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Super Fun Guitar Themed Crafts

Whether you actually play the guitar or not, there’s something about these popular stringed instruments that just has a draw and an appeal. We used to play the guitar and we’ve tinkered with it since our heyday before we had families and full time jobs, so our kids have seen our guitar in our house and immediately took interest in it. They’re a little too young to start learning to play for real right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t foster that interest in guitars until they’re old enough! We started researching guitar themed kids’ crafts and in the process we came across so many awesome DIY guitar projects for anyone of any age or experience level that we couldn’t help but put an awesome list together!

Just in case you and your family are as interested in guitars and guitar related DIY projects as we are, check our this list of the coolest ideas we could find.

1. Tissue box and elastic band guitars

Tissue box and elastic band guitars

Some of our favourite crafts to make with kids are ones that we can help them create from things that are already around our house. This particular craft from Octavia and Vicky is one that can help you upcycle things from your recycling box, meaning the supplies are almost always available; a great thing when your kids suddenly ambush you with the idea that they want to craft right now. The body of the guitar is a tissue box, the strings are elastic bands, and the necks are paper towel rolls!

2. Hand drawn guitar owl shelf

Hand drawn guitar owl shelf

Perhaps you’ve come across an old guitar that just cannot be salvaged back into a working instrument, but you just can’t bear to throw out the parts of it that are still whole, even if they won’t be used for their original musical purpose? Then check out how Home Talk made the hollow body of their guitar into a beautiful trinkets shelf! Besides just adding small shelves inside to hold decorative things, they also hand drew shapes all across the back on the inside, working with the shape of the guitar to transform it into an owl.

3. Guitar stool and stand hybrid

Guitar stool and stand hybrid

Perhaps you are  an avid guitar player but you’re also quite handy with wood and tools? In that case, we think we’ve found the perfect project for you! Lumberjocks guides you step by step through the process of making not just any stool, but rather one that has an extra piece on both the front and back on one side- perfect for setting the bottom of your guitar on when you’re done playing, leaning the back against the stool seat so it can sit safely and be easily accessible when you’re ready to play again.

4. Cardboard and string guitars

Cardboard and string guitars

Do you think your kids would be very into the idea of making their own guitars that actually make a little bit of a sound? Well, the tissue box idea that we showed you earlier on our list actually does thanks to the hollow box and the pinging sounds that elastic bands make, but what if your kids are a little too old to enjoy playing with paper towel tubes? Perhaps you think they’d enjoy a finished project that actually looks like a miniature guitar in the end? In that case, check out how Make It, Love It layered pieces of corrugated cardboard cut into the shape of a body of a guitar until a hollow in the middle is created, then threaded lengths of yarn very tightly over the hole so some echoing sound is actually made.

5. Tiny cigar box guitar

Tiny cigar box guitar

Have you found an old authentic cigar box in your basement or at a garage sale that you think is really cool and you don’t want to see it go to waste, but you have no real use for it at the moment? Well, there are any number of DIY things that you can transform a cigar box into, but for the sake of our theme, here’s perhaps our favourite idea! Art of Manliness guides you step by step through the process of adding a wooden neck, turning a door hinge into metal embellishment and a way to tighten strings, and attaching thin wires to make the little box into a tiny guitar that actually makes tunes!

6. Cardboard, stick, and plastic tub guitar

Cardboard, stick, and plastic tub guitar

Are you still intent on making a DIY guitar design that actually makes tunes but you’d like your kids to be able to do it themselves and they’re still too small to be working with things like wood and wires? In that case, perhaps this cardboard and upcycled plastic tub idea from Red Ted Art is a little bit more at the speed you need. You’ll be surprised how many notes the kids will be able to make with their strings after so easy a DIY process.

7. Crochet guitar strap

Crochet guitar strap

Do you have an actual guitar that you play regularly but you love making yourself little DIY accessories and trinkets that help you along the way? We know you could easily buy those things at a store, but there’s just a certain sense of satisfaction that we get out of using things that we’ve made ourselves. That’s why we loved this crochet guitar strap idea! Misselayneous Things shows you how simple this project really is, which is great when you think about just how useful it really is!

