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15 Great DIY Fashion Alterations That are Perfect for NYE

Because we’re such big DIY enthusiasts, however, we always feel like we look our best when we get to wear something we made ourselves, even if it’s just an outfit we made a few simple alterations to rather than starting from scratch. That’s why we’ve been on the prowl for tutorials and patterns that will help us make ourselves awesome for 2018!

1. DIY one-shoulder cocktail dress pattern

Diy one shoulder cocktail dress pattern

Is your body built and proportioned such that you’ve always loved the way one-shoulder dress designs look on you the best? We love them too, but we find that they tend to trend in and out of mainstream fashion stores quickly, even when they’re still quite popular in magazines and on red carpets, making nice ones hard to come across without a hefty price tag. That’s why we were so thrilled when we found this tutorial from DamaV425 that teaches us how to make one shoulder cocktail dresses ourselves!

2. Full DIY tulle skirt

Full diy tulle skirt

We’re not quite sure why and we might never put our finger on it, but something about flouncy tulle has always seemed celebratory and fun to us. That’s why we were so eager to learn how to make skirts and dresses with it! We adore this tutorial for making wonderfully full tulle skirts from Red Ink Pen and we’ve used it several times to make ourselves outfits that made us feel fantastic.

3. DIY rhinestoned pumps

Diy rhinestoned pumps

Dresses and skirts aren’t the only things you can make and alter so that your outfit for NYE has a custom twist on it! Nearly every year for the past five years or so, we’ve made sure to amp up our style a little and give ourselves a bit more sparkle by rhinestoning our own shoes! We’ve done it in all kinds of different ways, but this year we’re really feeling these adorable heels from Making It With Danielle where just the pump is stoned.

4. Leopard pencil skirt

Leopard pencil skirt

Are you looking for a style that’s a little less classic “New Year’s Eve” and a little more bold and daring in its style? Then perhaps this year you should skip the sparkles and the silver and gold colour scheme and take a look at this pencil skirt tutorial from Pink OG instead! Technically you could make this one in any pattern, colour, or design you please, but we adore this original leopard print look.

5. Gown to strapless sequinned jumpsuit

Gown to strapless sequinned jumpsuit

Do you already own an old dress, prom dress, or gown that you still adore the colour and even the fabric finish of but you just aren’t into the style anymore and you know you’ll never wear it again? Well, instead of getting rid of it and buying a new outfit or just letting it sit in the back of your closet for no reason, check out how Daniela Tabois turned their gown into an amazingly unique and glamorous sequinned jumpsuit that’s perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations.