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25 DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments To Make With The Kids

When it comes to Christmas ornaments, some of the go-to options are usually Christmas globes, garlands, the Christmas lights, and other similar classic ideas, but today we will be showcasing how you can use felt Christmas ornaments to make your home unique.

Christmas felt ornaments

You see, felt has become very popular as of late, and it is used in all sorts of ways. There are household items, clothing, about everything you can think of that has felt on it.

And luckily for us DIY enthusiasts here’s another way to use felt too! Let’s dive right into it then.

Well, if you too want to decorate your house on Christmas using felt, but have no idea where to start, let us help you by providing you with 25 different Christmas felt decoration ideas that you can try, or at least get inspired from.

How to Include Felt Into Your Christmas Ornament Kit

As we mentioned earlier, felt has been around for some time now, and it’s very easy to work with. It’s very versatile, which means you can use it in different ways, but it does have its limits.

It’s very stretchy, which is great for some projects, but not so great when you are looking to make something more complex. So keep that in mind while working with it.

And another thing about felt is that since it is made of fabric material you will need to iron your felt before using it on certain projects. This way the fabric part will be stiff enough for easier polishing and gluing later on. Of course, there are other ways you can get around this, like getting pre-felted wool or something similar if possible. But either way always remember to iron your felt first!

There are of course different types of felt too. There is wool felt, cotton felt, acrylic felt, and even synthetic fur feels you can use for your projects.

Whichever one you are using just make sure it has the quality you are looking for so that your decorations will turn out great in the end!

Best Felt Christmas Ornaments That You Can Use This Year

All you have to do is follow the instructions. They are simple and straightforward, so there will be no problems with understanding them.

Also, all tools, felt color options, and other such details will be provided too.

You’ll find this DIY idea for this year’s winter holidays exceptionally creative, so don’t wait any longer and start decorating your home using these ideas right away and have some fun.

The best idea is to first start by making a single piece and see how it turns out before moving on to more complicated designs. Once you get the hang of this craft, feel free to use any kind of fluff you want!

The only downside to this idea is the fact that felt isn’t exactly very durable compared to other materials, so these ornaments can last for a year at best. But you can always make more next year if you want!

1. Kids Christmas Ornaments – Gingerbread Men

Kids christmas ornaments gingerbread men

If you’re the kind that has a sweet tooth but wants to resist the temptation of actually eating any sweets, you could make a compromise and make some felt gingerbread men that you can hang from the tree instead.

They are incredibly easy to make, and all you need is some felt in several different colors, a pair of scissors, and some glue, felt, and ribbon.

If you’re making this decoration together with your kids, it would be a good idea to ask an adult for help because the glue might be harmful if it gets in your eyes, but other than that, this is an easy craft project to make with the kids!

We also recommend you to use wool felt for this idea since it’s the sturdiest form of felt out there, and as always, don’t forget to start off by ironing your felt before doing anything else.

This way it will be much easier to work with, and your gingerbread men will turn out much better too!

2. Felt Ornaments – Flowers

Felt ornaments flowers

If you’re looking for something with a little bit of extra color to decorate your Christmas tree with, another great idea would be to make felt flowers!

The great thing is that any felt flowers will work, so you’ll have complete creative freedom over the shape and color choices.

However, if you’re looking for something simpler to start off with, we recommend that you first try making a few felt roses, and once you get the hang of it, move on to other kinds.

You can use wire and beads to add some character to these decorations, or simply leave them as they are and enjoy their beauty!

As for the tools and felt colors we recommend using, any color will work so feel free to experiment with different shades until you find the right combination that suits your tastes best.

You’ll be amazed at how stunning flower ornaments made from felt could turn out when done right! It’s a great feeling by itself every time you decorate with your handiwork. :)

3. Felt Ornaments – Snowman

Felt ornaments snowman

Snowmen are to Christmas what the rabbit is for Easter, so it goes without saying that if you’re planning on making felt decorations and figurines, then a felt snowman is an absolute must.

The great thing about snowmen is that you can give them whatever shape you want, just as long as you remember to use a lot of white felt because they’re all fluffy and round.

