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50 DIY Birthday Cards For Everyone In Your Life

From your next-door neighbor to your sister, everyone’s birthday comes rolling around sooner or later. And that means you’ll have lots of cards to give out throughout the year. And with these 50 DIY birthday cards, everyone in your life will get something handmade and from the heart!

1. Birthday Bear

Diy birthday bear card

Make a birthday bear for any one of your loved ones! It’s cheeky and adorable – easy to make too! (via)

2. Cupcakes

Hey cupcake birthday card

Kitchen Table Stamper went with a cupcake as the inspiration for their card design. Check it out after the jump!

3. Edge-Punched

Edge punched birthday card

Martha Stewart shows us how to add a bit of designer-worthy spark to our homemade birthday cards. You just need some paper punches

4. Simple Bunting

Diy birthday card bunting

Sometimes a simple bit of bunting is all you need to make a pretty little “happy birthday” card. It’s easy to put a personalized spin on these too! (via)

5. Mechanical Dogs

Diy mechanical dog cards