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15 Glitter-Inspired Fashion DIYs We’re Swooning For

Who loves a bit of sparkle and shine on a daily basis? Well, with these 15 glitter-inspired fashion DIYs, you can infuse a bit of that shimmer anytime you choose. From your head to your toes, we’ve found tutorials that can help punch up that wardrobe to an entirely new level. Let’s have a peek at some projects we’ve not only been swooning over but we really love!

1. Glitter Heels

Gold diy glitter heels fashion style diy glitter heels

Best Friends for Frosting covered a pair of pumps in gold glitter and we think they’re drop dead gorgeous. This is a great way to upcycle a pair of older heels that need a quick makeover. These will be versatile too as they can be dressed up or dressed down quite easily.

2. Glitter Roots

Diy glitter roots

Glitter roots are a thing now y’all and we’re hypnotized by them. Check out how to get this fashion-forward look over at Priceless. The best part is that everyone and anyone can make it happen.

3. Glitter Tassel Earrings

Glitter tassle earrings

These glitter tassel earrings have so much personality! Thankfully, they’re really easy to make and add to our wardrobe too. Just hop on over to Studio DIY to check it out.

4. Glitter Hair Pins

Diy glitter hair pins

The Crafted Life went with hair accessories for their glitter project and we’re swooning for the finish product. Perfect for little ones but adults too, they’d be a great gift addition, birthday favor, or just a fun way to spend the afternoon. Take the leap and find out how to create these at home.

5. Glitter Collar

Diy glitter collar

Having a glitter collar in your wardrobe could be quite helpful. Make an outfit stand out a bit more or go from day to night with its addition. Check out the tutorial over at Hello Glow.

6. Glitter Toms

Glitter toms diy

Lil Blue Boo took some Toms and gave them a quick makeover too. A bit of pink glitter really went a long way with this pair. It’s the perfect way to revamp your oldies but goodies.

7. Glitter-Tipped Mani

Diy glitter tipped manicure

Lauren Conrad took the glitter to the fingernails. Just check out this adorable glitter-tipped manicure! This is a great look for celebrations or just jazzy up your weekdays a bit.

8. Glitter Pom Pom Rings

Diy glitter pom pom rings

We’re swooning for these charming pom pom rings too. They’re easy to make and add to your accessory collection. Or, you could whip a batch up as favors for your little one’s party. Check out the tutorial at White House Crafts.

9. Glitter Temporary Tattoos

Diy glitter temporary tattoos

Aww Sam will make all your dreams come true with these temporary glitter tattoos. The kids will love them, you’ll love them, and they’re so easy to make too! Pump up the shine with these beauties.

10. Glitter Gem Festival Shorts

Olympus digital camera

Travel on over to Made Up Style to grab the tutorial for these festival-inspired short. We’re loving how beautiful the finished product is but we love how personal you can get with the design even more. Set up for an afternoon of creativity with this project.

11. Glitter Watch

Easy diy watch

Delineate Your Dwelling has a makeover for your older watches as well. Take those worn bands and turn them into something something special. A bit of glitter can really go a long way.

12. Glitter Sunglasses

Diy glitter sunglasses

Mod Podge Rocks has a way to add some sparkle to your sunglasses. Whether they need an upcycle treatment or you want to just try your hand on some fashion redos, this one is hard to mess up. And we love the gold glitter but some white or black would work out well too!

13. Glitter Clutch

Diy glitter clutch

Even your clutches could take on a bit of glitter. Craft & Tell has all of the how-to behind this piece. We’re swooning for this contrast as well, and the extra texture adds even more interest to the overall look.

14. Glitter Resin Pins

Diy glitter resin pins

Jazz up any coat, jacket, or purse with some of these DIY resin pins. Of course, they’re made with some glitter making them even more snazzy. Hop on over to Oh Joy! and check out all the details.

15. Glitter Boots

Diy glitter boots

And finally, if you visit eaudecollage you may get to find the secret behind these glitter-covered booties. It’s another upcycle treatment that you’ll find so helpful in savings your old favorites. Glitter really is the best makeover.

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