Besides the felt, you’ll also need a few other supplies such as a pair of scissors, some sewing thread to secure the head and arms in place, and also some ribbon for hanging.

When done properly with plenty of patience and creativity, you’ll end up with felt snowman ornaments that are cute enough to be given as presents to your family and friends or even used as decoration on your own Christmas tree.

This is one idea which will definitely be appreciated by all those who love Christmas time and its many decorations. And it doesn’t have to take too much of your time either; after all, it’s the winter holidays, so you’ll surely find the time to do it right.

4. Felt Christmas Ornaments – Pineapple Decoration

Felt christmas ornaments pineapple decoration

This idea is just perfect if you are looking to add something tropical to your home decor during the winter holidays, especially if you’re a big fan of fruit salads and Pina Coladas.

Sure enough, you could make any felt fruit, but there’s something about making a felt pineapple that feels a lot more exciting than making felt oranges, apples, or bananas.

You’ll only need 2 types of felt (one orange and one green), a pair of scissors, and a needle with some yarn or string.

Draw the design of how you want your felt pineapple to look like onto the orange felt, and cut it out, then use glue or another type of adhesive we don’t recommend pins since they might leave marks behind if they get stuck in the wrong place.

Once this is done, take the green piece of felt and form it into a cone shape using just your hands (no tape or glue required). You can then place it on top of your brown leaves and voila! It’s time to hang these on your tree and enjoy their beauty.

5. DIY Felt Ornaments – Stars

Diy felt ornaments stars

If you’re not so lucky this year as to be able to see the stars on Christmas Eve, take our word for it that it looks absolutely magical, but if you still want to have a few twinkly stars to admire, we recommend that you make a few of them out of felt!

For materials, you’ll need some felt in several different colors (they’re stars after all), a pair of scissors, and a needle with some string or yarn.

Once you have all the supplies gathered, it’s time to start cutting stars from your different colored felt pieces. After you’re done, put them together!

Admittedly, everyone knows what a star is shaped like, so there’s no need to use a template or anything to do the felt cuts unless you find yourself unable to make the 5 points of the star equal.

We also recommend using adhesive tape and/or glue to make sure they stay in place and don’t slip. However, if you plan on hanging these stars on a tree branch (which we think looks great!), then we don’t see why you’d need any type of special adhesive.

Another idea would be to sew the stars together for a more sturdy decoration which will last through many Christmases to come.

6. Felt Christmas Tree Decorations – Mittens

Felt christmas tree decorations mittens

One general rule when making any type of decoration is that if you want to make them cuter by default, go ahead and make them smaller since mini-versions are absolutely adorable (think of baby carrots).

With that in mind, one of the cutest felt Christmas tree decorations that you could make is some miniature felt mittens that you can hang from the branches.

To make something similar to the one illustrated above, you’ll need green and red felt, a pair of scissors, and some white string to make the floral embroidery, but don’t worry if you can’t do that part, lots of glue will work just as well!

First, cut the mitten shapes (and remember these are mittens, not gloves!) out of your red felt pieces. Then use some temporary adhesive tape or glue to secure the green mitten pieces over the top of your green ones, making sure they overlap like shown in the picture above.

When you’re done with this step, all you have to do is use your knitting skills to make a floral pattern that’s similar to the one above, and add an extra loop of string at one end so you can hang it on your tree branch.

If you want to make things even more touching, you can make miniature felt mittens of the mittens you and your family have in real life!

7. Needle Felted Christmas Decorations – Your House

Needle felted christmas decorations your house

If you liked our idea with the felt gingerbread men, then you should also consider this next one, since it’s yet another decoration idea where we make felt versions of things we’d regularly seen made using gingerbread, and that’s a felt house!

You’ll need some white felt to make the base of your house, and some colored felt for all the patterns you’ll be adding as decoration.

Making a regular house out of felt is pretty easy, just remember how easy it was to draw a house when you were a kid using nothing more but a big square and a triangle for the building, and a few extra rectangles to make the windows and doors.

The first step is to use a template to draw an outline of a small house on either a separate piece of paper or directly onto your white felt.

After this, start cutting out pieces from each color of felt and using them as decoration around the front door! For details, we recommend drawing straight lines with a permanent marker so it’s easier to put on individual pieces of felt later.

