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25 DIY Yarn Wall Hangings

Wall hangings made with yarn are all the rage these days, and with good reason… they add some serious bohemian charm to any space, and they also use up all that leftover yarn you probably have laying around. Keep reading to check out 25 of our favorite DIY wall hangings made out of yarn scraps.

1. Stitched Embroidery Wall Hanging

Stitched embroidery wall hanging

This colorful wall hanging is made with lots of different yarn scraps, stitched in a random manner that gives it a very organic and freeform sort of vibe. And it’s a great way to get rid of leftover yarn! Head over to Lebenslustiger to check out the tutorial.

2. Fringe Wall Hanging

Yarn wall hanging simple

This simple wall hanging has fringe along the bottom in a cream colored yarn, with copper brown accents along the sides. And you won’t believe how easy this one is to make! Head on over to Drawn To DIY to find out all the details of this stylish little piece.

3. Mop Head Wall Hanging

Mop head yarn wall hanging

This textured wall hanging is made with contrasting yarn colors, along with a couple of wooden beads and some mini pom poms. The key is to layer different shapes and lengths over one another. Make your way over to Cuckoo 4 Design to check out the tutorial.

4. Wreath Wall Hanging

Woven wool wreath

This uniquely shaped wall hanging has a shape similar to a holiday wreath, and it is made by weaving bulky yarn in and out through a round wreath form. Add a big pom pom for a finishing touch! Head over to We Are Scout to see the whole how-to.

5. Mini Wall Weaving

Diy mini wall weaving

This tiny little weaving is a great way to add a pop of color to any nook or cranny in your home. And all you’ll need to make it is a piece of cardboard and some yarn! Make your way over to Delineate Your Dwelling to check out the full tutorial.

6. Yarn Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Pom pom yarn wall hanging diy

This whimsical wall hanging is made with yarn as well, but this time the focus is pom poms. Choose three yarn colors, and begin making pom poms using the helpful instructions over at Brepurposed. Hang them from a stick, and your wall hanging is finished!

7. No-Weave Wall Hanging

No weave wall hanging

Yes, this wall hanging is woven… but no, you don’t have to weave it yourself! The key is to grab a woven accent rug and repurpose it by turning it into a wall hanging with lots of pretty fringe. Make your way over here to check out the full tutorial.

8. Simple Fringe Wall Hanging

Diy wall hanging uneven

This beautiful piece is actually one of the easiest ones to make, thanks to the simple process of creating fringe. These are long, and trimmed in a unique way along the bottom – giving it some serious personality. Head over to A Pretty Fix to check out the how-to.

9. Dip Dyed Tassel Wall Hanging

Dip dye tassel wall hanging

Here we have a colorful wall hanging made with white yarn that’s been dyed so that the bottoms of the tassels have bright, saturated color. And here’s the best part – they are dyed with Cool Aid! Head over to Lolly Jane to check out the complete instructions.

10. Double Ring Wall Hanging

Double ring wall hanging

This beautiful wall hanging is another simple one that requires only a simple fringe-making technique, but the key here is to purchase two metal rings in different sizes to attach the fringe to. Head on over to Homey Oh My to find out all the details.

11. Circular Wall Hanging

Circular yarn wall hanging

This yarn wall hanging is unique in that the fringe is attached to a ring all the way around, and then it is hung on the wall vertically so the bottom of the fringe forms a semi circle shape. Make your way over to Plaster and Disaster to check out the tutorial.

12. Giant Pom Pom Wall Art

Giant multicolor pom pom wall hanging

This piece is made with a combination of pom poms and fringe, but this time the pom poms are quite large and made with many different yarn colors creating a vibrant multi-colored effect. Head on over to We Are Scout to find out how to create this yourself.

13. Dowel Rod Wall Art

Wooden dowel yarn craft

These unique pieces are made with short pieces of wooden dowel rod which are criss-crossed and then yarn is woven around and around to create beautiful diamond shaped wall hangings. Make your way over to Persia Lou to check out the tutorial.

14. Gold Dipped Fringe Hanging

Gold dipped yarn hanging

This beautiful wall hanging is made with cream colored yarn that is then spray painted along the bottom with metallic gold spray paint. Painted beads are added for pops of color. Head on over to Oleander + Palm to check out the full tutorial.

15. All Black Tassel Hanging

Processed with vscocam with s2 preset

This unique piece is made with all black – black yarn, beads and even the dowel rod at the top is black. And the strategic placement of each tassel gives it a very orderly, geometric look. Make your way over to Homey Oh My to find out all the details.

16. Colorful Weaving

Colorful weaving wall hanging

Now, for some color… this wall hanging is woven using a basic loom, and then lots of tassel shaped pieces are added in different areas. Be sure to use contrasting colors to get this vibrant effect. Check out the full tutorial over at Gathering Beauty.

17. Mini Circular Wall Hanging Set

Mini circle wall hangings

This set of three miniature wall hangings looks great hanging up staggered as shown above, in three contrasting colors. And creating the circular shape isn’t as difficult as you might expect! Head on over to A Pretty Fix to find out how to make these yourself.

18. Diagonal Wall Hanging

Diagonal yarn wall art

This large piece would have a bold effect on a large empty wall, thanks to its diagonal lines and bright colors. It is incredibly simple to make, but will take some patience to attach all that fringe. Check out the tutorial over at Two Thirty Five Designs. 

19. Circular Pom Pom Wall Art

Circular pom pom wall hanging

This stunning piece is made with tons of yarn scraps, by forming them into lots and lots of pom poms. They are then arranged into a circular shape by gluing them to a wooden backing. Head on over to Sugar and Cloth to find out all the details.

20. Shaggy Wall Hanging

Shaggy weaving wall hanging

If you’re more into the messy, organic sort of look, then you’re sure to love this shag wall hanging. This is actually made using a simple loom, but all of the ends are left uneven to create this fun effect. Make your way to The Weaving Loom to find out more.

21. Macrame Garland

Macrame garland yarn

This piece is fun because you can make it as long as you want, making it a good solution for a large empty wall or an oddly shaped space. And the process is really quite simple! Head on over to A Beautiful Mess to find out all the details about this fun project.

22. Mop Weaving

Mop wall hanging

This beautiful bohemian style piece is literally made out of a mop, and strung across a stick that you can find in your backyard. Talk about a great example of upcycling! Make your way over to Nesting Place to find out how to recreate this piece yourself.

23. Layered Chevron Wall Hanging

Layered chevron wall hanging

This beautiful piece is made with a series of tassels that are arranged in a chevron pattern, and then layered on top of one another to create an eye-catching final product. Head on over to Mollie Makes to find out all the details about this colorful wall hanging.

24. Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame mini wall hanging

This piece is all about the texture that is created from a technique called macrame, something that was very popular in the 1970’s and then came back in the 90’s in the form of friendship bracelets. Make your way over to Parlor Diary to find out how to make this piece.

25. Floral Wall Hanging

Floral yarn wreath triangular

This beautiful wreath-style wall hanging is made with yarn and a handful of floral elements, giving it an elegant yet bohemian vibe which will add some serious pizzazz to your wall. Head on over to Design Love Fest to find out all the details.

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