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15 Winter Bark Recipes To Whip Up RIGHT NOW

Addicting and sweet, there’s something really special about creating your own slab of goodness in your own kitchen. We’ve scoured the Internet and found 15 winter bark recipes that you’ll want to whip up RIGHT NOW. Perfect as DIY gifts or just something to munch on as you entertain your friends and family throughout the season, these candied bites are so easy and so fun to make.

1. Mint Swirl

Mint swirl bark

Sally’s Baking Addiction starts us off strong with this mint swirl chocolate bark recipe. It is so easy to whip up for holiday parties, for Santa, or for a delicious DIY gift. Check out the recipe after the jump.

2. White Chocolate with Pretzel and Nuts

White chocolate pretzel nut bark

Here’s a heartier recipe that you’ll want to hop on board with. Over at The Happier Homemaker, you’ll find the perfect mix of savory and sweet within this combo. Grab the nuts, grab the pretzels and throw them into the sugar.

3. Cranberries & Pistachios

Christmas bark cranberry pistachio

Visit Crafty Morning for another white chocolate based bark. Full of holiday flavors, it includes cranberries and pistachios to round out the sweetness and crunch. It’s a yummy combination.

4. Oreo Peppermint Bark

Oreo peppermint bark

A Southern Fairytale whipped up this double layered delicousness. Starting with milk chocolate and topping it off with white chocolate, peppermint, and oreo, it’ll become a quick family favorite.

5. Cherry Cordial

Cherry cordial bark

There’s really nothing more delicious than a cherry cordial truffle on Christmas Day, unless, of course, you made this sharable bark instead. Grab the recipe over at A Little Desert Apartment.

6. M&M Red Velvet

Mandm and red velvet cookie bark

This is Not Diet Food makes a scrumptious bark filled with delicious flavors and textures at ever turn. Some red velvet cookie sprinkles and M&M’s are included too! It’s quite the festive concoction.

7. Butter Pecan

Butter pecan bark

The View from Great Island has a really unique bark that will have everyone coming back for seconds – or thirds. Grab the pecans and butterscotch chips to get started!

8. Pomegranate

Raw homemade chocolate bark recipe pomegranate 3

Pomegranates are one of the winter fruits. And the tartness pairs so well with chocolate – making this bark a decadant and yummy option. Snag the recipe by visiting Raw Manda.

9. Frozen Elsa

Frozen elsa chocolate bark

Love and Marriage took some inspiration for every toddler’s favorite Disney queen. Tasting like a smooth, white chocolate, but with magical style, it’s a great treat for the kids at Christmastime.

10. Hot Cocoa

Sony dsc

Clever Pink Pirate utilized inspiration from everyone’s favorite, warm drink of the season. Hot cocoa is the taste you’ll get with each bite of this bark.

11. Caramelized Quinoa

6024201 wowqu1426
CL Dec 15: Wow- Quinoa Bark

Cooking Light has a fun chocolate bark to take a stab at as well. It’s crunchy and full of flavor. It’s also a great recipe to use as a DIY gift for friends and family.

12. Peanut Butter Buckeye Bark

Buckeye bark recipe

A favorite combination, this peanut butter buckeye bark won’t last long at the party. Follow this easy recipe at Everyday Dishes.

13. Cookies & Cream

Cookies and cream bark recipe candy 2

This comes under the winter bark recipes because of its indulgent and favorited nature. Wrap some of this up for the kids on Christmas day and save some for yourself as well. Visit Paper & Stitch for the details.

14. Santa Hats

Christmas bark recipe

If you want to get really thematic in accordance with the holidays, check out these Santa hats from The Country Chic Cottage! Chocolately goodness with festivity on top, the entire family will love them.

15. Melted Snowman

Melted snowman bark

Here’s another great bark that pays homage to the season. Looking like melted snowmen and tasting like a collection of delicious, candied treats – the kids will love this one and want to help you make it. Visit Stylish Cravings for the details.

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