DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree – Your New Favorite Decoration

Those who love Christmas start preparing for the season, looking for cool new ideas to put into practice. This time around, we propose a Christmas tree made from wine corks!

By Jon Doe

It’s so fun and we’re sure you’ll now have a fun way to use all those wine corks you’ve been keeping!

Materials Needed Wine corks Christmas patterned papers Wood star Silk ribbon Scissors Glue gun Artificial berries Pencil Gold acrylic paint Paintbrush

Let's make DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Step 1

Draw circles on the Christmas patterned papers.

Step 2

Cut the circles: Now it’s time to get your scissors out and start cutting out the circles made out of Christmas paper. 

Step 3

Use multiple Christmas-decorate papers for more patterns.

Step 4

Arrange the wine corks to form a tree: You can now start arranging the wine corks in the form of a Christmas tree. You can use two of them as the base of the tree. 

Step 5

Paint the wooden star: One of the key elements to our Christmas tree is the star we place at the top of the tree, of course. So, by using the gold acrylic paint and the paintbrush, we started layering paint on the wood star. 

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