If you want some extra laughs, you could even take this idea one step further and try making mini felt versions of your own house.

8. DIY Felt Ornaments – Nordic Gnome

Diy felt ornaments nordic gnome

If you’ve ever traveled to a Scandinavian country or at least visited any Scandinavian furniture and home design store, you’ve probably noticed that they have a deep love for some small very funny-looking gnomes with long beards, especially around Christmas.

Well, if you’re into that kind of thing and want to make your very own bearded companion, then go ahead and make a felt gnome for yourself this Christmas.

Admittedly, this is indeed a more complicated design when compared to the other entries on our list, since you don’t just work with flat felt pieces with a bit of stuffing.

You’ll need some red, white, and grey felt, plus a needle and some string for this project, but once again we strongly recommend getting the best quality materials you’re able to afford since they’ll save you both time and effort.

Fortunately enough, Nordic gnomes lack any facial features, since their hat goes right over their eyes, so all you need to make is a big round nose and a beard that’s as fuzzy as possible, and you don’t have to bother making any arms or legs either!

You can make your gnomes small enough to hang on the branch of your Christmas tree, or you can make it 4 feet tall, the choice is all yours!

9. DIY Felt Ornaments – Felt Elf

Diy felt ornaments felt elf

If you didn’t like our gnome idea and would like to stick to something closer to home, you could make one of Santa’s elves instead, and instead of making him small, you can simply make it so that he’s not as big as your hand.

All you need is some felt, string, and a needle for this project, and once again we recommend using felt of the highest quality available if possible since otherwise, your elf will simply be way too fragile and not worth keeping around.

As for the design itself, you can make the elf in whatever way you want, just as long as you don’t forget the green outfit, the pointy hat and ears, and the striped socks.

Another great design idea that you could try is making one big Christmas garland with a single felt Santa Claus and a few dozen felt elves, and you can hang it on the walls or by the fireplace, or even wrap it around the Christmas tree.

10. Felt Christmas Tree Decor – Angels

Felt christmas tree decor angels

If you are looking for something angelic to add to your Christmas decorations then you’ll love this idea.

It’s simple enough to make while also very easy on the eye which means that you and your family and friends will enjoy having them around during the festive season.

They look cute, there are no complicated details that you should worry about, and you can make a handful of them in less than an hour once you get used to them.

If you like the angel design illustrated above and would like to make something similar, just make sure that you have some high-quality felt at hand, some small marbles to make the eyes, and some glossy string to stitch the whole thing together.

The angel above is fairly small but if you want to make something that’s bigger, then simply scale down the design and print out a paper copy to go by.

More so, you can also expand upon the idea and make a very big felt angel, and use it as a Christmas tree topper, although you need to be careful how you anchor it since the felt is delicate and the tip of the tree can ruin it if you try forcing it on.

More Amazing Christmas Felt Ornaments

When we created the article, we did some research online to find out what are the most popular felt decorations that people are talking about this Christmas, and we ended up with a list of 25 entries, 10 of which are very popular now in 2021, and 15 that were very popular back in 2020.

That being said, if you don’t like our previous 10 entries, here are 15 other amazing Christmas felt ornaments that you can try, all made out of felt and other natural materials, so they are absolutely safe for both adults and children to have around.

Besides, remember that this article is a list of ideas, and not a ranking, so the first 10 entries are by no means any better than the other 15.

11. Felt Ornament – Button Snowman

Felt Ornament - Button Snowman

Grab some buttons along with your felt and dive into this cute craft from Cutesy Crafts! Set the scene on your ornament and create something special with your leftover buttons. Snowmen, reindeer, and the like, are so adorable to decorate your tree with.

12. Dala Horse Felt Ornament

Dala Horse Felt Ornament

BHG has all the details you need to make one of these felt dala horses. These are cute for decorating the tree and adding a fun amount of color to it as well. If you’re good with a needle, this one is for you.

13. Spirals & Tassels Felt Christmas Ornaments

Spirals & Tassels Felt Christmas Ornaments

Check out this design from Delineate Your Dwelling! You can add some fun tassel accents to the end for extra festivity and have some fun with the spiraling as well. Grab the colors you love and create something special for the tree this year.

