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15 of the Best Winter Cookie Recipes

If you’ve been following our posts leading up to the holidays, then you can probably tell by now how much we absolutely adore baking around Christmastime. Besides being a time for family time and presents, it’s also, if you ask us, a time for delicious baked goods! We’re lovers of all kinds of warm baked things, but one of the very top treats in our books is a good Christmas cookie. The holidays give you some of the very best cookie recipes and flavours you’ll encounter all year!

Check out these 15 delicious winter cookie recipes that will give you and your family a little extra holiday cheer and make the whole house smell like sweet baking!

1. Apple crisp cookie

Apple crisp cookie

We’re always big fans of recipes that mash up two different kinds of foods. They’re novelty, they’re fun, and they’re completely delicious in every sense of the word. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we discovered this apple crisp cookie recipe by Food.com! You’re getting the tang and spice of your favourite crisp and the ease and consistency of a warm, soft cookie all in the same place.

2. Christmas light sugar cookies

Christmas light sugar cookies

Are simple sugar cookies your absolute favourite kind and the real fun comes in when you start to decorate them? Then these adorable little Christmas light cookies are exactly what you need! We love the way Country Living used pastel candies, sprinkles, and icing to give these cookies a cool frosted feel, but you could use traditional Christmas colours if you preferred too!

3. Peppermint patty sandwich cookies

Peppermint patty sandwich cookies

Perhaps when you think “Christmas cookie”, you have something a little fancier than a regular everyday cookie in mind? Then we’re pretty sure you’ll love these mouthwatering peppermint patty cookie sandwiches by The Food Network! Besides getting a cookie, you get a creamy mint flavoured filling that will leave you wanting more.

4. Hershey Kiss cookies

Hershey kiss cookies

If there’s anything we can firmly say that we love to the moon and back, it’s baked goods that involve other treats too. After all, what’s better than two delicious treats in one place? We can’t think of many things. That’s why we’re such big fans of topping our favourite Christmas cookies with chocolate Hershey’s kisses! We love the way Betty Crocker took the cookies to the next level and even decorated the kisses with sprinkles and icing.

5. Chocolate dipped shortbread cookies

Chocolate dipped shortbread cookies

Shortbread has always been one of our favourite kinds of cookies because, when it’s done right, it literally melts in your mouth. The sweetness and the consistency are unparalleled! Just when you thought that shortbread cookies couldn’t get any better, however, Food.com is here to change your mind. Check out how they dipped theirs in chocolate and drizzled them with icing!

6. Biscuit and jam cookies

Biscuit and jame cookies

Do you like your Christmas cookies best when they’re accompanied by a little something fruity to complement all that sweet baked goodness? Then check out how Country Living made these scrumptious little cookie and jam sandwiches! You might follow their recipe to a T or use whichever type of jam you like most as your filling.

7. Neopolitan holiday cookies

Neopolitan holiday cookies

Have you always loved holiday cookies that are so decadent they’re practically cakes? Then these densely delicious layered cookies topped with a sweet layer of chocolate will probably tickle your fancy. As if that’s not enough already, we can’t get over how cute it looks that The Food Network used food colour to make each layer a nice Christmas colour.

8. Four ingredient fudge crinkles

Four ingredient fudge crinkles

If we’ve said anything else on this list was our favourite Christmas cookie then we might have been lying, because we’re pretty sure fudge crinkles are the winners! If you’ve never tried them before then you are missing out completely. Food.com guides you through the process of not just making the cookies, but coating them in a fine layer of dusted icing sugar too!

9. White chocolate peppermint blondies

White chocolate peppermint blondies

Okay, okay, we admit it. These delicious treats are a little more brownie and a little less cookie, but they’re so decadent that we just couldn’t resist putting them on the list! Blondies are like a white chocolate version of a rich fudge brownie and Country Living has all the steps you need for turning them into a perfectly Christamssy mint treat.

10. Super gooey chocolate drops

Super gooey chocolate drops

Do you love the idea of a basic fudge crinkle but you’re not such a huge fan of the dusted sugar coating? Then skip it! The Food Network is here to remind you that the fudgy inside part is still delicious on its own and that there are no real rules when it comes to Christmas cookies, so you can go ahead and skip an ingredient if you please. Instead, try adding dried cranberries for a different festive flavour!

11. Almond spritz press cookies

Almond spritz press cookies

Are you the kind of lucky duck who doesn’t have any nut allergies and is free to eat any type of nut or nut product you please? Then you’re in for a treat with these cookies from Food.com! They’re made with essence of delicious almonds, shaped like adorable Christmas trees, dyed green with food colouring, and sprinkled to look adorably decorated!

12. Nutter Butter reindeer cookies

Nutter butter reindeer cookies

Perhaps you don’t have the time to actually bake cookies from scratch but you don’t want to serve the kids just regular old packaged cookies like you would any other day? Then grab a pack of classically yummy Nutter Butters and get decorating! Handmade in the Heartland shows you and your kids how to transform their favourite pre-made cookies into adorable little reindeer using icing, M&M’s sprinkles, and pretzels for a special holiday treat.

13. Triple chocolate hazelnut cookies

Triple chocolate hazelnut cookies

Are chocolate bars with hazelnuts in them your favourite treat on a regular day? That’s a flavour that can totally transfer over into the world of Christmas cookies and Country Living is here with just the recipe to let you make it happen! We love the blend between the chewiness of the cookies and the crunch of the hazelnuts.

14. Crushed candy cane chocolate chip cookies

Crushed candy cane chocolate chip cookies

Speaking of crunch in cookies, adding nuts isn’t the only way to add a delicious texture to your treats. The Food Network, for example, suggests adding crushed candy cane pieces to the cookie batter to not only give it some crunch but also add a fresh, scrumptious mint flavour to even the simplest cookie recipe.

15. Snowball cookies

Snowball cookies

Perhaps when we talked about cookies coated in icing sugar, it was actually the icing sugar part that caught your attention the most? Then we definitely have a recipe that you’ll absolutely love! Food.com suggests rolling your cookie dough into little spheres and coating them as liberally in icing sugar as you want until they look like actual snowballs.

Are Fun, festive Christmas cookies one of your favourite parts of the holidays too? Tell us what kind you usually make if you don’t see them on our list!

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