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These 50 DIY Flower Crowns Will Make All Your Fairy-Tales Come True

From weddings to birthday parties, all of those dreamy accessories are really starting to make a splash – in all of the best ways. These 50 DIY flower crowns will make all of your fairy-tales come true by bringing to life those same, magical styles. Fresh flowers or ones from the craft store, let’s take a peek at home to whip some up right at home.

1. Super Colorful

Super colorful diy flower crown

Buzzed starts us off with this beautiful, colorful flower crown that you can whip up in an afternoon for all kinds of celebrations. Take the leap now!

2. “Perfect”

Diy flower crown

Over at Cosmo, you’ll learn how to make this “perfect” flower crown to match your personality and favorite colors. Choose wisely and take some photos afterwards for us to see!

3. Cherry Blossom

Uniqlo cherry blossom crown diy

We’re swooning for this cherry blossom beauty we found over at Brit + Co. For a tea party with the gals or just for fun, it’s a fun little accessory to create.

4. Monochromatic

Diy monochromatic carnation flower crown

The House That Lars Built went the monochromatic route. Depending on the vision of the event or photoshoot you’re creating, this may be exactly the kind of inspiration you need!

5. Baby’s Breath

Diy baby's breath flower crown