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15 DIY Christmas Stockings To Hang On The Mantle This Year

Felt, yarn, cotton, and more, there’s a billion materials that can help you whip up your very own fireplace-adorning goody bags. Instead of trying to find the perfect one in the stores, making your own set for the family may the answer to all of your Christmas decor needs. With some handmade touches, you can complete the home’s vision and be ready for December 25th in no time. These 15 DIY Christmas stockings are perfect to hang on the mantle this year, and the perfect way to start your holiday crafting too!

1. Sweaters

Diy sweater stockings

An Extraordinary Day used some sweaters to make some cozy Christmas stockings. Follow along with the tutorial and make a matching set – or some eclectic pairs that match each member of the family’s personality. What better way to reuse old sweaters than to turn them into a piece of festive decor?

2. No-Sew

No sew vintage stockings

If you aren’t the best at sewing but still want to get crafty, this tutorial from Susie Harris is the one for you. Learn how to create a set of stockings for the family with this no-sew project! Embellish them or personalize them any way you’d like once the foundation is set.

3. With Pom Pom Trim

Diy stockings with pom pom trim

Interiors by Sarah Langtry shows us how to make some stockings that have a bit of a trendier style. Are you in love with the pom pom theme? If so, take the jump now and check out the tutorial for these cuties.

4. Stripes

Diy ticking stripe stockings

Classic stripes – reminiscent of peppermints – are just another great way to decorate for the season. Use those stripes as inspiration for your stockings this year. And then, let Happy At Home guide you through the process.

5. Woodland Creatures

Diy woodland creature stocking

Tell Love and Party created adorable woodland creatures and accents to style stockings! And if you visit, you’ll be able to learn how to make your own design from scratch. If you like these characters and youthful spirit, then take the leap now!

6. Woven

Diy woven stocking

These woven cuties from A Beautiful Mess are one of our absolute favorites on the list. They’re cozy and you can use any combination of colors that excite you. From different shades of pinks to classic festive tones like red and green, they all work!

7. Wooden

Wooden stocking diy

HGTV went with something extra innovative with this wooden design. If you’re looking for something unique, try out this project! It’s perfect for homes with a rustic, modern theme in mind.

8. Embellished

Embellished stockings diy

You can have some extra special fund its this project! Learn how to make your own stockings. And then with Brit + Co helping you, you can also learn how to embellish them a bit as well!

9. Faux Leather

Glam gold stockings diy

A Beautiful Mess really did something magical with these stocking. They’re glam and gold, yes. But, they’re made from faux leather creating a super cool look that we’d all love to have in our homes!

10. Appliquéd

Appliqued stockings

Melly Sews has a more traditional look up her sleeve. If you’re looking to bring some handmade feels to the mantle, then this is the spot to stop at first. Bring in some timeless decor with these appliquéd beauties. Santa will love them!

11. White Reindeer

Diy white reindeer stockings

We’re loving these chic reindeer designs from Place of my Taste too! For those that are looking for contemporary and posh, this is the place to start the magic. Take the leap now and grab all of the details behind the finished product.

12. Polka-Dots

Polka dot stockings diy

Polka-dots can be festive and fun as well. Even when they’re accenting neutral colors. Check out all of the details and instructions over at Fynes Designs and learn how to embellish the tops of the stockings a bit while you’re at it.

13. Felt Patterns

Felt patterned stockings diy

Felt can be used too! Hop on over to Woman’s Day and grab a bunch of felt pieces to get yourself started. These designs have more of an “elf” design that we found rather fun!

14. Burlap Initials

Diy burlap stocking

Rustic and charming is this burlap design from Good Housekeeping. Topped off with an initial, you can make a set of these for the entire family to enjoy. Then stuff them with lots of Christmastime goodies!

15. Coastal-Inspired

Diy nautical stockings

And finally, whether you live by the beach or maybe you’re spending Christmas on a holiday, Lucy Designs created some nautical stockings that would fit right into that vision. Your mantle just got a bit more colorful and free. And this one would be a great family project as well!

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