14. Star Wars DIY Felt Ornaments

Star Wars DIY Felt Ornaments

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Well, with some help from DIY Geekery, you’ll be able to whip up some felt designs that can decorate the tree and showcase your love of the story. From Prince Lai to Darth Vader, they’ll be a whole lot of fun to make!

15. Snowflakes – DIY Felt Ornaments

Snowflakes - DIY Felt Ornaments

We’re absolutely swooning for these girlishly glam snowflakes from Purl Soho. You could even add a bit of glitter and make the end result a bit more “sparkling” for the tree. Of course, you can always go with more subdued colors as well – whatever you’d like!

16. Doughnuts – Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

Doughnuts - Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

Unusually Lovely has one of my favorite ideas on the list. Completely with pink frosting and bead sprinkles, you can make a doughnut ornaments of our felt too! Take the leap and check out the tutorial after the jump.

17. Reindeer Felt Christmas Ornament

Reindeer Felt Christmas Ornament

Learn how to make your very own Rudolph for the tree this year. Hop on over and check out this YouTube video to learn all the basics. And don’t forget that sweet red heart, it’s really set off the ornaments with love and a pop of extra color!

18. Santa Claus Felt Christmas Ornament

Santa Claus Felt Christmas Ornament

Every tree needs a Santa Claus and that’s exactly whyThe Pin Junkie created a cute one out of felt. It’s a super simple tutorial to follow and a few of these adorable St. Nick’s on the tree will only amp of the fantasy of the season. Check it out after the jump.

19. Llama Kids Christmas Ornament

Llama Kids Christmas Ornament

Free Christmas Craftsmade a llama that we’re absolutely swooning for as well. Of course, you can’t make it without a scarf – to which you can choose any color that strikes your fancy. You could even go with a multi-color scarf or a brown llama!

20. Christmas Trees – Felt Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Trees - Felt Christmas Ornaments

These plus Christmas trees are really fun and festive as well. The details to make them are over at The Crafted Life. Create an entire set of these in varying colors. They’d also make a great DIY gift.

21. Gingerbread Man Felt Christmas Ornament

Gingerbread Man Felt Christmas Ornament

A tree isn’t complete with a gingerbread man either. Topped with pearl buttons, this design from Kittenhoodis just too charming and adorable. Again, just take the leap and check out the tutorial after the jump.

22. Hot Cocoa Felt Ornament

Hot Cocoa Felt Ornament

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of cocoa throughout the wintertime and the holidays? Well, take that delicious sip and use it as inspiration for the tree. That’s what Flamingo Toes did and it’s absolutely adorable!

23. Fox Felt Ornament

Fox Felt Ornament

What does the fox say? The Craftinomiconmakes an adorable fox face – completely with a button nose, eyes, and a heart face. If you’re a fan of woodland creatures or have that theme already, this is a great addition to your collection.

24. Coffee Cup Felt Christmas Ornaments

Coffee Cup Felt Christmas Ornaments

What’s Christmas without a peppermint mocha in your hand? One Artsy Mama took her love of coffee and turned it into a piece of decor for the tree. Jump on over there now and check out the details.

25. Baseball Felt Ornament

Baseball Felt Ornament

And finally, Rust & Sunshine has a host of different felt sports ornaments to choose from. Baseball, football, and more, take the leap and see what they have in store. We, personally, love that baseball and we’re thinking your kiddos will too.

Best Felt Christmas Ornaments: Conclusion

Unfortunately, this is where our article ends, but we hope that it served its purpose and that you now have plenty of ideas on how to decorate your house for the holiday season.

All you need is some time, a bit of effort, and a lot of fuzzy felt to work with, and before you know it, your home will feel more festive than ever.

For more useful articles like this one, head over to our website’s main page and check out our other Christmas-themed lists and guides, since we wrote pretty much anything you can think of, from dessert recipes to gift ideas to buy your wife or your husband!

All in all, we hope that you found these ideas interesting enough to consider trying them out this year; we’re sure that not only will they help you beat the winter blues but also turn out great!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and stay safe!

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