8. Footprint guitar painting

Footprint guitar painting

Are your kids very young but you’ve already managed to instill a love of music in them and you want to take every opportunity to foster it whenever you can? Well, when our kids were very little, they didn’t often have the patience for projects that actually involved building things. They did, however, love projects where they got to dip their hands or feet in paint and make a big mess! That’s why this adorable footprint guitar painting idea caught our eye. Crafty Morning shows you how to add guitar features with a marker to complete the look.

9. DIY laminated guitar picks

Diy laminated guitar picks

Are you a guitar player who mostly plays for hobby but you’re constantly losing your picks and having to buy more? Well, since you’re not playing in a professional capacity right now, meaning you don’t necessarily need the top quality gear for the moment, why not save yourself some money by making your very own guitar picks instead? Besides the fact that the cost will be less if you lose these ones, it’s also awesome that you can create just about any customized design you please! Find out how these were drawn out, cut, and laminated on Etcetorize.

10. Miniature polymer clay guitar sculptures

Miniature polymer clay guitar sculptures

Are you a very detailed person who has always had an interest in model making? Well, if you’re up for a challenge or intrigued by the concept of making real life things in miniature, then we have a feeling you’ll get on with this tutorial from Juliana Lepine rather well! They guide you step by step through the process of choosing a guitar design to mimic, creating the basic shape from polymer clay, and carefully painting the finer details on.

11. Vintage inspired floral guitar shelf

Vintage unspired floral guitar shelf

Have you been thinking a lot about the guitar shelf we showed you with the hand drawn owl design, but you’re just not sure that your personal drawing skills are quite up to par when it comes to creating such an artistic piece? Then perhaps you’re prefer this floral decoupage style custom guitar shelf design instead! Viral Nova shows you how to use pretty flowered fabric or paper to cover the insides of the guitar, as well as how to install a couple of wooden shelves that you can set things on once you’ve chosen a place for the shelf.

12. Miniature DIY Monster High guitar

Miniature diy monster high guitar

Are you still quite into the idea of making models, particularly in miniature, but you’re less intent on making yours a very detailed recreation of the real thing? In that case, perhaps you’d be more interested in this tutorial that gets a little more creative with designs and involves some pop culture! Easy DIY Miniatures  shows you how to create a tiny guitar with real strings that pays homage to the kids’ show Monster High through painted motif. If you feel confident in your painting skills, you could create any miniature pop culture design you please!

13. Guitar case jewelry organizer with mirror

Guitar case jewelry organizer with mirror

Perhaps you have a guitar that you use often, but the clasp on the case broke and you got a new one to replace it? Maybe you actually no longer have the guitar itself and the case has simply been stored in your basement for years, so now you’re debating between getting rid of it or upcycling it in some way? Then we’d urge you to take a look at the way Isa’s World transformed their guitar case into a jewelry closet complete with a built-in mirror! We love that the cupboard can close, and also that the outside can be jazzed up by covering it with fun fabrics.

14. Guitar string jewellery

Guitar string jewlery

Were you actually doing your guitar themed DIY search in hopes that you’d find a project that goes the other way? By that, we mean do you have an old guitar that’s too damaged to be used anymore or perhaps that just broke a string? Then why not upcycled the strings in a new, creative way? Shaylynn Ann shows you how to how to make all kinds of DIY accessories from guitar strings, including rings and bangles.

15. Cute floral ukelele

Cute floral ukelele

Okay, we know that ukulele’s aren’t technically exactly the same as guitars, but this next idea is so adorable that we just couldn’t bear to leave it off the list! Kelaska shows you how to use simple, very neat decoupage techniques to transform a plain ukulele into a piece of pretty floral art, all across the body and on the head above the neck as well. As long as you can find a decorative paper you like, you can decorate your ukulele in just about any design you please!

Do you know a fellow crafter and DIY enthusiast who also completely adores music, especially guitars? Share this post with them to help them find new, creative ways to combine their favourite things!

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