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These 50 DIY Flower Crowns Will Make All Your Fairy-Tales Come True

From weddings to birthday parties, all of those dreamy accessories are really starting to make a splash – in all of the best ways. These 50 DIY flower crowns will make all of your fairy-tales come true by bringing to life those same, magical styles. Fresh flowers or ones from the craft store, let’s take a peek at home to whip some up right at home.

1. Super Colorful

Super colorful diy flower crown

Buzzed starts us off with this beautiful, colorful flower crown that you can whip up in an afternoon for all kinds of celebrations. Take the leap now!

2. “Perfect”

Diy flower crown

Over at Cosmo, you’ll learn how to make this “perfect” flower crown to match your personality and favorite colors. Choose wisely and take some photos afterwards for us to see!

3. Cherry Blossom

Uniqlo cherry blossom crown diy

We’re swooning for this cherry blossom beauty we found over at Brit + Co. For a tea party with the gals or just for fun, it’s a fun little accessory to create.

4. Monochromatic

Diy monochromatic carnation flower crown

The House That Lars Built went the monochromatic route. Depending on the vision of the event or photoshoot you’re creating, this may be exactly the kind of inspiration you need!

5. Baby’s Breath

Diy baby's breath flower crown

Beau-Coup stuck with delicate baby’s breath for their flower crown. These are perfect for weddings or specifically for the bridesmaids and flower girls!

6. Fall Colors

Fall flowers and colors diy flower crown

Do you love fall and the colors surrounding the season? If so, check out this flower crown from A Beautiful Mess inspired by them!

7. Big & Little

Flower crown diy

Camille Styles made big ones and little ones for gals of all sizes. Check them out after the jump!

8. Silk Boho

Flower crown diy

You can use silk flowers to make your floral piece come to life. Learn how to whip this beauty up over at Green Wedding Shoes.

9. Midsummer

Diy midsummer flower crown

Honestly WTF went with a “midsummer” theme filled with texture and color. Take the leap and enjoy this easy-to-follow tutorial.

10. 90’s Inspired

Diy flower crown 90's inspired

We’re swooning for all things inspired by the 90’s and that goes double for this flower crown from Design Sponge. Create something with a bit of a throwback appeal!

11. Crepe Paper

Diy crepe paper flower crown

Honestly WTF used crepe paper for this creation. Hop on over and check out all the details now.

12. Felt

Diy felt flower crowns

Felt works too. You’ll have to learn how to turn the fun arts and crafts material into flowers, but that’s all part of the fun! (via)

13. Party Hat

Diy floral party hats

Okay, so these aren’t actually “flower crowns” but they floral party hats that we’ve fallen in love with. Grab the directions over at Oh Happy Day.

14. Silk Orange & Pink

Diy silk floral crown

Green Wedding Shoes went with silk flowers here too. This time there’s a bright and vivacious theme throughout, paying home to our favorite orange and pink shades.

15. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical flower crown diy

Here’s a flower crown with a bit of a unique twist. Make one with a more eclectic presence and an asymmetrical design with help from A Practical Wedding.

16. Plush & Bold

How to make a floral wedding crown

A Practical Wedding went with a plush and bold design that will look good on any of the ladies in your wedding or on you too, maybe for a birthday celebration? Check it out after the jump!

17. Summer Festival

Diy flower crown tutorial

The Wonder Forest whipped up this beauty and we found it to be the perfect accessory don at a summertime festival. Don’t you think?

18. Summer Halo

Diy summer floral halo

We loved that this design was fashioned as a “summer halo” and how romantic the finished product is. Learn how to make your own at Style Me Pretty.

19. Daisies

Diy dairy flower crown

Refinery29 was inspired by daisies with their flower crown design. Perfect for some springtime fun, it’s quite easy to make as well!

20. Bohemian

Diy boho flower crown

With extra bohemian vibes, you’ll easily fall in love with this textural beauty. With all the right ingredients you too can concoct this one right at home. (via)

21. Tiny Bloom

Diy bloom flower crown

A Beautiful Mess has something for those of us that love flowers but are envisioning something a bit more delicate for ourselves. Just a few blooms are all you need sometimes.

22. A Headband

Diy flower headband

Instead of a crown, why not make headband? Gold Mine went that route and we bet it stays on your head a bit easier!

23. Half Comb

Diy flower crown comb

Style Me Pretty didn’t go with a “crown” either. They went with a comb that will stay in place and not fall off your head mid photo-op.

