. Girlish Designs

Girly resin necklace diy

YouTube has this fun tutorial up their sleeve as well. We’re loving all of these girlish designs and you can learn how to use a bit of resin in their production if you take the leap. Our favorite is that Chanel bottle, what’s yours?

11. Floral Studs

Diy resin jewelry studs

Find it, Make it, Love it went with some studs. From rosey petals or carnation-inspired, these are fun for the moms, daughters, friends, and all other ladies in our life. Create an entire set after the jump.

12. Pressed Flower Charms

Pressed flower necklace diy

Pressed flowers are so beautiful to work with and that goes double for this tutorial we found over at Etsy Blog. Resin and petals are the perfect dup for jewelry making and the proof is right here in front of us. Just look at that gorgeous pendant!

13. Cameo Pendant

Faux resin cameo necklace diy

Live Craft Love focused on creating a vintage-inspired cameo pendant and we’re in love! It’s trendy with a fun spirit and it utilizes the resin we’re learning how to work with as well. Take the leap and check out the tutorial now.

14. Mini Terrarium Necklace

Diy handmade glass ball resin jewelry

YouTube won us over with this necklace. It resembles a mini terrarium and, it too, works as a unique, inspired DIY gift for all the friends and family in your life. We love this design in particular with its vibrant colors and organic spirit.

15. Sprinkle Sets

Sprinkle resin jewelry diy

And finally, if you’re really inspired by those sugary sprinkles A Beautiful Mess really does have you covered. The kiddos will love having these but so will you. From rings to earrings, it’ll be a fun treat.

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