24. Braided

Diy braided flower crown

Check out this braided version over at The Beauty Department. You can place the flowers right into your hairdo for the day!

25. With a Veil

Flower crown for wedding veil

Once Wed created a flower crown paired with a veil for the bride. Be traditional with a topping of a boho spirit with this wedding day look.

26. 3-Step

3 step flower crown diy

Babble made a beautiful flower crown in just three steps. Visit now and snatch up all the details behind this easy tutorial.

27. All White

Diy white flower crown

A Beautiful Mess also has an all-white design that’s easy to fall in love with. Check out the details for this one after the jump!

28. The Ultimate

The ultimate flower crown diy

Sometimes bigger really is better, especially when it comes to flower crowns! Just look at this beautiful design from Sunset!

29. Pretty, Easy

Diy flower crowns weddings party mothers day10

Bird’s Party makes a flower crown that’s both pretty and easy. Which is basically the best of both worlds when we’re talking about DIYs!

30. For the Baby

Diy floral crown

Babies can rock flower crowns too! Learn how to create this gorgeous one over at Effortless Chic.

31. One-Size-Fits-All

Diy flower crown boho

Darling Darleen made a flower crown that fits everyone! Hop on over and make multiples for all your best ladies.

32. Extra-Large

Diy extra large flower crown

Wedding Chicks went all out with this DIY flower crown. Perfect for weddings or photoshoots, it’s one of our favorites!

33. Delicate

Sony dsc

Our Messy Table has another delicate, asymmetrical beauty for us to swoon for. Take the leap and check out this tutorial too!

34. Lots of Texture

Texturals flower with diy

Are you a texture lover? If you likes how much interest and depth it brings to design, then visit Urban Outfitters for the details behind this one!

35. Rose & Waxflower

Flower crown diy

Rock My Wedding blew us out of the water with this rose flower crown! We love the delicate fillers they used to compliment the bigger petals.

36. Inexpensive

Diy inexpensive flower crown

If you’re looking for a more inexpensive way to go then visit Row House Nest! You won’t break the bank with this one but you’ll end up with a beauty of a crown!

37. Fairy-Tale

Diy romantic flower crowns

These fairy-tale flower crowns are just too adorable not to make for the little ones of the house. Grab the details at Sew Much Ado.

38. Ribbon Tied

Diy flower crown

Tie these beauties with a ribbon. Sakura Bloom makes some gorgeous floral designs as well, don’t you love them – the mix of medium and small petals is so much fun!

39. Add Greens

Tattooed martha diy summer flower crown 9

If you love greenery just as much as color then you’ll love this design from Tattooed Martha. Check out this unique spin after the jump!

40. Easter

Diy flower crown

Julep has a pretty style for the little ones to wear around Easter. How beautiful would these look in photos?

41. Fresh Flowers

Diy fresh flower crown

You can use fresh flowers in your flower crowns as well! The Lodge teaches us everything we need to know to make it happen.

42. Bridal Shower

Claire thomas bridal shower boho diy wearing flower crown diy

Martha Stewart went all out in her design too. We love the extra lush and plush finished product.

43. Ruffles

Diy ruffle flower crown

The volume behind this ruffled flower crown is so festive and feminine. See Kate Sew shows us how to whip it up in the craft room.

44. Children’s Crepe Paper

Diy crepe paper childrens flower crown

Minireyve went the crepe paper route too! We love the fun colors they chose and how adorable our little ones would look in this finished product.

45. Side Band

Diy flower hair accessory

Paper and Stitch made a floral side band that we were inspired by. It’s just another way to mesh this fun trend in with your everyday style.

46. Winter Floral

Diy winter flower crown

If you’re looking for a fun spin on the springtime trend, why not make a winter-inspired crown? A Little Dash of Darling has all the details.

47. Peachy Spring

Diy floral crown

Green Wedding Shoes has this gorgeous, peachy-hued flower crown and all its details up their sleeve! Visit now to learn how!

48. Paper Ranunculi

Paper flower crown diy

Brit + Co used paper to make these beautiful florals! Again, it’s voluminous design that will have people wowed!

49. Pastels

Diy pastel flower crown

Kelli Murray was inspired by romantic, pastel shades so she fashioned her crown around them! And of course, we love it too!

50. A Leash

Wedding dog leash

And finally, this may not be a flower crown for your dog but it’s a leash inspired by the fun trend. Check it out at Brit + Co!

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